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10 Products to Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfy in the Heat

10 Products to Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfy in the Heat
Design: theSkimm | Image: Funboy
Aug 1, 2022

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We’re not the only ones feeling the heat this summer. If you’ve got a dog at home, you know how sensitive they may be to overheating when the temps are scorching. So whether you’re looking to protect their paw pads and keep ‘em cool on a walk around the block or want to make sure they stay hydrated on your outdoor adventures together, we’ve rounded up products that’ll keep them comfy. Like a dog cooling vest, dog paw palm, a water bottle just for your pup, and more.  

We're also got recs for more essential pet products year-round, like must-haves to keep your pet healthy, products to solve common problems, and dog coats as functional as they are adorable.

A portable dog water bottle and bowl… 

It’ll be your new dog park essential. It comes in five bright colors and can hold up to 20 fluid ounces. Plus, it’s easy to use with just one hand, so you won’t have to let go of your dog’s leash or worry about spilling. Simply squeeze the bottle to fill up the bowl attachment and relax your grip when your pup is done drinking — all of the remaining water will return to the bottle. It fits most bike and cup holders, and it’s made with BPA-free, food-grade plastic. Want something more compact you can just clip to your bag, key chain, or belt loop? This collapsible travel bowl is easy to tote on long summer walks if you’re carrying your own water bottle or want to fill it from a fountain. ($14.95, Chewy)

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A doggy life jacket to keep ’em afloat…

If your pup is a lake lover and beachgoer, make sure you’ve got one of these on hand to keep them cool and safe. It comes in a range of sizes, from XS to XL, with the largest one fitting dogs up to 100 pounds. It also has a grab handle so you can easily help them out if they’re having a hard time on their own. Plus, it comes in seven bright, easy-to-spot colors that’ll stand out no matter where you are. Doggy paddle away. ($17.55, Amazon)

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A dog cooling vest for hot summer days… 

This one’s been designed with wet-reveal fabric, so you’ll be able to tell when it’s fully dry and ready for another soak. Its many mesh layers will keep your pup feeling fresh and cool — even on the hottest days. This one comes in a dozen sizes, so it’ll fit the tiniest pups through giant breeds up to 160 pounds, and has an adjustable chest girth. Pro tip: If you’re heading out for a long stretch of time, keep some water and ice in an insulated bottle to pour on the vest. Ahh, instant relief. ($36.99+, Chewy)

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A dog cooling mat you can use all summer long… 

This one’s made with a nontoxic gel that activates with your pet’s heat and body weight. They’ll feel a cooling sensation as soon as they lie on the mat — and it can last up to three hours. The best part? The pad automatically recharges after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use, so you can pack it up and use it all over again. It comes in three different sizes but if you’ve got a couple small pups, snag the XL size so they can all cool down together. ($29.98+, Amazon)

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A dog sunscreen that sprays on white so you can see where you’ve applied… 

And then dries down clear. Just like humans, dogs are prone to sunburns and other skin complications that come with too much UV exposure. If you’ve got a pup with a light coat, exposed belly, or any pink skin on areas like their ears, muzzle or nose, spray this SPF 15 mist on ’em about 15 minutes before sun exposure. ($7.99, Chewy)

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Rubber dog shoes for rain or shine… 

Whether your pup’s planning to splash in some puddles or you want to protect their paws from steaming pavement, these little WagWellies will do the job. They come in sizes XXS to XL and slip right on. Plus, they’ve got vented slits that’ll help ’em stay on tight no matter what. Be sure to hand-wash these since they’re 100% rubber. ($49, Madewell)

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A dog paw balm to keep ’em protected if they won’t keep booties on… 

Whether you want to shield their sensitive paw pads from hot pavement during summer or rock salt during the winter, Musher’s Secret is an essential to have on hand all year round. It’s made with 100% natural wax and vitamin E and essentially forms a barrier on your dog’s paws that you can wipe off as soon as you get back home. It’s fast-drying, non-allergenic, and doesn’t stain, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your floors. Psst…you can also apply the balm on places like their snout, ears, and elbows to keep em’ hydrated. ($25.99, Chewy)  

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A collapsible dog pool… 

Perfect for toting around during the summer months. This one needs no inflating or serious setup — just unfold and fill it. It comes in five different sizes, great for clumsy pups and older dogs, with the biggest one measuring 63 inches across and 12 inches deep. It’s made from thick vinyl that’s hard to puncture and has two drain caps. If you’re thinking of making this a staple in your backyard, snag this pool cover to keep the water clean. ($36.99+, Amazon)

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An IG-worthy pool float for your pup…

Because they deserve to lounge in style like the good boy or girl they are. The puffy white cloud has an adorable rainbow arch design, and they’ll have enough room to sit or lie down in between dips in the pool. For the ultimate photo op, snag the human-sized version too. Sounds like paw-idise. ($59, Funboy)

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And dog sunglasses that serve as protective eyewear for your pup… 

Because there’s a lot that their eyes could use protection from too — like dirt, wind, and debris, especially if you take ’em on lots of outdoor adventures. These doggie goggles defend 100% against UVA and UVB rays. They’re perfect for breeds with deep-set eyes and have a comfy strap to keep them in place. Now that's one stylish pup. ($19.69+, Chewy)

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