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How to Face the New Year

Natural Beauty Products
Jan 1, 2019

New Years is a good time to refresh what makes you look fresh. So throw out that crusty face lotion bottle and let’s talk about your beauty routine.

Getting That Au Natural Vibe

So you agree, you think you’re really natural? There’s a lot of hype (and money) around natural beauty products right now. Because nobody’s got time for chemicals anymore. But the number of options out there keeps growing, so let’s break down what they all mean…

  1. Organic…The real deal. If it has a USDA Organic Label, that means the US Dept of Agriculture has given it a ‘green AF’ stamp of approval. Now, some products say “made with organic ingredients” but don’t have a label: that means it’s somewhere in the 70-95% organic range. Anything under 70% shouldn’t mention the word at all.

  2. Natural…Don’t be fooled. This is basically a marketing term. Some products use natural (not man-made/synthetic ingredients). But there’s no standard for slapping “natural” on a logo. Meaning, if you’re looking to go green, it’s probably best to stick with the real stuff: organic products.

  3. Hypoallergenic...Another marketing term. Ideally, it means there aren’t ingredients in it that’ll cause an allergic reaction. Ideally…

  4. Non-toxic…Worthy of a ‘participation’ award. It means the product is free from any ingredients that people have had toxic reactions to. The sad reality is that there actually are products out there that have toxic ingredients in them. Coal tar, yes actual coal tar, can be found in some anti-dandruff products and hair dyes. And formaldehyde is in some nail polish removers.

Uplifting. So what’s actually good out there?

Here are our favorite organic products on the market…

For when you want your skin to be the star…

Show it off. RMS Beauty has a foundation/concealer that’s lightweight, enhances your natural skin tone, and brings out your inner J-Glow. Plus, no more sweating about what’s going in your pores. This bad boy is made with things like coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter. Hey, nature.

For when you had a late night…

Rub it off. This organic makeup remover puts those natural oils (think: jojoba seed, camellia seed) to work. You’ll barely remember those texts you wish you hadn’t sent when you’re done with it.

For when you wanna get back to that baby face…

Give it the TLC it deserves. This rosewater moisturizer cream can dew it all. Smooth skin? Check. Reduce redness? Check. Non-synthetic ingredients? Check. Only thing that’s missing is your spa appointment.

For when you know it’s gonna be a long day…

Don’t sweat it. Literally. Aluminum-free deodorant is a hit or (mostly) miss game. But Kopari’s got the balance right: it smells good and leaves you dry and mighty.

For when you finally get some OOO time…

Go crazy. But not with your skin. This sunscreen is part-sun protector, part-tinted moisturizer. It’s made with shea butter and rose hip oil to keep your skin soft while you order another margarita.

PS: These are partner products, which means if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published.

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