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LIVE: Skimm'd from the Couch with Rebecca Minkoff

Feb 5, 2019

New York Fashion Week kicks off this week. So we sat down with Rebecca Minkoff -- the co-founder and creative director of, you guessed it, Rebecca Minkoff, LLC. That’s the fashion brand she started in 2005 with her brother. Since then, their company has been a leader in shaping the future of fashion: Rebecca Minkoff was one of the first fashion brands to engage with their customers through social media and influencers. But she hasn’t stopped there: in 2018, Rebecca launched the Female Founder Collective to support and invest in women-led businesses.

At this LIVE power breakfast, she talks to us about taking risks, going to couples therapy with her brother-slash-cofounder, and how women can support each other in the workplace.

By the way... we're trying something new: founders' book recs. This week we’re shouting out our friend -- and former guest on The Couch -- Reshma Saujani. She's got a new book called “Brave, Not Perfect” that's all about why girls should choose bravery. Get it here.*

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While you're waiting...

  • Check out Rebecca’s Female Founder Collective here.

  • Find Rebecca’s podcast “Super Women with Rebecca Minkoff” here.

  • And if you need a bag… find ‘em here.

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