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18 Cozy Home Decor Finds Under $80

our favorite home decor products under 80 dollars
Design: theSkimm | Photos: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters
Jan 4, 2023

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Chilly temps and short days may have you feeling the desire to transform your home into a comfy lil’ cocoon. We’re here to help you do just that — but on a budget (all of these decor finds are under $80). Aka lots of blankets, LED string lights, faux fur pillows, salt lamps, and more. So put the kettle on and start a fire, ’cause it’s about to get real cozy.

LED string lights to add to your bedroom for ultimate cozy vibes…

It’s a universally known fact: Nothing makes a bedroom more dreamy than some string lights. These plug into the wall and extend up to 33 feet when fully stretched. You can also use them as holiday decoration, and they have eight modes (ranging from a constant on to a slow fade). Movie nights with mood lighting? Check. ($15.99+, Amazon)

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A pair of bubble candles to place around your home…

Add some whimsy to your coffee table with these playful lil’ candles. The white scent is freesia, while the blue is bluebell. Both are made from soy wax and are honestly almost too cute to be lit. ($9.99/2 pack, Amazon)

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Or flameless candles you won’t have to blow out…

If you like to fall asleep with some ambient lighting, these will become your go-to. You can set them via a timer in periods of two hours and they’ll automatically turn off. The faux flames look like they’re flickering, so you’ll get a realistic vibe minus any safety hazard. And they’re perfect for fireplace mantels if you’re looking to decorate. ($14.99/2 pack, Amazon)

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A constellation-themed removable wallpaper for renters who are tired of white walls…

It’s peel-and-stick, mess-free, and self-adhesive, so you won’t need any glues or pastes for installation. Consider it a weekend DIY project: You can reposition the paper as needed as you work to align the seams. Whether you’re going for an entire accent wall or bathroom (it’s moisture- and steam-resistant), or you want to zhuzh up a bookcase, this wallpaper will let you personalize your space in a way that doesn’t have to be permanent. ($26.49+/per roll, Amazon)

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A bohemian macrame hanging that’ll provide some texture…

If your current framed-artwork situation is a bit yawn-inducing, we know how to spice it up. Add this macrame piece to a gallery wall to mix media. The best part? Wescover helps you shop independent artists that create unique pieces. You can communicate directly with the creator to customize and collaborate, allowing you to get a one-of-a-kind final product. The artists are from around the world, so the scope of design is huge. ($100+, Wescover)

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A round mirror with a leather strap for a refined industrial vibe…

Place it in your bedroom or over your bathroom sink. It’s way more chic than wood-framed mirrors and will elevate any room it’s in. PS: Customers praise its high quality and construction, saying it’s very sturdy and easy to hang. ($69, Urban Outfitters)

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Soft faux fur pillows to add to your couch…

Perfect for movie nights, these pillows are incredibly comfy. They add just the right amount of warmth, plus will keep their shape (no blobs here). If you’re looking to make your couch the coziest place ever, we suggest adding the throw. The pillow is available in five colors and as a lumbar. ($40.60+, Anthropologie)

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A faux white sheepskin rug to keep next to your bed…

Or drape over a chair. You’ll be able to avoid cold floors first thing in the morning or add some needed padding to a desk chair. The smallest size is 2 feet by 3 feet, so it’s not very big, but just enough to work well in front of a nightstand. Some customers say it can move around since it’s light, so we suggest using a rug pad underneath. ($65+, Wayfair)

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And a faux fur throw to wrap yourself in every night…

This blanket comes in at a low price point, but doesn’t sacrifice quality. It’s available in four colors and measures 60 inches by 50 inches. If you’re worried about washing it — don’t be. One customer review notes that after washing it on gentle, it came out looking brand new. No shedding either. ($25, Target)

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Or a customizable knitted name blanket that also makes a great gift…

Just add your name at checkout and get ready for a two-tone blanket fully personalized to you. We have this blanket and keep it draped over our desk chair for chilly days spent working. It’s pretty thick so it feels substantial draped across a lap or over shoulders.’s available in a few colors, like blue and pink. ($78+, Baublebar)

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Crochet and cork coasters to make time spent at your kitchen table way more ‘aww’-worthy…

These coasters speak for themselves. They’re straight up adorable and will put a smile on your face any time you use them. Mornings spent sipping your cup of coffee never were so picturesque. ($6.29+, LoveIndyUK via Etsy)

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A woven storage basket for pretty much anything…

Like blankets, shoes, sweaters, toys, or miscellaneous items. Whatever your organization needs are, this basket will help tidy your home. Plus the jute exterior adds warmth and texture to any room. ($24.99, Amazon)

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An iron lantern to place candles in…

The biggest one can be placed on the floor and next to a fireplace, while the smallest can be added to a table centerpiece. Customers love the rustic touch the lantern provides, saying it’s a great accent piece for bedrooms and living rooms. ($44.99, Wayfair)

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A watercolor print that is calming and delicate…

Worried about taking care of a cute little plant? How about a cute little painting of one instead. Hang this print over your desk and watch your eyes drift to it over and over again. A peaceful work environment? You betcha. ($10, Radical Girl Gang)

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And if you’re really looking to make your desk nice and cozy….

Try a USB-powered salt lamp that can plug right into your laptop. It’s got five adjustable levels plus the snuggest soft glow. This kit comes with two halogen bulbs and an extra USB cable for an easy setup. Screen time just got a little less tiring. Mood = boosted. ($19.99, Amazon)

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A washable, tufted rug to help you avoid any floor cold spots…

Like by your front door, in the kitchen, and that  narrow hallway. Pop this skid-resistant runner in spots that don't have the room for a full-sized rug. Talk about easy and snug. Your chilly feet will thank you. ($30, Target)

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A eucalyptus shower steamer to turn your bathroom into a spa…

Lavender is bundled with eucalyptus to really make your shower experience relaxing. We recommend hanging it behind your shower head so it doesn’t get soaking wet. The steam from the hot water will activate the essential oils and produce calming scents. ($27+, BloomBarFloralDesign on Etsy)

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A snail light to give your room a glow…

We saved the best for last. This little battery-powered snail has a wry look on its face that can’t help but make you smile. Turn it on to cast a warm glow while you sip your favorite tea in bed. Cozy mode, activated. ($24, Urban Outfitters)

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