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August 17-20 - Skimm2020
Democratic National Convention

Helllllooo, Milwaukee. The DNC is where delegates vote on the party's presidential nominee.

August 24 - 27
Republican National Convention

The GOP is heading to Charlotte, NC for its national convention. The RNC is where delegates vote on the party's presidential nominee.

September 22: National Voter Registration Day
National Voter Registration Day

You have a date with the polls coming up. But first, you have to register to vote. We made it easy for you to check your registration status.

October 24 - Vote Early Day
Vote Early Day

You're gonna do it anyway, so why not vote early with theSkimm? Details here.

November 3 - Election Day
Election Day

This is it, guys. Time to cast your vote for president. And don't forget there are also congressional and local races going on around the country.