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Thoughtful Holiday Gifts You Can Get Last Minute

Nov 18, 2019

We're bringing you tips and tricks to Celebrate Smarter this holiday season. Check it out.

The Story

We’ve all been there. The holiday shopping should have been done yesterday. All the "ship by" dates have passed and you've still got people on your list.

I need a holiday miracle.

Clouds parting. We've rounded up some thoughtful last-minute gift ideas that will get there in time. Phew.

For the person who always waits till they can stream it...

Actual movie tickets

any amount.Fandango Gift Card

Why it’s smart: Three words: Movie. Theater. Popcorn. Gift card delivered right to their email. We’ve proved our point.

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For the person whose playlists you steal…

Good vibrations

$30.Amazon Spotify Gift Card

Why it’s smart: Music without commercials is music to your ears. A subscription also lets them download and listen to music offline. Handy for airplanes and limited data plans. 

But it

For the person whose socks disappear in the dryer…

Keep 'em coming

$12 - $132.Sock Club Membership

Why it’s smart: They get a fresh pair every month and a workaround to one of life's greatest mysteries. Plus, these are made in Austin using eco-friendly practices.

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For the person who always has a project…

Get their fix

$25.Michaels Gift Card

Why it’s smart: For your creative friend, picking the supplies is half the fun. And you wouldn’t deprive your friend of fun. Send this card right to their inbox.

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For the person with a long to-do list…

The gift of getting things done

any amount.TaskRabbit Gift Card

Why it’s smart: There are people out there who actually like to do chores. For the rest of us, there’s help.

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For the person who is always learning…

Learn from the masters


Why it’s smart: Unlimited access to online classes taught by the greats like Anna Wintour, Simone Biles, and Annie Leibowitz to name a few. And you thought your college professors were great.

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For the friend who's truly one of a kind...

Ditto for the gift

$25-$250.Etsy Gift Card

Why it's smart: Etsy is where the makers are, so mostly everything is either unique or handmade. So your friend can buy something special and support an artist at the same time.

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For the friend who always picks the wine...

Let them choose their own

$60 and up.Winc Gift Card

Why it’s smart: This site asks 6 questions to help figure out what wines to order. It’s personal, and you don’t want to get it wrong.

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For the slime-obsessed kid...

A new fix every month

starting at $28.99.Kawaii Slime Gift Box Subscription

Why it’s smart:  Ask any parent with a nice rug. Making slime from scratch is dangerous business. This company delivers a fresh supply of designer slime (it's a thing) each month. Slime fix, fixed.

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For the conscious cook...

Ugly produce

$26.50.Misfits Market One Mischief Box

Why it’s smart: This fresh produce subscription box helps prevent food waste caused when ugly produce is tossed. Like most misfits, they're just as good, only a bit misunderstood. *Delivery not available to every state — check their site.

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For the person who puts their money where their beliefs are…

A new way to donate

Charitable donation to any charity.Alma

Why it’s smart: This giving platform makes it easy to give to a cause by bundling multiple like-minded charities into a fund. They vet the charities so you know if the money is being used effectively.

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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