20 Home Products Skimm'rs Loved in 2021

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the best home products of 2021Photo: Target, Uncommon Goods, Our Place | Design: theSkimm

Happy almost new year. (Can you believe 2021 flew by that quickly? ‘Cause we still can’t.) To properly wrap up the last 12 months, we’re taking a look back at all the products you were obsessed with. And one thing is very clear: Skimm'rs couldn’t get enough of all things home. From items that make cleaning and organizing easier to decor for the coziest space possible. 

What products came out on top? We’re glad you asked. We rounded up the year’s bestsellers and also threw in some personal faves. Just to make sure you didn’t miss out.

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cleaning shower spray that doesn't require scrubbing
A shower spray ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the entire day cleaning...

We’re talking spray and rinse. It’s that easy. No scrubbing or wiping. This formula is designed to remove mold, mildew, soap scum, and grime. It’s truly a dream. ($16.89, Amazon)

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grout pen for bathroom floors
A grout pen to restore your bathroom floor to its original look…

Meet the adult version of coloring. This pen will tackle grout that won’t seem to brighten even with intense scrubbing. Now all you gotta do is stay within the lines. ($8.99+, Amazon)

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pet hair roller that collects hair from clothing and furniture
A roller that’ll remove pet hair from furniture…

With just a few sweeps, everything will look as good as new. The best part? The roller can be used over and over again. And it works on sheets, blankets, and carpets. No batteries or cords included. ($24.95, Amazon)

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vinyl record home subscription
A new (but also old) way to discover new artists… 

The radio ain’t got nothing on vinyl records. Each month, they’ll be able to rock out to a vinyl mixtape featuring 10 up-and-coming bands from around the world. Each one is artfully designed by a different graphic artist. They’ll also get a lyrics booklet with corresponding band info. So if they discover an artist they really like, they’ll be able to deep-dive into their discography later. Audiophiles, assemble. ($27/month, Cratejoy)

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organizer that holds leftover food container lids
An organizer that’ll hold food container lids of all sizes…

Because otherwise they just get tossed into a cabinet. And then you can never match the right lid with the right bottom. End the mess with this organizer. The dividers are adjustable, and each compartment can fit both square and round lids. Phew. ($17.99+, Amazon)

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s-hangers that can hold numerous pairs of pants
A set of S-shaped hangers that’ll make space for more clothes...

Once you use these you’ll never go back. Made with silicone and stainless steel, the hangers not only prevent your stuff from getting wrinkled or sliding off. But they’ll also help you save that precious rod space. Each hanger can hold five items (pants, scarves, towels, you name it). Guess we can take this as an excuse to go shopping now. ($16.99+/4 pack, Amazon)

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garbage disposal cleaning tablets that you can drop in
Garbage-disposal tablets that’ll keep yours smelling fresh…

When you’ve got odors wafting out, making your kitchen smell less than ideal, drop one of these in. Just keep the hot water running on low, toss in a tablet, turn on the disposal, and watch as foam rises. The entire process only takes a few minutes. You can do it monthly to make sure there’s no leftover grime sitting in a place where you can’t see it. ($8.52/9 pack, Amazon)

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shoe organizers that help you stack pairs neatly
Shoe organizers to help you get a handle on the shoe explosion in your closet...

Instead of placing your shoes side by side on a rack, these slots let you store them on top of each other. You can adjust each individual unit to four different heights. So you can fit your tallest heels and flattest sneakers and everything in between. The slots have grooves on them that’ll prevent your shoes from falling off. Plus it’s made of nontoxic material and can be cleaned easily with water and soap. Stack, stack, stack it up. ($33.99/20 pack, Amazon)

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absorbent swedish dishcloths to replace paper towels
Swedish dishcloths so you can swap out paper towels…

Single-use paper towels? We don’t know her. You can use these cellulose cloths all around the house. They’re incredibly absorbent and fast-drying. One can last up to eight weeks and 200 washes before being composted. PS: Many customers also say they don’t get stinky during cleaning. Phew. ($19.95+/10 pack, Amazon)

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bed bands that'll hold down sheeds
A set of bands that’ll prevent your sheets from riding up…

