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20 Products That'll Get You Ready for Spring

products that'll get you ready for spring
Photo: Crocs, Olive & June, Urban Outfitters | Design: theSkimm
Mar 10, 2022

We don’t know about you, but spring *literally* could not come fast enough. Winter slumps? We’re over them. Cold weather that makes us a little stir crazy? A snooze. Plus, we miss our good ol’ friend, Mr. Sun. And we know you probably do too.

To help you prepare, we rounded up some products that will have you jumping into puddles, smelling the freshest flowers, and soaking up alllll the fun that spring has to offer. Think: must-have picnic gear, cute stuff for plant parents, and a vision board book that’ll have you starting the season off right. Check, check, and check. Here comes the sun — and it feels soooo good.

An alarm clock that simulates sunshine…

Because the colder months make waking up that much harder. And hitting snooze over and over is exhausting. Plus, it cuts into your precious time. With seven colors to choose from, this sunrise light gradually brightens 30 minutes before your alarm’s set to go off. Oh, and if you’re sharing with a partner or are just a heavy sleeper, you can also set a second alarm. Rise and shine. ($39.98, Amazon)

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A rescue facial spray for a daily pick-me-up…

A new season calls for an updated skincare routine. Whether you want to reenergize your skin after a run outside, give yourself a quick touch-up during the day, or add a new step to your beauty regime, this rescue facial spray will do the trick. It has hypochlorous acid in it, which is naturally found in your white blood cells and helps fight harmful bacteria and inflammation. When you spray it, you’ll trigger an immune boost that signals to your skin to repair and heal any irritation. Let’s glow. ($12+, Tower 28)

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The cutest harness walking kit for your pup…

Warmer weather means it’s time to get back to the park. And there’s no one we’d rather go on sunny walks with than our furry friends. This kit comes with a lightweight harness, a dirt-resistant, waterproof leash, and a poop bag carrier. Plus, it comes in 11 bright colors that are pawfect for spring. Pick a monochromatic look for your doggo or mix and match. Walk it out. ($98, Wild One)

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A monthly flower subscription that’ll bring the garden energy to you…

When haven’t flowers sparked joy? All you have to do is pick your bouquet size and how often you want ’em. Just pop them in a vase and get ready to smile. Your space just got a whole lot brighter. ($40+, The Bouqs Co.)

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Rain boots so you can stay nice and dry while running all your errands…

These cute booties are completely waterproof. The heel’s pull tab makes putting them on a hop, skip, and a jump. It comes in a rainbow of bright colors too. Talk about having a spring in your step. ($70+, Zappos)

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A vision board book so that you can solidify your goals for the upcoming season…

New weather = new goals. With over 700 words and images, this book has everything from fun florals to picturesque beaches. Cut your fave images, collage, and hang. Spring bucket list, coming right up. ($29.99, Amazon)

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An acrylic bird feeder because springtime means listening to birdsong…

And we don’t mean the kind from your morning phone alarm. This chic bird feeder also doubles as a birdhouse. The bottom has a tray with a divider, so you can include different types of seeds for individual species. Plus, it suctions onto your window and has a large viewing hole so you can really get to know your new neighbors. Im-peck-able. ($28.99, QVC)

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A mini printed planter so your green baby has a trendy place to live…

Treat your plant the way you want to be treated…that’s the saying, right? There’s nothing better than filling your space up with lots of greenery. But with that comes the need for some pots. Enter: this pedestal stoneware vessel that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional. It’s pretty small and weighs in at juuust over a pound. Choose from one of the three fun colors and presto, you’re golden. Psst: Need a plant rec? We’re fans of snake plants — they’re super easy to take care of and only require water every two to three weeks. Get growing. ($20, Urban Outfitters)

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A windproof umbrella to save you during all those April showers…

‘Tis the season for surprise rainstorms. And you gotta be prepared. This small, Teflon umbrella has a vented double canopy and reinforced fiberglass ribs to keep it in place. So gusts of wind won’t get in your way. Plus, the automatic open/close button makes using it in a hurry easy-breezy. It’s pretty lightweight too, so you can keep it in your purse on standby. Rain, rain, go away. ($22.90+, Amazon)

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An insulated cooler tote bag…

