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Crowd-Pleasing Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50
Design: Diana Chau Hu | Photo: Le Puzz, Truff, Amazon
Jan 17, 2023

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We know: Shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts can be tricky. Whether you’re dating someone new or you’ve been with your partner for years, finding something that’s equal parts useful, personal, and unregiftable — and that won’t break the bank — can be a tall order. So we rounded up some perfect crowd-pleasing gifts under $50 to add to your cart. Because showing your person how much you cherish them shouldn’t be stressful. Or…cost a million bucks. Xoxo. 

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A 1,000-piece puzzle you can do together

Because they’re your perfect match. The puzzles from Le Puzz are not only fun to do but they’re so visually appealing, they’ll wanna frame it when they’re done. Each piece is sturdy and cut differently from the rest (more about their random-cut piece process here). And if they need a break from this challenging one that features vintage matchbooks, check out the back of the puzzle box for some added fun. PS: For every puzzle sold, the co will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Do it, do it. ($38, Le Puzz)

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A compact air fryer…

Because home (read: their kitchen) is where the heart is. This 2-quart one from Dash is pretty easy to use. They just need to place their food into the nonstick fry basket for crispy deliciousness and then turn the two knobs to set the temp and time. It’s that simple. It’ll shut off automatically and has nonslip feet for extra stability. Bon appétit to them. ($45.99+, Amazon)

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A monogrammable keychain…

And the chicest Valentine’s Day gift award goes to…you for wrapping up this cutie from Leatherology. This budget-friendly, vintage-inspired lil’ guy is made with full-grain leather that feels as nice as it looks. It has a metal clip attached too, so they can easily secure this on to another bigger keychain or their bag. Plus, the bright colors make it easy to spot if they do happen to leave them lying around somewhere. Buy one for yourself so you can match with your sweetheart. ($15+, Leatherology)

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A truffle hot sauce that's as decadent as it is delicious…

The best way to show them you have the hots for them? This hot sauce from Truff. Much like the cult-fave classic version, this one is also made with white truffle and organic coriander. And if you’re worried about giving hot sauce as a gift, don’t be — this one comes in its own gold and white box. Time to spice up their life. Psst…use code THESKIMM15 at checkout for 15% off. ($34.99, Truff)

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Cooking molds perfect for Valentine’s Day morning…

Pinterest, who? Set these on top of your skillet and add pancake mix or eggs for the cutest heart-shaped meal. Aww… ($19.99/3 pack, Harry & David)

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An ice wedge and whiskey glass in one…

Giving them the gift of an ultra cold drink? Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving. Just press the silicone mold onto the glass, add water, and freeze. When they take the glass out of the freezer, they can pour their fave drink right onto the ice wedge. Add their monogram too for a personalized touch. Cheers. ($24.95, Amazon)

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A baking stone that’ll level up pizza night…

They can use it to heat last night’s ’za, cook a frozen pie, or to make some fresh dough straight from your kitchen. The heavy-duty cordierite stone is also great for baking bread, cookies, you name it. It’s heat resistant up to 1,450°F and helps evenly distribute that warmth for cooking. The invisible micro-pores will eliminate excess moisture from their dough (so it won’t get soggy) and will help create that super crisp crust we all love. Yum. ($35.99, Amazon)

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Customized cotton boxer briefs that’ll make him smile…

This one-of-a-kind gift for the win. Just send in the photo you want to use — whether it’s a funny photo of him, of you, your dog, whatever floats your boat — and voilà, the perfect gift is born. ($30.62+, FancyFannyShop via Etsy)

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A cookie dough maker and freezer tray…

Aka the perfect gift for your sweet-toothed partner. With these trays all they’ll have to do is fill the containers in with their fave dough, put the lid on, and freeze them for later. They’ll get perfectly shaped, ready-to-bake beauties that they can pop in the oven whenever they want. Whether it’s one by one every night for dessert, or the entire batch at once for ease, it’s up to them. Plus, the kits are multiuse — so they can also use them to freeze broth, baby food, herbs, or anything else. Psst: It’s dishwasher-safe and stackable too. ($28.11, Wayfair)

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A retro-looking record player that operates like a modern sound system…

So they can play their fave songs over and over again. This vintage-inspired portable turntable spins vinyl records without fuss. It even has a built-in headphone jack for solo listening and is Bluetooth-compatible too. Time to jam out. ($45.99+, Amazon)

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The perfect card, if gifts aren’t your thing…

Yeah sex and presys are great…but have you ever received the most truly relatable card? This one will show them juuuuuust how much you love ’em. Write your heart out and they can look back in a few years and smile. Happiness guaranteed. ($5.95, Always Fits)

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A giant jar of mini marshmallows that’ll bring them back to their childhood days…

Because let’s be real, we all know the best part of Lucky Charms were those sugary little ’mallows. This giant reusable jar is filled with them — 2.5 pounds to be exact. They’re great for topping sweet treats and hot chocolate, or, if you’re like us, eaten straight out of the jar on their own. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. ($30.49, Amazon)

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A massage candle to set the mood…

Light it up, blow it out, and then massage the melted oil onto your skin for peaceful vibes. With warming notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, and medjool dates, this one’s formulated with jojoba and soybean oils that’ll soften their skin. It’s hand poured and cruelty-free, and due to the low melting point of the natural oils, they won’t have to wait long after burning before pouring it. Get lit. ($30, Maude)

