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12 Products That’ll Make Your End-of-Summer Travel Seamless

Models showing off two pairs of pants and a button down shirt
Photo: Athleta | Design: theSkimm
Aug 1, 2022

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s you, headed out for your next adventure. But getting to your destination can feel more chaotic than relaxing — especially right now. So with help from Athleta, we’ve rounded up juuuust what you’ll need for your upcoming OOO. Aka clothes, accessories, and products that’ll help you look your best and stay organized (and sane) if the on-the-go-ing gets rough. Happy shopping.

Pants that feel like they’re barely there…

But still give you full coverage. Because plane seats are uncomfortable enough without adding itchy, scratchy, too-tight clothes to the mix. These pants have an ultra-lightweight waistband and no side seams. So there’s nothing digging in while you’re trying to get your in-flight nap on. Which is, quite literally, the dream. ($109, Athleta)

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A bladeless neck fan that’ll keep you cool on the move…

Because unfortunately, you can’t pack your air conditioner. But you can still get your chill on hands-free. Flexible arms help this bad boy wrap around your neck like headphones. And it comes with three adjustable speeds to give you juuust the right amount of breeze. Wear it running to your gate. Or bring it to the beach. Thank us later. ($30, Saks Fifth Avenue)

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Packing cubes that’ll turn your suitcase into an organizational masterpiece…

Because an organized suitcase definitely sparks some joy. These convenient cubes help add structure without adding extra weight. The seven-piece set comes with three different-sized cubes for storing clothes. Plus bags for shoes, laundry, toiletries, and chargers. So you can make space for — and actually find — eeeeverything you’ll need. ($16.99, Amazon)

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Toothpaste that won’t eat up your liquid allowance…

Say ‘see ya’ to sticky tubes that can mint-up your stuff or explode in your bag. Because these toothpaste tabs are a total bite-saver. You just chomp down and brush. Plus they come in three different flavors (fluoride optional). Psst…this brand’s mouthwash tabs are also great on the go. And all of their products are eco-friendly and plastic free. Win-win-win. ($32+, Bite)

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A breathable shirt that’s business class casual…

But also beach chic, and tasting-menu dinner appropriate. This button-down is quick-drying and has a water-repellent finish. So sips and light spills just roll right off when the turbulence hits. Plus, it pairs just as perfectly with leggings as it does bathing suits, jeans, and statement pants. Making this top a travel must-have, no matter where you’re headed. ($129, Athleta)

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A TSA-approved kit that’ll help keep unwelcome germs from stowing away…

This kit has you covered. Literally. It’s got everything you need to get from departure to arrival without touching a thing. Including stuff you thought of (like gloves and a face mask). And stuff you didn’t (like a headrest protector, placemat, and toilet seat cover). Oh, and it comes with sanitizing products to help keep you and your surroundings spotless. ($25.29, Amazon)

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A packable sun hat you won’t have to wear on the plane…

We’ve all been there. And while it’s definitely a ~look~, bearing that brim while running through the airport can be a major pain. So why not try a hat that was made to be thrown around? You can toss it in your suitcase, roll it in your carry-on, whatever. It’s perfectly unstructured and always bounces back. And it looks so cute, no one will believe you packed it. Hat game straw-ng. ($32.99, Madewell

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Statement-making pants that’ll have you traveling in style…

While staying cool and comfy. These pants are made from recycled fabric that’s light as air. For some serious breathability that can keep up with even the longest run to catch your connection. They’ll even keep you from feeling sticky when you finally find your seat. Plus they’ve got zipper pockets to keep your essentials safe while you’re on the move. Aaand serious built-in sun protection. Perfect for wearing right off the plane to the first hot spot on your itinerary. ($99, Athleta)

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A travel toiletry set so you never have to leave your fave products at home… 

Real talk: Your fave products are probably better than the hotel’s. Enter: this 11-piece kit. It comes with all the TSA-compliant containers you need to bring your whole routine with you. And use them right. Think: pumps, sprays, balms, liquids, and gels. The more the merrier. ($14, Kitsch)

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An all-in-one adapter so you’re never without a full charge…

There’s nothing worse than waiting out a layover or sitting through a delay with no battery. Thankfully, this tiny but mighty adapter can keep you plugged in pretty much anywhere you go. It comes with four extra USB ports so you can keep everything charged up — even when you’ve only snagged one airport outlet. And it comes in one piece, not a million. So you’ll never leave part of it behind. Not that we’ve ever done that… ($18.97, Amazon

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A cozy travel blanket that’ll help you get some red-eye shuteye…

Mid-flight is never the easiest time to catch some Zzz’s. But this blanket juuuust might help. It’s designed to keep you the perfect temperature. Whether the air is set to blasting, or you’ve got the window-seat sun shining on you. Did we mention it folds up to the perfect packable size? 'Cause it does. ($42.95, Amazon)

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Travel-sized sunscreen that’ll keep you covered… 

The three S’s of summer (hint: sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen) are not just for the beach. Luckily, this fan-fave full-body lotion just happens to come in the perfect size. So you can pack a full tube and still sail through bag check. And remember, gorgeous gorgeous girls reapply. ($22, Athleta

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