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18 Father's Day Gifts to Split With a Group

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Jun 2, 2022

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Though there are many benefits to growing up with a big family filled with siblings or cousins — like playing games on road trips and having someone to adventure with on the weekends — it’s always nice to be able to split the cost of a gift with a group. It means you can spoil your dad a little extra this Father’s Day, and everyone can get involved.

We’ve found gifts that are a little bit extravagant, so things he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself. From a monthly jerky club to wireless noise-canceling headphones. Go on, you know he deserves it.

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A putting mat so he can practice indoors…

He doesn’t always have time to make it to the putting green, so give him this portable version that Dustin Johnson endorses. You may not know who that is, but he does. It’s over 9-feet long, has two different sized holes, and has a roll-back ball return, so he doesn’t have to retrieve ’em every time he swings. Customers say the surface never wrinkles or slips when they’re putting. ($179.99+, Amazon)

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A classic cabana shirt for his next vacation…

This color-blocked cabana shirt will make him feel like he’s on island time, even if he’s not. The white and blue shades are summer-appropriate, along with the soft terry cloth fabric that actually doubles as a towel after a dip in the ocean. It’s available in sizes XXS–XXL. ($118, Tombolo)

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Something to help him spruce up his pandemic beard…

Ya know, the one that’s been ‘temporary’ for a few years now. This easy-to-use electric shaver has been dubbed the ‘world’s most efficient’ for good reason. Not only does its charging case have a six-week battery life. But the shaver’s also 100% waterproof. So it works well with foam, gel, or whatever he uses for an in-shower shave sesh. The best part? You and the sibs (or whoever you’re splitting with) can get $50 off. ($299, Braun)*

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A delivery of premium jerky on his doorstep every month…

Name something more appropriate for a dad than premium jerky. This jerky in particular is artisan-made and healthier than the stuff he probably grabs at the local gas station. Choose from different sizes and he’ll get flavors like original, hot, green chili, elk, venison, or sweet, all made without MSGs or nitrates. Customers say the jerky is always fresh when delivered. ($15.99+/month, Cratejoy)

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A work apron so he doesn’t have to do laundry as often…

Help him protect his clothes while he’s working in the garage, his workshop, or the kitchen with this waxed canvas apron. It’s water-resistant, incredibly durable, and will only break in with wear. This way, he can get his hands dirty and won’t have to worry about spills and stains. It comes in two natural colorways. ($125, Air & Anchor)

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A wooden stand that’ll charge and hold his phone…

If he has a MagSafe-compatible iPhone (models 12 and 13), give him this gorgeous wood stand that will hold his phone steady while also juicing it up. What’s MagSafe mean exactly? It’s a new type of charging created by Apple. The stand is made from maple and walnut wood with a steel base. It’s incredibly sturdy so he can watch videos or take calls. Plus, it’s great for his office or bedside table, and will be a subtle reminder for him to charge his phone. That way he can always talk to you. ($140, Grovemade)

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A bottle of wine to help him unwind…

Choose from cabernet sauvignon to a nice sauvignon blanc to add to his collection to bring out on special days. No matter his preference, each of these bottles is made from Napa Valley grapes and is sure to please a wine connoisseur. Psst…Use code SKIMM20 to get 20% off your order, now through Father’s Day. Pick up a bottle for yourself while you’re at it. (Prices vary, Hall Wines)

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A coffee press that’s a little work of art…

Not only is this art deco coffee press a beautiful addition to his kitchen with its mirrored stainless steel body, but it also brews a mighty fine cup of coffee. It’s double-walled, so it’ll keep coffee or tea hotter for longer. Just make sure he knows to handwash it when the time comes. ($129, Saks Fifth Avenue)

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A pair of over-the-ear Bose headphones to help him block out the rest of the world…

