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Fridge Organization: 11 Storage Products to Tackle Every Corner

Fridge Organizers Marie Kondo
Design: theSkimm | Image: The Container Store
Mar 10, 2022

An organized fridge means easier meal planning and more food saved. No more guessing at what's hiding in the back of your fridge or letting perfectly good produce go bad because you can’t see it. Get ready to tackle fridge organization with these bins and drawers in no time. Your grocery budget says ‘thanks.’ 

Easy-to-install hanging drawers for space saving… 

These hanging drawers will turn your fridge into pull-and-close paradise. They’re so easy to install and make storing food simple. The rails extend from 11.8 inches to 16.9 inches long and fit most standard-size fridges. Use ’em for produce, eggs, deli meats, and more. ($18.99+, Amazon)

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A roll-out fridge caddy for easy access… 

No more rummaging in the back of your fridge with this caddy. It's got a set of wheels in the back for mobility and support points at the front for stability. It also comes with two adjustable dividers so you can separate your items easily. Feel free to upgrade to the pack of two, or try out some of the wider options for more storage space. ($13.25+, Amazon)

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A Marie Kondo-approved ceramic storage set… 

All of the containers in this organization kit are made from natural ceramic clay and have bamboo lids. The set comes with a small berry colander, an egg tray, two single bottle holders, and four medium bins with lids. And if you’re not in the market for the full collection, you can also buy ’em separately or add on additional bins for your needs. Feel that? It’s joy being sparked. ($116.88, The Container Store)

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Stackable fridge organization bins that’ll become your new meal-prep BFFs…  

This set of three different-sized fridge organization bins are all equipped with removable drainer trays to keep produce fresh or meat separate from thaw water. They’re BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. The large bin also comes with two removable and drainable containers so you can mix and match your produce. Fruit and veggie prep has never been easier. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A chic and sustainable fridge-org collection with handy items for your commute… 

This eight-piece Porter set from W&P comes with three silicone bags in different sizes so you can store snacks and produce or pack sandwiches. The two tightly sealed bowls are perfect for soups and storing leftovers, and the glass bottle and tumbler for your coffees and smoothies. Heading to the office? The ceramic bowl makes lunch easy to tote. (And check out more of our recs for carrying your lunch here.) Psst…you can buy all of these Porter products separately, but you’ll save 20% if you snag the bundle. ($130, W&P)

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Stackable bins perfect for long produce… 

Slim bins that can organize carrots, tomatoes, or celery into picture-perfect rows? We’re sold. This option comes with six bins that can be set side by side, or stacked on each other to optimize space. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A clear bin made to fit your tall drinks… 

Mini drinks, tall cans, and skinny bottles finally have a place of their own. This clear bin makes organizing your oddly shaped beverages a breeze. Its open top allows for easy access and slim design maximizes storage space. Try this shorter option with a higher back if you’ve got a shallow fridge. ($17.99, Amazon)

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Glass containers with bamboo bins if you wanna kick plastic to the curb… 

These glass containers come in varying sizes for storing everything from leftover sides to meal-prepped ingredients. And the bamboo lids are as stylish as they are functional: Try using one as a cutting board when you’re in a rush. All the containers are microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe. BRB, adding to cart. ($35.99, Amazon)

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Produce savers that’ll prevent your food from molding too soon…

These containers regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide flow. So your fruit and veggies will last longer. That’s right. Lettuce won’t wilt. Blueberries won’t soften. Plus, the built-in filter never needs to be replaced. Pro tip: Don’t wash produce before putting it into the containers. Just drop everything in and store ’em in your fridge. You can wash food before you eat it. ($14.99+/2 pack, Amazon)

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Standard clear bins that’ll change your fridge instantly… 

Zero order means that things get shoved to the back and then expire. With these bins, you’ll be able to group like items (yogurts, fruits, and veggies). So you can see what you’re running low on. Making a list for grocery day just got easier. ($36.99, Amazon

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Stackable storage made to hold your wine in place… 

Say goodbye to rolling wine bottles with this wine organizer. It’s stackable and fits four bottles, so you’ll never run out of your favorite chilled vino. When you’re entertaining, move the organizer from the fridge to your counter so your guests can help themselves. Bottoms up. ($25.99, Amazon)

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