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What Are You Waiting For: Vaccine Hesitancy and Sleep Procrastination

Apr 29, 2021

  • First up: President Biden’s been in office for 100 days. And while he's giving himself an A for effort, we’ll break down his real report card with what he has – and hasn’t – accomplished so far. 

  • ICYMI: We’ve got the latest on the 2020 Census data, the arrival of some pesky friends, and the drama between Facebook and Apple (pssst: you may have a front row seat). 

  • Next: India is facing a COVID-19 crisis. We’ll explain what’s going on, and what the rest of the world is doing to help. 

  • Later: The U.S. still hasn’t reached herd immunity. One reason? Vaccine hesitancy. We spoke to an expert to ask: how bad is this problem and how are public health agencies trying to change minds?

  • Finally: Do the words “bedtime procrastination” resonate with you? We’ll break down the concept, and hopefully, help you catch some zzz’s. 

PS: Those links we told you about in our sleep segment? 

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Dr. Lavanya Vasudevan, assistant professor of family Medicine and community health, Duke University Global Health Institute

  • Dr. Fuschia Sirois, researcher on health and human psychology, University of Sheffield

  • Carly M., theSkimm’s health writer 

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