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Party Like a Pro

December 6, 2022

Whether decorating has you stumped or you’re wondering if you should leave that ugly holiday sweater at home, we got you. Watch the recording of Party Like a Pro, our virtual event on how to hack the holidays. (Plus, a live demonstration.) Featuring content creator Kamana Bhaskaran, Sam's Club’s Jennifer Cowell, and theSkimm’s Bridget Armstrong.

And to make party planning even easier, check out the shopping list below to recreate the demonstration at home, and listen to our holiday playlist while cooking in the kitchen, entertaining guests or cheersing during after hours. Presented by Sam’s Club.

If I’m short on time or unskilled in the kitchen, can I buy food to bring to a potluck party?

Jennifer Cowell: I think as long as the quality is good, you can do pre-bought [food] and then put it in a different serving dish. People don’t need to know that it’s store-bought. One of my favorite things to do sometimes is buy something and repackage it. And [my guests] will say, “this is so good” And I’ll be like, “it’s Sam’s Club.” I have no shame in store-bought.

How do I prepare for a party if people don’t RSVP and I don’t know the final headcount?

Kamana Bhaskaran: I’m South Asian and our family [doesn't] always RSVP. This is something my mom taught me: Never run out of food. So even if it’s a little bit extra at least you’ll have it for the next day and leftovers. For me I always err on the side of, think everyone’s going to come…Expect more. Make sure you don’t run out of food. And then, in any case, you’ll have yummy leftovers afterwards.

Want to try some of our holiday hacks at home?

Instead of walking aimlessly around the store before your next party (we’ve all been there), recreate the DIYs featured in the demonstration using the shopping list below. 

Decor: Two DIY Centerpieces

Desserts: One Semi-Homemade Dessert Two Ways

Hostess Gift: 

Set Up & Clean Up Hacks: 

Psst...For the full conversation (think: hosting on a budget and a step-by-step live demonstration), get out a notebook and hit the play button above.

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