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Boo. It’s that time of year. Crunchy leaves, brisk nights, axe murderers. Meet your mystery reads...

For when you want a read that takes you somewhere new...

“The Woman In Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware

Imagine you’re a travel writer on assignment aboard a small luxury cruise. Nice. Now imagine you see a woman get thrown overboard and no one believes you. Not so nice. This thriller has sun and suspense.

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"The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye" by David Lagercrantz

Lisbeth Salander is back. So are your other faves. Like the other Dragon Tattoo books, this Sweden-set read is dark, with a mystery to crack and lots of suspense.

Hack into it here.

For when you want a small-town thriller...

"Fool Me Once” by Harlan Coben

Imagine looking over nanny cam footage and seeing your husband playing with your daughter. Normal. But your husband was murdered two weeks ago. Not so normal. You'll get chills, and they'll be multiplying.

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“All Is Not Forgotten” by Wendy Walker

Imagine having the ability to erase all your painful memories. After a rape in a wealthy suburb, the teenage victim gets to do just that. Problem is, it makes it a LOT harder to catch the guy. This thriller is like “Lovely Bones” meets “SVU.”

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For when you want to be suspicious of all your friends...

"Don't You Cry" by Mary Kubica

. Imagine your roommate disappears and you start to realize you weren't as close as you thought you were. As in she might've wanted to kill you. Yup. This page turner is "Single White Female" meets "Swimfan."

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"Girls On Fire” by Robin Wasserman

A popular athlete's suicide brings two high school girls together – introverted Hannah and rebel Lacey. Their friendship gets dark, fast. It's a little bit "Heathers" with a 90s Nirvana vibe.

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“The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv Constantine

This is like the “The Talented Mr. Ripley” with a XX chromosome. An ambitious woman who is not what she seems befriends a beautiful, wealthy Connecticut couple.

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For when you're looking to get in touch with nature...

"Fierce Kingdom" by Gin Phillips

It's closing time at the zoo. A young mom and her four-year-old kid are the last ones to head for the exits. And then they're on the run...for the rest of the book. Warning: you'll finish this in one sitting.

Get it here.

"The Butterfly Garden” by Dot Hutchinson

The FBI finds a ‘garden’ full of women who’ve been held captive by one twisted guy. When they start interviewing survivors, they run into more questions than answers.

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