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Everyday Products That Are Especially Useful in Pandemic Times

products that are very useful during pandemic times
Lindsay Lange
Mar 12, 2021

Over a year ago we went into lockdown and time stopped making sense. We got comfortable in our new uniforms of sweatpants and tees. And we baked a whole lotta bread and did too many puzzles to count.

We also spent a ton of time working from our couches, dealing with foggy glasses, and letting our homes get messier. But as the days rolled into weeks rolled into months, we found some A+ products that solved some of our most common #pandemicproblems. And we’re pretty sure you’ll find them useful, too.

A lumbar pillow and seat cushion for your kitchen chair…

Okay, maybe you’re working from a table. But chances are your chair doesn’t feel too comfortable (office chairs, we miss you). This lumbar pillow is designed to relieve back pressure, while the seat cushion can target hip pressure. Both will improve your sitting posture. And both are made from extra-dense memory foam. No more groaning when you sit down. ($66, Cushion Lab)

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A pimple patch to remove all the gunk that sits underneath your skin…

Stress breakouts, we’re looking at you. These hydrocolloid patches cover breakouts and reduce inflammation. They work to extract pus, healing the skin along the way. You can apply one before heading to bed and then remove in the morning. We’re talking minimal effort. ($12.50/36 pack, Amazon)

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A V-neck, no-wire bra because pandemic life means comfort 24/7…

Wired bras? That’s soooo 2019. With LIVELY’S flexible hybrid bra, you’ll get full support without any annoying squeezing. It’ll feel like a bralette, but has adjustable straps and built-in cups for structure. The J-hook in the back means you can wear it as a racerback, too. Throw it on while working from home, lounging around the house, or running an errand. It’ll look seamless under tops. You may even forget it’s on.* ($60/2 pack, LIVELY)

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A handheld massage gun to help relieve all those muscle aches…

If you’re guilty of working from your couch and your back is feeling it, raise your hand. This massage gun works via percussive therapy. So it repeatedly massages muscles to release tension and stimulate blood flow. It can reduce lactic acid buildup, meaning a faster recovery for aches and pains. Along with the massage gun, this set includes six heads. So you can reach every muscle. ($129.99, Amazon)

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A blow-dryer brush that’ll give you salon-like hair at a fraction of the cost…

And no, you don’t have to be an expert to use it. Consider this a brush and hair dryer in one. It features three heat/speed settings, including a cool option for styling. The rounded design helps to smooth your locks and create volume. Hello, good hair days. Right from the comfort of your bathroom. ($41.99+, Amazon)

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A spray for glasses that’ll keep ‘em from fogging up…

Ah, face masks. We’re dedicated to wearing them. But we’re over the way they make our glasses fog up. Sound familiar? This anti-fog spray works on all types of glasses, and doesn’t call for constant application. A few spritzes and you’re good for the day. Sigh of relief sold separately. ($14.99, Amazon)

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A mouth guard so you can stop grinding your teeth…

Thanks, 2020, for all the stress. We appreciate it. To alleviate the discomfort and sleep issues that come with clenching and grinding, we turned to mouth guards. And boy do they help. They come in a pack of 10, and each can be worn up to three nights in a row before tossing. You won’t need to boil or cut them. Just rinse after opening and pop one in. Happy snoozing. ($14.99/10 pack, Amazon)

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A sheet mask to help with dreaded maskne (mask acne)...

This sheet mask focuses on the lower half of your face. Aka the skin that a face mask covers. Each sheet mask is designed to soothe irritation, hydrate, and reduce breakouts. Wearing a face mask is a must during the pandemic, so give a little TLC to the skin underneath. ($34.99/5 pack, Aftermask Sheet Mask on Etsy)

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A fleece long-sleeve romper for ultimate cozy vibes…

Lounging around the house never felt so good. The waistband is adjustable, too. It’s the perfect option to throw on in the morning, whether you’re about to start working or you need to run a few errands. You’ll never wanna take it off. ($31.46, Aerie)

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A mini vacuum cleaner to catch all those desk crumbs…

Snack-all-day gang, assemble. Sometimes crumbs escape into the crevices of your keyboard. It happens. This compact vacuum is battery-powered and will catch what’s left behind from your lunch. When you need to empty it, just remove the bottom. It’ll come in handy more times than you can imagine. ($11.99+, Amazon)

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A duster to use around the house when necessary…

Being home all the time means it’s easy to realize just how quickly things get dusty. Now you’ll be able to gently clean around delicate items, inside bookcases, and more. The best part? You won’t need to use any sprays. The fabric attracts dust like a magnet. Happy cleaning. ($7.99, The Container Store)

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A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses to help ease screen strain…

These days, we go from looking at our computers, to our TVs, to our phones. Rinse and repeat. Blue light is high-energy light emitted from screens. And overexposure can have negative effects like dry eyes, headaches, sleep disruption, and even increased risk of macular degeneration. Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses protects your eyes and can leave you feeling refreshed by the end of the day. Phew. ($89+, Eyebobs)

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A set of resistance bands that can spice up your home workout…

Maybe you’re tired of your morning run. We get it. These resistance bands are versatile. So you can use them for both upper and lower body workouts. They come in varying resistance levels (so you can work up to the highest level). They’re great for squats, lunges, crab walks, and arm raises. And when you’re done, just store them in the little bag for your next sesh. ($10.95, Amazon)

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A foot hammock (yes, you read that right) so you can raise your feet…

While at your desk, of course. No one likes that tingly feet sensation from sitting in the same position for too long. This hammock is adjustable and can work with any desk. Now you can rest comfortably while typing away. ($17.46, Amazon)

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A planner that can double as a journal to help you organize thoughts…

It’s got both monthly and weekly spreads, an inner pocket, a section for goal setting, and a vision board. So you can keep track of weekly responsibilities and your to-do list, but also think about the year ahead. With 2020 being a bit of a wash, setting your intentions for 2021 is important. And having a physical roadmap can help alleviate the stress of trying to mentally plan and keep track of everything. It’s time to write it all down. ($17.99, Amazon)

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A room divider to help you section off areas of work and relaxation…

Since spending most of your time indoors, maybe your bedroom has become your office. And if you’re in a studio apartment, maybe you eat on your couch. Dividing your home can mentally help you focus. So you know that certain areas are ‘off limits’ to work. That way, at the end of the day, you can actually relax while sitting on the couch. And not feel like you’re still in work mode. ($64.99, Wayfair)

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