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13 Gifts for Your Friend Whose Wedding Was Postponed

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Flowertown Weddings, Etsy
Jun 18, 2020

Weddings are a whole lot of work. Maybe you’ve planned one. Or maybe you’ve been witness to the planning of one. No matter what, you can sympathize with friends who have had to reschedule their wedding since the coronavirus hit. Simply put, it’s a bummer. 

That’s why we’re here to help. We know you’ll be there when their day finally comes, but a thoughtful gift to lift their spirits can go a long way. So we rounded up some things that’ll say ‘we support you.’

Something that’ll remind them the best is yet to come…

Motivational Gift Box

$26.97, Succulent Kreations Co., Etsy

Sometimes the best thing you can do is show you’re thinking of them. This box comes with a succulent, candle, matches, and personalized message. Hugs (unfortunately) not included.

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Something they can enjoy together if they can’t share a bottle with you...

Personalized Wine Label

$4.56+, Farrah and Eve, Etsy

Because you’re marking the date no matter where it lands. And in the meantime, they can sip on a bottle dedicated to them. Cheers to that.

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Something they can look at to remember how (and where) their love started…

The Map of Everyone

$39.99+, The Book of Everyone

Let’s go back...back to the beginning. This custom map showcases an important place for them. Whether it be where they met, vacationed, or got engaged. Cue the nostalgia.

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Something to hang on their wall to celebrate becoming partners…

Minimalist Wedding Print

$9.98, LouLou Art Studio, Etsy

Because they’re in this together. Even if their ceremony has to take place without a crowd. And with you cheering over Zoom.

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Something they can use for future gatherings…

Custom Cheese Board

$29.95+, Flowertown Weddings, Etsy

Everyone loves a good charcuterie board. Plus, it can be displayed in their home until dinner parties become a thing again. Counting down the days...

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Something they can add to their home to declare it’s theirs…

Family Name Sign

$89, Morning Joy Co., Etsy

And to make it a bit cozier. Happy spouse, happy house. Or something like that.

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Something that can showcase their favorite vacations…

Photo Coasters

$65+, Uncommon Goods

Or maybe snapshots from their engagement shoot. And since they’ll be used so often, they can stay out on their coffee table. Awwwww.

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Something they can use to toast their pending union…

Champagne Flutes

$25/set of 2, Mark & Graham

It may not be happening this year, but it’s still a cause for celebration. So tell them to pop that bottle of champagne. They’ve dealt with a lot and deserve it.

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Something to help them unwind after calling all their vendors…

A Journal For Two

$12.95, Barnes & Noble

This one has different prompts so they can unplug and spend some quality time together. That doesn’t involve discussing details with their venue. Or their florist. Phew.

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Something that’ll make date night (from home) a bit more delicious…

Date Night Cookbook

$8.77+, Amazon

Because a sandwich for dinner isn’t too romantic. This book is packed with themed ideas and recipes for all meals. Chef’s kiss.

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Something to document their journey together…

Scrapbook Album

$119+, Artifact Uprising

They’ll be able to save tickets, photos, and keepsakes they’ve picked up along the way. And jot down funny stories and memorable moments. Come the rescheduled date, they’ll have something sweet to look back on.

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Something small that’ll make them smile every time they step outside...

Hand-Painted Doormat

$50+, Ivelisse Designs, Etsy

And will become a sweet ‘welcome home’ when they return. It’s all about the little things.

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Something they can use if they’re meeting up with family to discuss the details…

Wine Carrier

$39, Goodee

Wish them luck. They’ve been looking at a calendar trying to pick a new date that works for everyone. Hence the wine.

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