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The Climb: Cancer Breakthroughs, Google’s AI, and Vaccines for Kids

Jun 16, 2022
  • First: We’ve got the context on this week’s headlines: the Fed raising interest rates again, an update from the war in Ukraine, what we learned from the January 6th hearings, why there’s a tampon shortage, and what’s going on with extreme weather.

  • Next: As the COVID vaccine for kids under 5 got the thumbs up from an FDA panel this week, we asked a pediatrician to answer parents’ burning questions. Daycare’s future? Vaxxed, snacks, and mid-day naps.

  • ICYMI: The tech industry experienced a WTF moment over the weekend when a Google engineer said the company’s AI was sentient. Meaning: unlike our exes, it has a soul. We'll break down what’s going on and why this isn’t Google’s first AI controversy…in sixty seconds. 

  • PS: This Sunday is Juneteenth. To learn more about the celebration of liberation, check out theSkimm’s guides on the history of the holiday, systemic racism in the US, and where the US stands on reparations. 

  • Also: Recently, there have been some major breakthroughs in cancer research. We’ll ask a scientist to explain two small clinical trials, and how their outcomes could have huge implications for the millions of people living with cancer. 

  • Finally: We chat with the organizer of Dave’s Lesbian Bar to understand the role queer bars played in history—and why now more than ever, they’re more than just local watering holes. Also: check out theSkimm’s guide on how to celebrate Pride.

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