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Press Pause: '80s Music, Up-and-Coming Houseplants, and Summer Skincare

Press Pause with theSkimm
Getty Images, Immaculate Bites, Plants of Colour
Jul 6, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1...

  1. How to take care of your skin all summer. This list has products that tackle breakouts, dryness, and all that excess oil. And sunscreen. So much sunscreen. 

  2. Make-ahead meals that last. The relationship you have with your freezer is one of the most important ones you’ll have in your life. These recipes will bring you two closer. Mazel. 

  3. The best new reality TV shows to stream. Sometimes you just need a meaningless competition to get deeply invested in. Where absolutely no one is there to make friends. 

  4. 50 people share the best advice their therapists ever gave them. Aka, here's some serious wisdom for whenever you need it. 

  5. How to work out in the park. This guide teaches you how to use trees, park benches, and more for a productive sweat sesh. Congrats, you’re one with nature now. 

  6. An ‘80s playlist. Featuring hits from Whitney, Cher, Prince, Madonna, and ... some artists with last names. Ugh, If We Could Turn Back Time. 

  7. A definitive pasta shape ranking. Turns out there is something everyone can agree on: angel hair is trash. 

  8. 37 of the best summer movies ever made. Team Wet Hot and Team Parent Trap, it’s time for Color War. Ready, set, stream.

  9. The best brushes based on your hair type. Comb through these recs to find what works for you. Hair for it. 

  10. Up-and-coming-houseplants. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the plants about to get Insta-famous. You can say you knew them when…

  11. An enneagram explainer. So you’ve heard your co-worker say they’re a “six” and you’re confused. Here’s the 411 on the personality test everyone’s obsessed with.  

  12. At-home spa ideas. Inspired by retreats around the world. So you can pretend you’re in Napa Valley. Or Marrakech. Or literally anywhere besides your own bathroom. 

  13. A new internet read we loved: On why people are telling more lies these days. Shh, we won’t tell. 

  14. … and an old-ish one: Black celebrities wrote love letters about the art that inspires them. Read Kerry Washington on Beyoncé. Issa Rae on “Scandal.” And Misty Copeland on Drake. Now he’s definitely in his feelings.

  15. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy this week: old-school butterfly clips, popsicle earrings, and a watermelon slicer. ‎

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