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Skimm This: US Ransom Policies, Boeing, and Fake Meat

Apr 29, 2019

It’s April 29th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • North Korea sent the US a $2 million hospital bill for Otto Warmbier, but the Trump administration says it doesn’t pay ransom. We’ll dive into the controversy over payouts for political prisoners.

  • Boeing’s CEO is getting some flak from shareholders today. We’ll tell you about the company’s turbulence in the wake of two recent plane crashes.

  • A new group of activists are trying to make female voters a Supermajority.

  • And finally: there’s been some beef. With beef.

theSkimm: The White House confirmed that North Korea sent them a bill for American prisoner Otto Warmbier – to the tune of $2 million. But the White House says: they didn't actually pay it. Why hostage ransoms are so controversial. Meanwhile, Boeing execs finally faced their shareholders – to explain how the company’s going to bounce back from the 737 Max turbulence. Also on today’s show: a new group of women are saying #NoExcuses, and Burger King is giving you another excuse to go vegan.

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