For road trips, picnics in the park, and all the happy hours in between. This tote has a spacious main compartment that can hold up to 24 soda cans, plus a side pocket for your wallet and keys. It’s lined with water-resistant PVC to prevent any leaks on the go. So your springtime spread will be sog-free. Let's go. ($34.95+, Food52)

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A water bottle that’ll help you keep track of your hydration…

More sunshine means even more reasons to stay hydrated. This one is BPA-free and makes it easy to remember to drink enough throughout the day. It has a strap and leak-proof lid with a locking feature so it’s easy to carry on walks outside or around your house. The wide-mouth opening makes cleaning it and adding ice cubes hassle-free. Plus, its size means you won’t have to constantly refill it. Drink up. ($26.99, Amazon)

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An eight-piece bundle that will make your next picnic plastic-free…

Time to say goodbye to single-use containers. This kit includes a bowl with a lid, utensil sets, portable glasses, and silicone sandwich bags. Everything is dishwasher safe, portable, and most importantly, reusable. Plus, it makes your snacks look great on the gram. Picnicking just got so much easier. ($124, W&P)

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A melt-in sunscreen with SPF 60 to keep your face and body protected…

Yes, sunscreen should be worn all year round. But with the sun coming out even more, it’s time to slather it on. Dermatologists love this one from La Roche-Posay because it has broad spectrum protection, which means you’ll be safe from both UVA and UVB rays (which is a good thing). Plus, it’s oil-free, noncomedogenic, and fast-absorbing, which means no sticky residue. Psst…sunscreen expires so the bottle you bought last year might be dunzo. Time to stock up on all our SPF faves. ($21.99+, Amazon)

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Cult-fave nail polish to kick off the spring season…

Because the last time you got a pedicure was…too long ago. This set comes with six punchy shades and a super glossy topcoat. The best part? These vegan, cruelty-free polishes have a long-lasting, gel-like finish that can be removed easily with nail polish remover. Psst: If you’re not the best at painting your nails, don’t worry. This one’s great because it has a wide, fan-shaped brush that makes applying these pretty polishes a breeze. Get ready for flip-flop season. ($63/6 pack, Olive & June)

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Reusable mesh bags for all your fave fruits and veggies…

It’s almost farmers market season, y’all — and we’re ready for all the amazing in-season produce that spring has to offer. These bags are machine-washable, 100% food-contact safe, and nearly transparent. So if you’re taking them to the grocery store, produce can be scanned easily. Win. ($12.99/15 pack, Amazon)

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A superfood destress elixir that will remind you of your favorite childhood drink…

If the thought of spring cleaning is already giving you major stress dreams…say ‘hey’ to this blueberry dream. It’s made with coconut water and blueberry juice, plus magnesium and lemon balm to support relaxation and stress relief. Just add one packet to a glass of cold water and stir it up. Or add to a pitcher with ice for the ultimate picnic drink. Ah… ($15/6 pack, Golde)

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A spring candle that’ll get you in the mood…

The smell of freshly cut grass and a walk through a wildflower meadow? Sign us up. With notes of green geranium, rose, jasmine, and violet, it’s the ultimate candle for spring. It has hints of orange and sandalwood to balance all the botanical scents too. Light it up. ($17.50+, PaigesCandleCo via Etsy)

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A fruit infusion pitcher that’ll make your glass of water more exciting…

Fact: Spa water is the best. So why not bring the spa to you? This BPA-free pitcher has a removable rod that can be filled with fruit, citrus wedges, and herbs. So throw together your favorite concoction, lock the rod into place, and fill with water. The clear acrylic design makes it super fun to look at. We suggest adding tea bags for quick iced tea. So delish. ($19.99, Amazon)

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A pair of Crocs for gardening, lounging at home, or quick walks outside…

Yes, you heard us. Crocs are back. And there’s no better time to rock them than during the spring. There are so many cute colors and patterns to choose from. Swap your toasty slippers for these baddies now, and thank us later. ($32.98, Zappos)

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A fanny pack with an attachable dog leash to keep your walk hands-free…

From your phone and keys to all your pup’s necessities, sometimes walks can feel like a handful…literally. This modular fanny pack fits all your essentials and then some. There are a plethora of compartments, a treat bag, and even a water bottle holder with a foldable bowl. Plus, there’s an attachable dog leash that has two handles for extra security. See you at the park. ($49.98, Amazon)

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