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14 Subscription Boxes to Gift for Father's Day

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Jun 9, 2022

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This Father’s Day, why not celebrate him with a gift that keeps on giving? We’re talking subscription boxes. Pick something you know he’ll love or that he’s always wanted to try (a Japanese snack box has entered the chat). He’ll be delighted every month when brand-new goodies show up on his doorstep.

For all your gifting needs, we’ve found boxes that’ll up his beard grooming routine and something to help him make his own cocktails. There’s a subscription box for almost everything under the sun. You’re welcome.

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A box so he can taste the best snacks from Japan…

Whether he’s a Japanese snack enthusiast or a complete novice, he’ll love receiving this box filled with treats, candies, pastries, or teas each month. Each send is themed, so some items included could be mochi (sweet dough balls), senbei (traditional rice crackers), or matcha-flavored pastries. It’ll also include a booklet with information about each food, plus it ships directly from Japan for free. ($39.95+, Bokksu)

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A subscription that’ll bring the heat…

Is he constantly asking if they have hot sauce at a restaurant? Make sure he has a few bottles of his own at home with this quarterly subscription that delivers three small-batch hot sauces from all over the world to his door. He’s probably never heard of these, but they’re made with the finest ingredients like ancho chili pepper and habanero. With his first shipment, he’ll receive a tasting notebook so he can keep track of his favorites. ($120, Food52)

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A monthly subscription that lets him try beers from all 50 states…

Do you have a craft beer dad on your hands? You’ll know ’cause he walks around mumbling about microbrews and octanes. This Father’s Day, gift him a subscription that’ll feature two breweries from two different regions of the country each month. He’ll get to try four styles of beer, which ends up being 12 bottles per month he can enjoy with you. He’ll also get to learn about the breweries, their backstory, and what food will pair best with each type of drink. ($46.75, Craft Beer Club)

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A kit that’ll help him keep his facial hair in check…

Choose from the starter, deluxe, or premium to treat him to beard-grooming products he never knew he needed. There’s a straight-edge razor for maximum control and the closest shave he’s ever had, and the beard oil that’ll moisturize the hair and minimize itch in between shaves. Plus, the oil smells downright delicious with ingredients like cedar and sweet almond oil. There’s even a wooden beard brush to help get out tangles. ($42+, The Beard Club)

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A delivery so he always has his morning java…

Choose from whole bean, ground, or single-serve pods, then select his preferred blend or have him try a new variety every month. These beans are fair-trade, organic, and each bag sold supports animal rescue organizations that help pups in shelters across the country. If he’s an animal lover and coffee drinker, this gift will be particularly special. Customers love the seasonal flavors like s’mores and Italian hazelnut. ($15.50+, Grounds & Hounds)

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A cocktail club if he wants to be a mixologist…

He’ll be supplied with three unique cocktail recipes straight from experienced bartenders and enough ingredients to make four cocktails from each recipe. Yes, that’s right, he can make up to 12 cocktails per box, so he can invite you over or even throw a little soirée for his friends. Each shipment highlights a certain liquor, plus contains syrups, bitters, and garnishes. Cheers to him. ($49.92+, Cratejoy)

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A box full of gadgets for the tech-obsessed…

Get ready to blow his mind. Each month will be like Christmas morning when he opens this box to find the latest in tech, from drones to gaming devices to wearables. If he’s always the first one to preorder the latest iPhone, this box is for him. He’ll get one main gadget, plus two mini ones to go with it. ($39.95+, Cratejoy)

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A subscription that’ll have him feeling like the coolest dad out there…

If he’s ready to take his style to the next level, this box has everything he needs, hand-selected by a team of specialists whose sole job is to figure out what luxury goods his life is missing. He’ll first receive an email prior to shipping that lays out what’s in the next box — items like a handcrafted duffel bag, herb garden, or cocktail mix. Then he’ll have five days to choose colors and swap items if he wants. Bonus: Most of these brands are under the radar, so he’ll be supporting small businesses too. And we love that for him. ($49+, Bespoke Post)

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A wine delivery that starts with a personalized quiz…

This is not your typical wine delivery. Start by taking the quiz (you’ll need to do some research on his preferences beforehand). It’ll ask you whether he’s more of a white or red wine drinker, and what flavors he prefers (like apple, lemon, white peach, or cherry). It’ll also ask what types of foods he likes to pair his drink with. This gives you an excuse to snoop on the bottles he already has in the house. From the results, he’ll get a personalized delivery of wine that you know he’ll love. It’s great for people who prefer low-sugar, vegan, or natural wines as well. ($39+, Winc)

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An underwear or socks subscription because he always forgets to buy new pairs…

How nice would it be if he didn’t have to remember to restock his essentials? They’ll show up on his doorstep either monthly or quarterly, you just have to answer a few questions first (read: enlist your mom’s help). He can change the size, frequency, or quantity at any time. Customers say both the socks and underwear are incredibly breathable. ($19+, Stance)

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A monthly delivery of the best pizza in the country…

For three or six months, supply him with cheesy, saucy goodness that serves up to four people. Somehow you’ll always be free for dinner the day his box arrives. He’ll be able to try a wide variety of pizzas like wood-fired, coal-oven, white or red, and even deep-dish. He’ll thank you in between bites. ($89+, Goldbelly)

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A selection of plants if he’s ready to become a plant dad…

These green babies are hand-selected for beginners because they are the least anxiety-inducing (yes, please). He’ll get everything he needs, from tools to a guidebook with tips to grow a little indoor garden. The box also comes with terracotta planters, and there’s an option to make the plants pet-friendly if he’s already a parent to some furry friends. ($20+, Horti)

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A butcher box if he loves to grill…

These high-quality steaks from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania will satisfy even the most selective of meat-eaters. The “best of” box includes two steaks, two pork chops, dry-aged ground beef, bacon, country sausage, and chorizo sausage. He’ll have breakfast, lunch, and dinner sorted for weeks after. Upgrade to the “weeknight heroes” box, and he’ll get chicken breasts, a beef-taco blend, and hot dogs too. Yum. ($115+, Porter Road)

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A subscription so he won’t have to think about buying razors again…

He’ll never wake up and suddenly realize he’s out of razor heads when he really needs a shave. This box ships free every two months, so by the time he’s thrown out the eight cartridges, new ones will be arriving right in time. Plus, the starter set features a prep scrub that will help prevent ingrown hairs, shave butter, and a post-shave dew to help moisturize his skin. His entire routine has never been so thorough and he’s never looked this good. ($9+, Dollar Shave Club)

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