Our Fave Winter Boots to Keep Your Feet Dry and Warm

Published on: Oct 13, 2021fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
our favorite winter boots for snow, ice, and rainPhoto: Amazon, L.L.Bean | Design: theSkimm

With winter quickly approaching, we’re eyeing our current worn-out pair of boots. And before the season is fully underway, it may be time for you to consider a new pair too. Ones that are undeniably warm — and totally waterproof, whether it’s raining cats and dogs or blizzarding. We checked in with Skimm HQ to get some truly reliable recs and dove into customer reviews to make sure you invest in the best pair possible. Lace up, we’re going shopping.


Water Proof shoe
A waterproof shoe that fits like a sneaker but is incredibly warm…

Meet Sorel’s do-it-all boots made from leather, suede, and felt, and topped with a faux-fur collar. The rubber bottom grips surfaces so slick conditions won’t be a problem. Plus they’re built for low temps: They’ve got a soft microfleece lining to keep your toes warm while you’re out. One Skimm HQ’r swears by these, saying they feel light on her feet. ($69+, Amazon)

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Tall boots
And ones that are taller to cover more of your calf…

Also made of waterproof leather and suede, this pair gives you a bit more leg coverage for walking through seriously snowy terrain. They’ve got the same microfleece lining and faux-fur collar too. Pssst...lots of Skimm HQ’rs ordered one full size up to get the right fit. To account for thicker socks and to be able to slip ‘em on and off with ease, we suggest doing the same. ($149.95+, Amazon)

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A classic L.L.Bean shearling-lined duck boot that is great for wet weather…

We rec these for cold, rainy days in cities. They’ll keep your feet dry and warm, but tend to have a bit less traction over ice. So if you need something reliable for your commute and trekking through sidewalk puddles, these are an ideal choice. Don’t forget to check out L.L.Bean’s sizing guide too — they suggest sizing down instead of up. ($229, L.L.Bean)

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Cute snow-proof boots from The North Face…

Another excellent waterproof option, these boots are built to last. If you’re someone who spends lots of time outdoors, this option is great for long wear. Customers love them, noting that they really do keep slush out, so your socks don’t wind up feeling damp. (The worst.) Many love their style too, saying that while they provide great traction and warmth, they also look stylish paired with jeans. ($139.95+, Amazon)

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Knee-high boots for areas that tend to get lots of snow…

We’re talking more than just a couple inches here and there. One Skimm HQ’r recommends these, saying they’re ideal to wear after new snowfall. They’re tall enough to keep legs dry and warm, so you don’t have to worry about wearing pants that are waterproof too. Many customers mention wearing these for hiking and shoveling, saying that they don’t feel clunky even with their height. ($40.99+, Amazon)

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Chelsea-style rain boots
Chelsea-style rain boots from Ugg…

Wet winter days have met their match. These boots have a stretchy neoprene top that’ll hug your ankle to keep rain out. To keep your feet warm, they’ve got a shearling lining too. Not your go-to in a blizzard, but perfect for a downpour. ($60, Nordstrom)

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Columbia boots
Columbia boots designed to expertly grip ice and snow…

Slipping and sliding isn’t much fun when you’re standing on a few inches of ice. These waterproof boots have a Techlite lightweight midsole that’s cushioned and an Omni-Grip rubber outsole for traction. Aka you’ll have support and control. So whether you’re walking one mile or 10, you’ll be prepared. ($79.95, Zappos)

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And a pair with a warm, knitted collar that marries style with function…

We consider these to be pretty darn cute. They’ve got cheetah-printed faux fur, an insulated body, and a rubber bottom. They’re the winter-ready option that won’t detract from your outfit. ($63.99, Amazon)

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Fur-lined ankle boots
Fur-lined ankle boots to wear on your next hike…

Coming in at a rather low price point, this is an affordable pair that’ll get the job done. They’re not the ideal option if you’re dealing with mounds of snow, but they’re great for drier winter days when you’re looking to get outside for a few hours. We rec them for casual day hikes or long dog walks. Customers love how lightweight they are (but note that if you’re dealing with very wet conditions, you’ll probably want something a bit more durable). ($29.99+, Amazon)

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A weather-resistant take on traditional Uggs…
A weather-resistant take on traditional Uggs…

Mini boots, but make them waterproof: The bottoms are rubber and the body is covered in a plastic overlay. The inside is lined with wool that’s made to look and feel like shearling. We love these to keep our feet warm, but wouldn’t rec them for harsh winter conditions. On sunnier days, you can run errands in these without having to suffer from icey toes. ($150, Nordstrom)

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