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Press Pause: Morning Routine Hacks, Stress-Relief Recipes, and More

Press Pause with theSkimm
Nov 2, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1… 

1. Classic cocktails to make right now. 

Fact: everything in life is better when there are bitters and liquor involved. Especially when there’s an election going on. Cheers. 

2. 11 things that’ll make your morning routine faster.

For anyone (you) who hits ‘snooze’ way too much. This list has a detangling hair brush for serious sleep knots and something that makes iced coffee in 60 seconds. Time = saved. 

3. 20 puzzle apps to keep you busy. 

Your favorite quarantine hobby goes virtual. Goodbye missing cardboard pieces, hello sanity.

4. 17 stress-relief recipes that’ll help get all your feelings out. 

Aka ones that require a lot of chopping, whisking, and kneading. If you can’t take the emotional heat, stay out of the kitchen.

5. What to buy to make pet parenthood way easier.

Because with cuddles comes puddles (and hair everywhere). We’ve got problem-solving products to keep you and your fur baby both happy and healthy. 

6. The best calming playlists on Spotify. 

Listen to the vibes you want, not the vibes you have. That’s how the saying goes right?

7. A bra you’ll be happy wearing all day.

Enter: Maidenform’s Pure Comfort® bras. They’re made of super soft fabrics, and they still offer total support even though they’re wireless. Basically it’s like winning the lottery. Bra-vo*

8. Everything coming to, and leaving Netflix this month.

Get your popcorn ready because there are new seasons of “The Crown” and “American Horror Story” dropping soon. Keep calm and stream on. 

9. Your November horoscope.

New month ~ new you.   

10. Three audiobooks you need to download right now.

For when you’re waiting in line at the polls, or laying in bed at night. Try listening to Mariah Carey’s memoir (hi, she sings throughout it), Mindy Kaling’s new essay collection, and this juicy nonfiction read about the rise and fall of WeWork and its founder. Book club here you come. 

11. 8 countries that are accepting American travelers for remote-work trips.

WFH but make it tropical. See you soon Barbados. 

12. DIY snacks that are guaranteed to fill you up. 

Democracy is fun. Hanger is not. Whether you’re headed to the polls or staying up all night watching results come in...make sure your snacks are prepped.  

13. 7 funny podcasts that’ll lighten the mood.

Because some comic relief and a few LOLs are exactly what the doctor ordered. 

14. Relaxing yoga exercises you’re going to want to try out. 

Get your “Eat, Pray, Love” on with these techniques that’ll help you get calm. Yogat this.

15. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy:

A mini doodle kit, a sloth stress ball, and a keychain to fidget with.

‎*This denotes a sponsored post.

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