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Press Pause: Vegetable Secrets, Cleaning Hacks, and Two-Ingredient Cocktails

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Jul 27, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1......

  1. 13 products to help you sleep better. Since you’re still chasing those magical eight hours. This list has a weighted blanket, a delicious tea mix, lightweight pajamas, and more. Sweet dreams.  

  2. 41 home TV shows to binge. Enter: the fixer uppers, the house hunters, the extreme makeovers, and the million dollar decorators. Seven hours later, and you’re basically a licensed real estate agent.

  3. Vegetable hacks from the pros. The reason chef hats are so big? They’re full of veggie secrets. Keep calm and carrot on.

  4. Five ways to treat a sunburn. For when you really did put on SPF, but managed to miss the entire left side of your back (oops). Let the healing begin.

  5. New kicks. Because new shoes make you happy, and happy know the rest. Oh, and this company’s super comfy IBI sneakers just came back in stock after having a 14k person waitlist. They’re sustainably made from bamboo, lightweight, and come in colors like sand, blue, yellow and white. PS: Skimm’rs get 15% off for a limited time. Step to it.*

  6. Cleaning hacks that’ll blow your mind. You know you’re an adult when you immediately send these tips to the group chat. Sparkle emoji.

  7. How to destress based on your Enneagram. It’s time to relax by number. We’re feeling better already. 

  8. Two-ingredient cocktails. Like Cape Codders, Palomas, Greyhounds, and Garibaldis. It’s called mixology sweetie, look it up.

  9. Iconic movie soundtracks. From “The Bodyguard” to “Dreamgirls,” from “La La Land” to neeeeear, far, whereeeeever you are, these are the albums we’re never letting go of. 

  10. Great ab workouts that aren’t crunches. Because we’re still scarred from the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. Now that there’s no gym teacher keeping count, it’s time to get (a) hard core

  11. The best Black movies of the last 30 years. From “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” to “Love & Basketball," we’ve got a whole lot of love for the films on this list

  12. Subscription boxes you’ll actually want. Like ice cream clubs, coffees of the month, plants, and more. You get a box, you get a box

  13. Creative tie-dye techniques to try. There’s ombre, spirals, and something called candy corn. BRB while we return to our arts and crafts glory days. 

  14. How to get into “This American Life.” You know, the podcast people always talk about while you smile and nod. There are hundreds of episodes. Here are the best ones to start with. 

  15. Breathable face masks. There’s a 30 percent chance that it’s already humid outside. These masks to the rescue.  

  16. 11 beauty brands that you can try virtually. So you can see what you’d look like as a blonde. Or with entirely new eyebrows. The future is here.

  17. A new internet read we loved: Everything you need to know about the #FreeBritney movement. 

  18. …and an old one: on the 15 things anyone who loves someone with anxiety should know.

  19. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy this week: an oreo dipper; a unicorn tea infuser; and a cookies n’ cream candle

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