These will hold ‘em down. They clip onto the corners of your sheets so they actually stay put — even if you toss and turn. No more pulling down the corners every morning. Solutions, solutions. ($12.99+/4 pack, Amazon)

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our place nonstock always pan with steaming basket and beechwood utensil
A nonstick pan that can truly do everything…

You can use it to fry, saute, steam, braise, sear, and boil. So whether you’re making an omelette in the morning or a sauce at night, this pan will become your go-to. Oh, it also comes with a beechwood spatula that sits on top of the handle. And a nesting steamer basket and colander. Pssst...we’ve used this pan so many times and love how easy it is to clean. Leftover oils and juices slide right off. ($145, Our Place)

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cozy throw blanket
The coziest throw blanket to make any night in feel luxurious... 

It’s hard to find a comfy blanket that also looks good displayed on the couch. Enter this super-soft throw, which comes in 15 colors to match any home decor. (Even Olympian Allyson Felix is a huge fan.) It can be thrown in the wash without risking pilling. And it makes an ideal travel blanket, too. ($147, Nordstrom)

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glass whiskey glasses etched with a city map
Whiskey glasses that’ll remind you of some special memories…  

These come etched with a map of your favorite city. Maybe it’s the place where you first locked eyes with your person. Or maybe it’s the hometown you left behind years ago. Each glass is detailed down to street names and the locale's coordinates. Get ready to toast to the memories. ($18, Uncommon Goods)

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weather-resistant square floor pillow
A floor pillow to provide some extra outdoor seating…

If you want to outfit your outdoor space with cute seating that isn’t bulky, a floor cushion will do the trick. This one is both fade- and water-resistant. And made from a durable polyester. Aka it can be left outside and you don’t have to worry about it. Phew. ($67.99, Society6)

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textured square ottoman pouf
A textured pouf to place in front of a couch…

If you don’t have enough room for a bigger ottoman, a pouf is a great substitute. You’ll have a place to rest your feet and extra seating for guests. This one is made from a blend of cotton and wool for durability and softness. It’s also available in various textures and colors, from pink and orange to black and white. ($65, Target)

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eucalyptus and lavender shower bundle
A eucalyptus and lavender bundle to bring spa vibes to your shower…

Once things get steamy, the scent of eucalyptus will fill the bathroom. The bundle comes wrapped in natural hemp rope so you can hang it directly from your shower head. If that doesn’t work, you’ll also receive a stainless-steel hook. The bundle is available in three sizes, depending on how strong you want the scent to be. Daily hygiene, but make it luxurious. ($12.60+, GreeneryBackdrop on Etsy)

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kitchen towels with funny sayings
Punny dishcloths to add some personality to your kitchen...

These absorbent microfiber kitchen towels are both funny and functional. Choose from sayings like ”I like big bundts and I cannot lie,” “Don’t go bacon my heart,” or “Let’s give them something to taco ‘bout.” Ideal for the home chef who loves mixing a little humor in with their ingredients. ($11.95+, DoTakeItPersonally on Etsy)

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mop and broom wall-mount rack
A mop and broom rack, because piling them in a tiny closet isn’t cutting it...

It’s time to mount them. The slots will hold your Swiffer and mops off the floor, while the hooks can house towels, dustpans, and brushes. You get your closet back, and all your cleaning supplies finally get a resting place that isn’t a dusty corner. ($12.79, Amazon)

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bamboo drawer dividers to help create neat piles
A pack of drawer dividers so your folded clothes stop lumping together…

Neatly folded piles never stay neat. That’s just science. But these expandable dividers will help with that. You’ll finally be able to keep items separate. And they can work in the kitchen or bedroom. Wherever you need some division. Bless. ($28.99+/4 pack, Amazon)

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zippered storage bags to hold clothes
Zippered fabric bags to store all your seasonal and bulky items...

These have a reinforced handle sewn in so you’ll be able to lift your heaviest stuff without throwing out your back or ripping the bags apart. And when they’re not in use, you can easily fold them up and hide them away. Plus they’re made of eco-friendly, breathable material. Looks like our winter comforters finally found their summer home. ($19.99+/3 pack, Amazon)

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