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23 of Our Favorite Calendars and Planners for 2023

Calendars and planners
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Uncommon Goods, Etsy
Nov 30, 2022

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It’s officially ‘let’s circle back on this next year’ season. So if you’re obsessed with making your list and checking it twice, it’s time to stock up on a new calendar for the new year. From daily tear-off options to poster-sized ones to hang on your wall, we rounded up 23 of our faves so you can go into 2023 feeling stress-free. It’s a date.

Desk Calendars

A tear-off one inspired by a cult-fave New York Times column…

This daily cal features Tiny Love Stories curated by The Times’ Modern Love editors — all told in 100 words or less. From heartbreaking and hopeful to humorous and poignant, start your day with big love in small bites. Heart = warmed. ($16.99, Amazon)

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A mini one that comes with a wooden stand…

This handmade option is covered in trendy terrazzo-inspired prints. Each monthly card is made of sturdy cardstock. Plus, it comes with a maple wood stand — but if you already have a stand you know and love you can opt to just purchase the cards. Coming in at 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, it’s equally as practical for small spaces as it is cute. ($10+, FavoriteStory via Etsy)

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A “Jeopardy” calendar so you can get your trivia on…

If you’re a fan of the show or want to start your day with something fun, look no further than this tear-off option. Each day features a new clue with a dollar amount, and at the end of the year, there’s a Final Jeopardy round where you can wager all of your winnings for an extra fun competition. Correct answers are printed on the back, so you can easily check to see whether you're right or wrong. What is….a fun thing to keep in your office? ($15.29, Amazon)

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An inspirational quote calendar with a modern twist…

This is not your grandma’s quote calendar. This one from Rifle Paper Co. is covered in tons of colorful illustrations and mantras that’ll provide words of encouragement each month. No stand needed. Good vibes all around. ($14.40, Rifle Paper Co.)

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An option with a daily history lesson…

Calling all dads, everywhere. Each day features a plethora of historical tidbits from that day including explanations on exciting inventions, influential events, and more from early civilization ‘til now. Plus, it’ll make a perfect stocking stuffer for the history buff in your life. Give ‘em some time travel in a box. ($11.99, Amazon)

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One filled with funny cartoons from The New Yorker…

Whether you’re a loyal reader or are just here for the cartoons, this calendar features some of the mag’s best illustrations — with topics ranging from politics and pets to entertainment, family, and more. A daily giggle? It’s good for you. ($15.29, Amazon)

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One that’ll give you a morning dose of levity…

Let’s face it. This year has been quite the year. This calendar is bold, sarcastic, and has hilarious daily affirmations. We swear by it (literally). ($13.49, Amazon)

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Wall Calendars

A handmade gradient grid calendar…

Because aura prints are so in. Each month is covered in splashes of shapes and colors and the daily boxes show what phase the moon is in. If you don’t know what to get your bestie for the holidays, problem solved. ($20.74, OnceUponATuesdayUK via Etsy)

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A photo calendar with watercolor accents…

So you can kick off each month with some happy mems. You can customize all 12 layouts (including the cover) and feature up to five photos per month. Plus, it comes in three vibrant accent shades. If it sounds like a personalized gift anyone in the fam would love…it probably is. ($31+, Minted)

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An illustrated calendar that you can reuse once you’re done…

This features 12 vintage-style fruit illustrations that are so cute you’ll want to reframe them for your space once the month's done. It has a built-in tab, which makes it easy to hang on your walls. Your kitchen called. It wants this ASAP. ($28, Anthropologie)

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A calendar that doubles as a daily fidget toy…

What’s more satisfying than Bubble Wrap? A calendar covered in it. This poster-sized one lets you pop through an entire year. That’s right…365 bubbles. And even though we’re not really thinking about practicality here, significant holidays and days of the week are marked for easy reference. Let’s get popping. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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A calendar filled with book recs…

