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What names should I know?


...The Godfather of terror groups.

in the late ‘80s, and responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

are to install Islamic governments, and get rid of any Western influence along the way. Post 9/11, the West fought back -- and since then,


...Afghanistan has 99 problems and the Taliban is number one. This is the Islamist extremist group that basically ran Afghanistan in the 90s and that -- bonus! --

. It also provided a safe-haven to al-Qaeda, which is why the US took the group down after the 9/11 attacks. Since then, the

in rural Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan, where it enforces lovely things like

AQAP’s affiliates in

got married and called themselves al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- or AQAP. They claimed responsibility for the 2015 terror

in Paris and are considered

to the West. Plus they're taking advantage of

al-Shabab’s Somali cousins. You know them as the ones responsible for several large attacks in the past few years. They orchestrated a

in 2013, and the 2015 attack that killed 148 people on a college campus there. In 2016, they

in Somalia, reportedly killing 180. Al-Shabab’s MO? Enforcing Islam, while killing others along the way -- in the college attack, the gunmen

al-Nusra Front

...A Syrian rebel group that got together to

. It’s also pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda. They’re in the


...or ISIL or IS. It’s the P. Diddy of terror groups, always changing to a worse name. And they're responsible for many of the terrorist

in recent years. Al-Qaeda decided in 2014 that it was

to hang out with. So there’s that. The group spent a lot of time grabbing territory across the Mideast, terrorizing minorities, and beheading Westerners, all while attempting to build an Islamic State. This led the US and friends to

. A few years later, the war isn't over yet, but

Boko Haram

...Attention hogs based in Nigeria. The group killed

people there in 2015. It’s also infamous for kidnapping

. And they've pledged allegiance to ISIS. The Nigerian gov has had trouble fighting the group. Like that time their air force


...A Palestinian militant group that doubles as a political party. It controlled the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory, for years. The group’s platform?

, and establish a Palestinian state. No surprise, this hasn’t gone over well with Israel. The two have a long history of violence and war. Iran’s been Hamas's longtime sugar daddy, despite a


...All roads lead to Iran with this Lebanon-based group.


. Iran wants Israel gone,

Haqqani Network

...They’re the Sopranos of terrorism -- a

insurgent group with ties to Afghanistan

Khorasan Group

...The al-Qaeda All Stars tour that operates

. It’s considered a big, scary deal because the group is focused on