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A create-your-own comic book for your kiddo…

A custom Valentine’s Day gift made with love > everything. This one comes pre-formatted with blank pages for your lil’ one to fill in with whatever’s in their imagination. They can create their story and illustrate it all the way through. Once they’re done they can slip it in the mail (it comes with a pre-paid envelope) and in return, they’ll get a professionally bound copy of their comic book pages. Plus, there’s even an “About the Author” page for them to fill out to make it all the more real. Because their possibilities and your love for them go to infinity and beyond. ($30, Uncommon Goods)

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A truth or dare game that’ll turn up the heat justtt a bit…

Pour a glass of wine and prepare for things to get steamy. On each of the 50 sticks, one side asks for a truth and the other has a dare. So play it safe. Or take a walk on the wild side. ($12.26, Amazon)

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A make-your-own-truffles kit…

Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles straight from your kitchen? Yes, please. Your giftee will get everything they need (besides cream) to make 36 perfect lil’ guys to eat for dessert. And if they eat them all before dinner even starts…no one will know. That’s the magic of baking from home while rocking your ugly sweats. Happy chocolatiering. ($24.99, Uncommon Goods)

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A package of handmade biscuits for Sunday brunch…

Come one, come all — your giftee will get lil’ pillows of heaven from the famous Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits in Charleston. The basket will arrive with a container of pimento cheese, six buttermilk biscuits, six cinnamon biscuits, and six cheese and chive biscuits. Just set the table and dig in. ($47.95, Goldbelly)

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Heart-shaped aromatic toilet bombs…

For those times. Your giftee will just need to drop a few glittery tablets in the bowl once they’re done and the oils will create a fizzy fragrant reaction that’ll keep odor to a minimum. They’re nontoxic, biodegradable, and septic-safe. And will even help keep their toilet cleaner, thanks to the baking soda and citric acid in it. Sometimes it’s the practical, funny gifts that make the best ones. Trust. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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A good-on-everything trio of Sichuan sauces…

From the cult-fave brand Fly by Jing, these sauces are *chef’s kiss.* They’ll get a Zhong sauce (think: sweet, tangy, spicy, and umami-rich), a Mala spice mix (herby, spicy, and crafted in Chengdu), and their famous Sichuan chili crisp (hot, savory, crispy, and insanely delicious). They’ll be licking their fingers and oh-so glad you took their sauce game up about 20 notches. ($42, Fly by Jing)

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An instant ice coffee maker…

For the ones who could use a few more minutes in bed each morning. This genius tool will save them some much-wanted time. It can chill coffee in 60 seconds and also works on other drinks like alcohol, juice, and tea. All they’ve got to do is pop the cooler in the freezer overnight and then in the AM they can pour their fresh morning joe in the container. Boom — instantly cold. ($15.49+, Amazon)

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A contoured sleep mask that’ll help them fall asleep in no time…

And stay asleep. This lightweight, adjustable mask will help your person find absolute darkness whenever and wherever they want. Think of it as their own personal black-out curtain. It’ll contour to their face and eyelids thanks to the molded curved cups and will provide rub-free comfort. Plus, it shouldn’t smudge any makeup or compress their eyelashes while using it. Sweet dreams, love. ($17.95, Amazon)

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A kit full of beard essentials for your guy…

Maybe he’s obsessed with his grooming game, or maybe you wanna send a message with your gift. Either way, this one does the trick. The kit comes with a beard straightener, heat protection spray, beard soap, unscented beard balm, and a detangle comb. The natural orange walnut soap is designed to neutralize bad smells and will condition his beard with shea butter and coconut oil. Plus, it provides a deep clean and exfoliation thanks to the walnut granules. It’s a yes from us. ($46.99, Amazon)

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Food dice that’ll help you figure out what to order in…

Because decision fatigue and bickering about what to eat for dinner is real. These handmade bamboo dice to the rescue. Each side is laser engraved with a different takeout option. All they’ll have to do is roll the dice and get ordering based on their selects. There are options for dim sum, Indian, Caribbean…the list goes on. You can even customize them to add in some personal faves. Get rolling. ($25.59+, JJHandmadeGiftsShop via Etsy)

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A card game that’ll shepherd in some marital bliss…

Complete the task. Get a sweet reward. Repeat. Each card features a kind gesture (like getting groceries or cooking dinner) that your partner will appreciate. And in the long run, the game will help you and your S.O. get into the groove of everyday life. Hashtag winning. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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Food-themed socks that’ll add a splash of fun to your man’s everyday outfits…

Because everyone appreciates a new pair of socks. This four-pack will brighten up your guy’s drawer (and their day) — whether they’re a foodie or just love a good taco Tuesday now and then. You can also choose from other themed designs, like animals and sports. Sock yeah. ($9.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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A cult-fave renewal lip mask they can wear overnight…

Skimm HQr’s love — and we mean love — this famous Laneige lip mask. Tell your S.O. to put it on right before bed and they’ll wake up with smooth, supple lips in the AM. It’s as simple as that. Plus, they can wear it during the day too for a glossy, healthy look. Their obsession will be real — and you’re gonna want one for yourself, too — promise. ($24, Amazon)

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