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Getting in the Spirit SmarterPack

November Hero
October 30, 2019

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The Story 

It’s November, the most “it’s already this month??” month of all. One minute you were in a heated debate about candy corn. And now it’s suddenly time to book tickets home, prep for the potluck you’re hosting, and fine-tune your gift lists. Buckle up. 

I don’t feel ready.

We’ve got you covered. Here are a few recs to help you get ahead of the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re staying or going.

Something for when you’re invited to a dinner party…

Graf Lantz wine carrier

A home for hostess wine

Now $34. Graf Lantz

Why it’s smart: Put down the flimsy gift bag that your vino might fall through. This carrier is made of industrial weight canvas that will keep your bottle cozy, with a leather strap that makes it easy to carry. Plus, you can bring a cheaper bottle because your presentation is on point. We won’t tell.

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Something for when you’re hosting that dinner party…

Botto Containers

Crafty containers

Now $19.95.Botto

Why it’s smart: These plastic containers can be adjusted from 16 to 32 ounces to fit as much as you have. And they’re airtight, keeping food fresh, longer. So you can actually enjoy your party’s leftovers.

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Something to show off your baking skills…

Pie dish

A pie-rfect dish

Now $38.Anthropologie

Why it’s smart: The end of a pie is sad. But this dish is so pretty, it softens the blow. Also serves as a last ditch reminder to get out the ice cream before it’s too late.

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Something for when the small talk runs out…

Questions game

A game that keeps the convo going

Now $16.Knock Knock

Why it’s smart: This after-dinner activity pairs quotes from famous funny people with questions for the group to answer. Runs the game-ut (sorry) from funny anecdotes to secrets secrets are so fun. Best played with full glasses.

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Something to keep you going till December…

Homesick candle

A smells-like-home candle

Now $29.95.Amazon

Why it’s smart: If you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, bring home to you. Or at least to your coffee table. Burns bright, smells like whatever you love to hate about your home state.

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Something for when you’re sitting on your suitcase…

Packing cubes

A better way

Now $20.Amazon

Why it’s smart: The opposite of the “throw everything in” method. These packing cubes will keep your bag organized, stop your clothes from wrinkling, and (drumroll) let you fit more stuff.

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Something for when you’re just staying the weekend…

Addison Tote

A super tote-able tote

Now $158.Addison Bay

Why it’s smart: This bag is made with stretchy fabric, so it can be shoved in overhead compartments and will hold its shape. Plus, it has pockets on pockets to store chargers, toothbrushes, and anything else you came *this* close to forgetting. 

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Something for when the airport security line is taking forever…

Kenneth Cole sneakers

Sneakers to keep you cool

Now $79.Kenneth Cole

Why it’s smart: The KAM sneaker from Kenneth Cole will help you stay ~fly~ on the go. These low-tops have a molded foot bed and enhanced ankle cushioning to keep your feet feeling first-class. Hiii, holiday gift for your closet.

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Something for when you fall asleep en route…

Alleyoop tip off

A make good for your makeup

Now $8.Alleyoop

Why it’s smart: Like Q tips, but from the future. Snap the tip of these cotton swabs to release liquid make-up remover that will help you de-smudge. Great for shaping winged eyeliner on planes, trains and automobiles (passenger side only).

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Something for when you and your sibs are going in on a gift...

Huo Boss

A v good find

Now $278.HUGO BOSS

Why it’s smart: This luxe sweater is made of soft fabric with cotton yarns. Translation: it’s breathable, so it’s good for sitting by the fireplace or chatting in the kitchen. Mom will be thankful for (all of) you this year.

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