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Best Carry-On Suitcases for Your Vacation

Apr 17, 2018

We’ve got baggage. As in, overhead baggage. Because weekend trips or business trips mean carry-ons and there are a LOT of options to help your trip take off. Here’s a look at some different ones and who they’re for…

For the traveler who’s always sitting on her bag to try and close it…

Suck it in. This Briggs & Riley expandable carry-on has a compression system that lets you fit a lot more in than meets the eye. It also has mesh garmet panels inside the bag that make sure your clothes arrive wrinkle-free. One Skimm’bassador said it is “expensive, but 1000% worth it” while another said it’s “standard, appearance-wise but unbelievably sturdy.”

theSkimm: Meet the almond cappuccino of carry-ons. If you fly often, want to go from plane to business meeting looking fresh, and don’t mind paying extra for nut milk...this one’s for you.Loading Spinner

For the traveler who likes to Insta story pre-flight…

Take it Away. You’ve seen the Away carry-on all over your social feed. It looks good but it’s also smart: you can charge your dying phone while waiting in the TSA line. Skimm HQ likes the bigger carry-on because it fits more than 2 pairs of shoes (we see you, sneakers we won’t wear but bring justtt in case). One Skimm’bassador said it “fits a ton, is lightweight and the charging capability is the best thing ever.”

theSkimm: Meet the matcha latte of carry-ons. If you travel for fun and/or weddings, have a phone that’s constantly on 10% battery, and still aren’t over millennial pink...this one’s for you.Loading Spinner

For the traveler who scours for cheaper flights…

Deal me in. This Travelpro carry-on is around $100. It doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles but it does have a ton of space and solidity. Two Skimm HQ’ers swear by it, and say it can fit up to a week’s worth of clothes.

theSkimm: Meet the black coffee of carry-ons. If you want something standard that doesn’t break the bank...this one’s for you.Loading Spinner

For the traveler who always arrives at the airport extra early…

Best to come prepared. This Travelpro carry-on (different bag, same brand) has more going on than its less expensive cousin. It includes a garment bag, lifetime warranty, and fancy magnetic roller wheels. We don’t totally understand what they do but we know they make it feel like your bag’s floating through the airport. Rolling with the (very smooth) homies.

theSkimm: Meet the dark blend of carry-ons. If you travel a lot and want something reliable, strong, and a little nicer than similar alternatives...this one’s for you.Loading Spinner

For the traveler who doesn’t mind splurging for first class…

Sock it Tumi. This Tumi carry-on is not cheap, but it is very, very sleek. One Skimm’bassador who travels every week said it is “so durable and you can get it cleaned in every airport that has a Tumi store.” She also loves the free monogramming, tracking, and jewelry pouch inside. Frost yourselves, world travelers.

theSkimm: Meet the cappuccino maker of carry-ons. If you don’t mind dropping a lot of cash for a good looking suitcase with some unique features...this one’s for you.Loading Spinner

For the traveler who likes to unpack right upon arrival…

You can fold up your suitcase too. This Biaggi carry-on folds into itself when it’s not in use, so you can store it in your tiny hotel room. It also has a lot of compartments inside for you to separate your sh*t.

theSkimm: Meet the espresso shot of carry-ons. It looks small (when folded) but packs a punch. If you’re anal about keeping your hotel room neat and want a bag with a lot of storage compartments… this one’s for you.Loading Spinner

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