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12 Cat and Dog Costumes Under $30 for a Happy Howl-o-ween

Granny dog costume and UPS dog costume
Design: theSkimm | Image: Chewy, Chewy
Sep 28, 2022

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Spooky season is approaching…and if you’re anything like us, you’re already planning your coordinated group costumes. But there’s one member of the family who shouldn’t be left out, of course. If you’ve got a furry friend, bring them along for the ride with our fave dog costumes and cat costumes of the season. Let’s get this paw-ty started. 

A stegosaurus costume that’s anything but scary…

Transform your pup or kitty into the cutest dino you’ve ever seen — tail and all. This costume will fit big and small furballs alike, and it’s easy to put on and take off via Velcro straps on the chest and hood. Even if your pet isn’t a fan of hats, it’ll still look adorable, trust. ($22.99, Chewy)

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A cow costume perfect for grazing in their fave field…

Or munchin’ on all the treats they’re sure to get for being the goodest boy or girl. This one comes with a fitted body piece that has detachable udders and a horned headpiece. Customers say that it fits a little large and rec going down a size. Next stop, cuteness overload. ($14.99, Chewy)

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A pet costume that’ll have everyone wondering who the new delivery person is…

If you’re a fan of illusions, this UPS costume will be the highlight of the holiday. It’s got tiny little arms holding a package and comes with the signature brown uniform and hat. Customers rec taking a good look at the directions for both the box and the costume itself to avoid any dress-up mishaps. ($18.35, Chewy)

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A pair of wings that’ll make your cat or pup bat to the bone…

If you’re planning a spooky costume for yourself and need a sidekick, this pair of bat wings will be the perfect companion to your witchy persona. It’s a great option for pets who aren’t fans of wearing a more ornate getup. Plus, they’re attached to a vest so they’ll stay on your pup (or kitty) the whole night. ($9.99+, Amazon)

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A rowdy cowboy to take your pet on a ride…

Get your pup ready to saddle up. Their cowboy companion will be leaning back with his hat in hand just like he’s at a rodeo while your furry friend bounces around the room. ($14.99+, Amazon

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A simple dog costume for sensitive pups…

If your doggo isn’t a fan of clothing or costumes, this iconic Scooby-Doo dog tag is the perfect alternative. You’ll get two dog tags with a split ring for easy attachment. Pro tip: Snag a blue collar to complete the look. Ruh-roh, looks like you’ve got a winner. ($12.99, Amazon)

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A getup that’ll turn your pet into one of the Golden Girls…

With a handbag, string of pearls, gray hair, and all, they’ll be the neighborhood’s newest fave addition to bingo night. Psst…the wig comes with an adjustable strap to keep in place — if your pet doesn’t love miscellaneous things hanging near their mouth, try cutting the extra slack. ($11.51, Chewy)

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A werewolf costume for a howlin’ good time…

This one will be a real showstopper thanks to its over-the-top headdress and “claw” paws. The little flannel shirt and cutoff jeans make for the ultimate photo op. It comes in sizes XS through 3XL and can fit pups up to approximately 85 pounds. ($12.95, Chewy)

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A costume that’ll have ’em ready for the Tuesday after, too…

And it’s got all the toppings. We love this costume for so many reasons (not least because “taco cat” is our fave palindrome). It’s got a comfy opening for their head and a secure Velcro waistband that’ll keep ‘em in character all night long. ($14.99, Chewy)

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A boo-tiful dress that’ll steal the show…

A tulle skirt, bright green ribbon, and iconic pumpkin face? It’s a yes from us, dawg. This one will go on easily thanks to its straightforward design — just put your pet’s paws through the armholes and attach the Velcro at their belly for a successful spooktacular look. ($13.99, Petco)

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A bandana that’ll give ‘em pumpkin to talk about…

If you’ve got a pup who doesn’t love being in costume, this bandana is an easy Halloween hack. It’s got a classic jack-o’-lantern face printed on a bright orange cloth. Simply tie it around your pet’s neck and get ready for all the tricks and treats (okay…mostly treats). ($3.49, Petco

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A pet costume that’ll turn your pooch into a Puppuccino…

Calling all PSL fans. This dog costume comes with the cutest barista getup from “Stardoggy Coffee” and a detachable headband with a fancy green straw. Wanna match your pup? Snag this green apron and black visor to make the best coffee combo since mocha and beans. ($13.99, Amazon)

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