So you can add new reads to your TBR. This one from Ideal Bookshelf illustrator Jane Mount and influencer Jamise Harper features themed book stacks from BIPOC authors across a wide range of genres. It also includes key literary dates, bookstore recs, and other bookish details. Scoop this one up. ($14.99, Amazon)

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A colorful one with tons of space to write…

A pop of color for your wall? It’s a yes from us. Each month of this open-dated calendar comes in a different punchy hue. It’s poster-sized, so you won’t have to worry about running out of room. It’s a need not a want. ($48, Poketo)

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A giant year-at-a glance option…

This cal lets you see your plans for the entire year at once. It’s made on a heavyweight matte paper and there are focus-themed boxes so you can get really specific about your monthly goals. Plus, there’s space in the notes section to jot down any extra thoughts. If you wanna feel even more organized, there’s even a key box for color coding. See ya, sticky notes. ($28+, PlanTheThingsCo via Etsy)

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An adorable take on a swimsuit calendar…

Heart so full. These 12 animals confidently strike their best pose and are ready to party. From a cocktail sipping lion to a panda ready to hit the beach, this one’s bound to bring some cheeky smiles. We’ve never seen anyone rock one-pieces, board shorts, and string bikinis better. ($20, Uncommon Goods)

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A scratch-off calendar that promotes acts of kindness…

We could all use some encouragement to be kind throughout the year. Every month of this beautifully illustrated calendar has a scratch-off box that reveals a meaningful act and a reflection box, where you can journal about your experience once you participate. Do good, feel amazing. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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One that’ll have you feeling inspired…

This glossy monthly calendar celebrates 12 incredible women who fought their way to the top. It’s filled with detailed biographies and bold, dynamic portraits (each drawn by women artists for an added bonus). You’ll be starting off your day strong just by looking at it. Win. ($12.29, Amazon)

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A photo calendar if you’re itching to travel…

If you want some breathtaking views in the comfort of your own home, turn to this one from National Geographic. It features stunning photographs from some of the most beautiful mountains, gardens, and beaches. The images are curated from Nat Geo’s archives and their list of incredible photographers. One visual treat coming right up. ($15.24, Amazon)

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A modern art option for museum lovers…

Nothing beats a calendar that looks great on your wall. With this, you’ll see pieces from famous artists like van Gogh, Rothko, and Matisse. It’s curated by the Museum of Modern Art, so you can bring a day at the museum right to your home. Frame these babes when you’re done to start building your own collection. ($15.99, MoMA Design Store)

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A quarterly productivity planner…

The brand that makes our fave Five Minute Journal also makes a productivity planner so you can mindfully set and accomplish your goals. It's divided into two parts to make things easy. The first lets you rank your daily tasks, express gratitude, reflect through guided prompts, track your habits and moods, and time block your day. The second leaves space for you to write down any extra notes or do a quick journaling sesh. Plus, there are quarterly planning sheets and prompts, so you can list your intentions and what you want to focus on. Add to cart right away. ($39.99, Amazon)

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An appointment calendar that’ll get the job done…

If you’re looking for a place to jot down daily appointments, this lightweight planner is for you. It’s super slim with a thread-stitched binding so it’s easy to take on the go. Each spread has plenty of space and there’s a notes column where you can write down any extra thoughts. Plus, the monthly floral illustrations are uplifting and chic. Pen to paper’s where it’s at. ($16.20+, Rifle Paper Co.)

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A personalized planner that does it all…

This classic option from Papier has everything you need to stay on top of your day. It has yearly and monthly views for 2023 and guided pages so you can set any important goals, dates, and tasks for the month. Your notes will stay protected thanks to its hard cover and thick, high-quality paper. Pick your colorway, add your name, and get this planning party started. ($25.60, Papier)

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A weekly planner so you can jot and go…

Your Sunday planning sessions just got a whole lot easier. This notepad is a hub for all your weekly tasks. It has check boxes for every day of the week, a priority section, a habit tracker, a shopping list, reminders and goals sections, and even space for a weekly quote. Add your favorite pen for the most satisfying combo. ($15, KreatePaperCo via Etsy)

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