When he just wants to relax, all he has to do is slip on these Bluetooth-compatible cans made by a brand that’s synonymous with high-quality sound. They’ll last up to 24 hours on a single charge and have two modes, one for complete noise cancellation and one that’ll let some background sounds in (ideal if he’s in an office). They come in white and black. ($279, Amazon)

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A glass cocktail smoker so he can impress all his friends…

He’ll be the talk of the town next time he invites his buddies over and brings out smoking cocktails. All he has to do is pour a drink, place the hand-carved wood white oak design over the glass, and add the smoking chips (a blend of teas, woods, and spices). The torch can be used to gently burn the chips, and before he knows it, he’ll have an expertly crafted cocktail. Impressive. ($40+, Uncommon Goods)

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A cast-iron pan to spoil a self-proclaimed chef…

Help him take his cooking to the next level with this cast-iron beauty from none other than Le Creuset. This one has an exceptionally large base, so it’s great for searing or browning meats and vegetables all at once. The cast iron distributes heat equally and will keep food hot even after the burner is turned off. Plus, it’s already seasoned, is nonstick, and chip- and crack-resistant. Go bright red or choose from one of the other nine colors. ($250, Amazon)

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An air fryer so he can see what all the hype is about…

At first he may be overwhelmed with what he can make with an air fryer. The answer is a lot. Don’t be surprised if the next time you visit him, he’s throwing pork chops, wings, fries, brussels sprouts, and even toast in this baby. It uses rapid air technology to crisp food, no oil or grease required. You’ll feel good knowing he’s enjoying a healthier version of all his favorite foods. Plus, this one has an LED touchscreen, a shake alert that tells him when to jostle what’s cooking, and eight preset functions. Customers love that the baskets can go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. ($99.98, QVC)

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A framed blueprint of his favorite team’s stadium…

If you have a baseball fan on your hands, he’ll love this framed sketch of his team’s stadium to hang in a special place in his home. Each one is accompanied by the design specs and lists major events that happened there (he probably already knows these). From Citi Field to Fenway Park, he’ll admire the stadium on the wall and think of you. ($185, Uncommon Goods)

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A steak gift box that conveniently serves four to six…

What better gift to give than everything he needs to make dinner for the whole family? This box includes two ribeyes and two filets from renowned Churchill’s Steakhouse in Spokane, Washington, expertly packed to ensure freshness upon arrival. Plus steak seasoning and herbed butter is included for an explosion of flavor. Customers say the steaks arrived in perfect condition and that they loved the fancy black gift wrapping. ($259.95, Goldbelly)

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An eau de parfum to elevate his fragrance game…

He probably wouldn’t buy this for himself. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a little Tom Ford. This fragrance is the perfect mix of earthy and woody scents, including sandalwood, rosewood, Eastern spices, and amber. Since it’s technically unisex, it’s something you or your mom can borrow too. Customers say they simply cannot stop smelling themselves when they have this on. ($163+, Nordstrom)

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A watch box for a timepiece collector…

Give him a luxurious spot to store his most cherished timepieces with this vegan leather and suede box that holds up to eight watches at a time. It also has a pull-out drawer for additional watches, watch straps, or other fine jewelry. It’ll keep everything on display, which will be especially important when he’s on the go and wants to grab a piece to wear. ($139, Amazon)

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A bifold wallet for all of his cards and cash…

Chances are he’s had the same wallet since you were born. Time for an upgrade. This one is made from full-grain leather, so it already feels very soft and broken-in. It has eight credit card slots, a large compartment for cash, and a slim construction so it won’t feel bulky in his front or back pocket. You can even get it monogrammed for a sweet personalized touch. ($90, Leatherology)

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A Sonos speaker if he loves to listen to music around the house…

This Bluetooth speaker is lightweight and portable, but won’t sacrifice sound quality. It automatically connects to WiFi and pairs with his phone, so the most technologically averse dads can use it with ease. Plus, it’s waterproof, holds a charge for up to 10 hours, and comes in five colors. Rock on, dad. ($179, Sonos)

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