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Long Way Home: Chronic COVID and the Afghan Airlift

Aug 26, 2021

  • First up: We’ve got the latest on evacuations from Afghanistan, and the deteriorating security situation around Kabul airport.

  • Next: We’ll break down this week’s biggest headlines, from a report on COVID-19’s origins to school closures — plus a big decision by streaming platform OnlyFans.

  • ICYMI: The F.D.A. and Pfizer made it official this week, in the form of full approval for the pharma company’s COVID-19 vaccine. We’ll break down why that’s different to emergency authorization, and what it could mean for vaccine mandates.

  • Then: Some millennials are living a double life - working two full time jobs while their bosses have no clue. We asked one reporter what’s behind this latest work trend - and why bosses may actually be the ones driving them to double up on Zoom calls. 

  • Finally: COVID-19 has been debilitating for “long haulers”, who’ve suffered symptoms for months on end. We’ll talk to two women dealing with “long COVID” about their experience, and hear from a doctor about what we know now that we didn’t several months ago. 

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Anna Roberts Gevalt, long COVID patient

  • Chimére L. Smith, long COVID patient and advocate

  • Rachel Feintzeig, work and life columnist, The Wall Street Journal

  • Dr. Hana Akselrod, COVID-19 Lead, GWU Medical Faculty Associates

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