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’80s movies, boozy popsicles, and 15 more things to do this week

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May 18, 2020


It’s week we can’t remember, of day we don’t know, of year it’s unclear. We’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess you’ve lost track of time, too? 

Ok so we checked and...Memorial Day weekend starts on Friday. It’ll probably look different than usual, but we have ideas to help you celebrate the unofficial kickoff to summer at home. Enter: an ‘80s movie list, some buzzy new books, a Trader Joe’s inspired snack dip, and more. 

From our couch to yours…

  1. One-pot pasta recipes. Pasta + a single bowl to clean = all of our current interests combined.

  2. The best ‘80s movies. TBT to simpler times when Tom Cruise danced in his underwear, nobody put Baby in a corner, and John Cusack had a thing with a boombox. Bring us back.

  3. 17 things that’ll make working from home easier. Because your bed didn’t sign up for this. This list has a tiny standing desk, a charging hub, products to make your back feel better, and more.

  4. Plant parenting 101. Just getting into the green game? Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting a plant. Zoom ‘baby’ shower not included.

  5. 11 buzzy books for your imaginary beach bag. It isn’t MDW if you haven't Instagrammed a pic of a book and a glass of rosé with #WeekendPlans. These are the covers you're about to see all over your feeds.

  6. Cardio ideas that don’t involve running. We’re just some girls. Standing in front of a workout mat. Asking it to love us.

  7. A guide to building your skincare routine. Where were we when everyone learned what toner is? And whether it goes before or after serum. Here’s the correct order to apply your products.

  8. Homemade everything-bagel dip. For when snacks are the new dinner. Hummus is shaking.

  9. Some contenders for song of the summer. Not even a global pandemic could stop a Justin Bieber banger from taking over. Enter: some competition from Dua Lipa, Missy Elliott, and more.

  10. A relatable wall print. Raise your hand if you go from tired, to cranky, to hungry, to hangry, to happy again, all in a single hour during quarantine. This one’s for you.

  11. A popsicle kit. Nothing screams ‘it’s 5 p.m. somewhere’ like some ice pops filled with booze. Add this mold and these recipes to your life for peak MDW vibes.

  12. 47 podcasts to keep you company. For when your own thoughts have overstayed their welcome. Listen to Jonathan Van Ness or Oprah instead. You get a pod, you get a pod.... 

  13. Bedazzle by number. This art project involves some serious bling. The ‘90s called, they want their hobbies back.

  14. The 20 best Netflix comedy specials. Because all the 'you're on mute' jokes aren't cutting it anymore.

  15. A new internet read we loved: on the 20th anniversary of “Center Stage.” Here’s how it became the dance movie of a generation. Ballet or bust.

  16. ...and an old one: 31 ways to know you’re in the right relationship. No dramatic rose ceremonies required.

  17. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy this week: ‘90s bingo, a cactus ring toss, and a wine and cheese pairing swatch.

From a social distance,


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