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Skimm Faves: October’s Bestselling Cold-Weather Accessories and More

the bestselling products in october 2021
Photo: Amazon, Etsy | Design: theSkimm
Nov 4, 2021

As we slow-roll into November, we’re taking a look at which products you put on the top of your ‘must-buy’ list last month. Aka the things that were most popular and really caught your eye. (If you missed September’s Skimm Faves, check it out here.)

And for some of our absolute must-haves, from winter essentials to the best stocking stuffers, check out all of our top Amazon picks. We’ve got anything and everything you need to live your life (and shop) a bit smarter. Let’s get to it...

Cleansing wipes to get stubborn fingerprint smudges off your glasses... 

It's time to see clearly. These wipes won't cause streaks and are individually wrapped. They also work on your laptop and phone screen. Ah, the relief. ($21.69, Amazon)

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Melatonin gummies to help you regulate your snooze cycle... 

If you've been struggling to fall asleep, these non-habit-forming gummies work to get you back on track. They're made with a blend of lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, and valerian root. So you can reset your internal clock and get to bed at a more normal hour. Psst...we've also tried them and didn't experience any next-day grogginess. We suggest taking them one hour before you hope to fall asleep. ($19.79, Amazon)

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An ideal gift for the world traveler in your life...

This posthumous release chronicles Bourdain’s many travels and doles out expert advice along the way — about where to eat, what to do, and what to avoid. It also has essays by his friends and family that’ll help deepen your connection to the places in the book. Bon voyage. (Amazon, Bookshop, Apple Books)

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High-quality tech gloves for all your winter texting needs…

These ones have touch sensors all over — not just at the fingertips — and come with an anti-slip palm grip so your device won’t fall into a pile of slush. Whether you need to control your playlist for your winter run, or just need to update the group chat, these are the perfect, reliable gloves to have in your pocket. Plus, they’re double lined so your fingers will be warm while on the go. ($13.98, Amazon)

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Memory-foam-cushioned clogs with serious arch support…

For some reason clogs get a bad style rap, but we’re here to banish that idea. Skimm HQ highly recs these, with more than one person confirming just how comfortable they are. They’re easy to slip into, they provide more than enough padding, and they have a lil’ buckle accessory we think is adorable. Case closed. ($134.95, Nordstrom)

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A mold and mildew gel if the corners of your shower are literally turning black…

Just let it sit for three to five hours and then rinse away with water. The powerful, concentrated formula will cling to tiles and sealants to knock out icky grime. It’s also bleach-free, non-acidic, and low on odors. Get cleaning. ($12.99, Amazon)

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A tool that’ll help you get salon-like hair from the comfort of your home...

And no, you don’t have to be an expert. Consider this a brush and hair dryer in one. It features three heat and speed settings, plus a cool option for styling. The oval design helps to smooth your locks and create volume. Hello, good hair days. ($34.88+, Amazon)

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A llama stress toy for the days when you just can’t…

Squeeze it out. You can keep this mini toy on your desk, in your purse, or, if you need, in a pocket. Sometimes keeping your hands busy and your mind distracted is a big help. We got you covered. ($12.08, Amazon)

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A cashmere and wool comb to remove pills and fuzz from clothing…

Just run it gently over your fave sweaters and scarves and poof — they’ll look brand new again. You won’t have to drop money on new items. Your wardrobe is just beggin’ to be refreshed. ($11.95, Amazon)

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A eucalyptus shower steamer to turn your bathroom into a spa…

Lavender, rosebuds, and other fragrant plants are bundled with eucalyptus to really make your shower experience relaxing. We recommend hanging it behind your shower head so it doesn’t get wet. The steam from the hot water will activate the essential oils and produce calming scents. ($16+, Heritage Apothecary on Etsy)

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A faux fur throw to wrap yourself in every night…

This blanket comes in at a low price point, but doesn’t sacrifice quality. It’s available in four colors and measures 60 inches by 50 inches. If you’re worried about washing it — don’t be. One customer review notes that after washing it on gentle, it came out looking brand new. No shedding either. ($25, Target)

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A mini cross-stitch set that’s as relaxing as it is satisfying...

This hand embroidery kit is perfect for when you want to put your phone down and let your mind escape. It has all the essentials (and step-by-step instructions) you’ll need to complete a 6-inch hoop art. You can use the text from the pattern or change things up once you get the hang of it. All you need now is some calming tea and music and the vibe is set. ($66.92, Natalie Gaynor Designs on Etsy)

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A pumpkin spice latte mug since we’re deep into pumpkin season…

When the weather is chillier, we’re all about sippin’ on our PSL. And with this mug, you’ll be able to make the experience that much more enjoyable. ($9.59+, ByTracey on Etsy)

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A bubble candle with a concrete base…

It’s made with a mix of all-natural soy wax and raw industrial concrete, so you’ll see the color variation at the bottom. And it can double as decor when it’s not being burned. It almost looks like it would be squishy with its smooth and rounded bubbles, but trust us, don’t poke — you’ll want it to last a while. ($20, Perpetual Bliss)

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A sleep romper made from bamboo rayon jersey…

With adjustable shoulder straps and pockets, it’s the cozy lounge option you didn’t know you needed. It’s ideal to snooze in, but if you wanna keep it on during daylight hours (you’ll want to), just layer a long-sleeve shirt underneath. We have one and it is so convenient to throw on in the morning. It’s stretchy, so we can wear it for hours without feeling constricted. Plus the banana print? Too cute. Psst...for 20% off, use code SKIMM20. ($140, MiliMili)

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If you buy anything from this article, theSkimm may get something in return. Oh, and if something’s out of stock, oops, it was there (and all prices were accurate) when we published. Thanks.

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