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13 Gifts That Say ‘I Miss You’

Care Package Gift Box
Parcelly, Etsy
Aug 7, 2020

With the last few months looking way different than normal (hi, pandemic), you may be away from family, friends, and possibly a partner. Which blows. Being apart from those who matter most may be causing real-time sads. And we get it.

That’s why we’re here with a few gifts to send to someone who’s on your mind. Just to say ‘miss you, hope to see you soon.’

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For when you wanna say hello without sending a text…

Tap the lamp. And let them know you’re thinking about them. When you tap yours, their lamp lights up. It’s like a sweet little reminder that you wish they were closer. Awww. ($85+, Uncommon Goods)

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For when they really really miss your face…

Frame it. So they can see your shining smile all day long. This digital frame features a 10-inch touch screen. It’s set up via Wi-Fi, so you can email photos of the two of you directly to the frame to be displayed. Their WFH setup just got wayyy better.* ($159, Skylight)

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For when you need to take a train, plane, or automobile to see them…

Keep the connection strong. This custom art piece showcases the journey it takes to get to your loved ones. All you’ve got to do is give the details of how you travel and how long it takes. You’ll get a little roadmap back to prove that love really knows no distance. Cue the tears. ($75+, Uncommon Goods)

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For when quarantine has kept you apart for months…

Send a quick note. Because you really can’t wait to hug them. And these postcard designs are just too cute to pass up. ($6.50/set of 5, Rhino Parade on Etsy)

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For when you miss meeting up for coffee dates…

Mug yourself. Literally. You can upload your photo and boom. A personalized mug of your face. They’ll think about you every time they pour their morning coffee. Because they’ve bean missing you. ($18.99, Firebox)

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For when you want to add a little color to their life…

Send blooms. Flowers are the ultimate pick-me-up. And they won’t be able to resist these beauties. Aka, they’re going on the bedside table ASAP. ($65, Urban Stems)

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For when you’re really missing the entire crew…

Family portrait to the rescue. Just send along your photo and your preference of color and pattern. The resulting portrait will be a one of a kind creation the entire family will love. Your parents will hang it immediately. ($136.97, Frequency of Love on Etsy)

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For when you’re in a sentimental mood…

Care package for the win. They’ll get a themed tote, mug, greeting card, and two homemade chocolate chip cookies. It’s like a little box of happiness. Adorable. ($52.19, Parcelly on Etsy)

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For when you can’t be there in person for their milestone birthday…

Be there in spirit. Because big moments happen even while you’re apart. Each letter is themed so you can write hilarious, inspiring, and helpful words for them to read later. They can save the letters for just the right moment. It’ll be like you’re standing right next to them. ($13.75, Bookshop)

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For when you and your long-distance partner wanna create something special…

Ask a question a day. Being apart sucks. But working together to create a keepsake of your relationship is pretty darn cool. Each day you’ll be prompted with a new question about your partner. At the end of three years, you’ll be able to look back at all your answers. ($15.59, Bookshop)

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For when you miss doing fun activities together…

Wine night. Get ready for a virtual tasting held by a Napa Valley Wine Educator from Clif Family Vineyards. You can book a date that works for both of you. The wine and food kit gets shipped to you. Cheers. ($100/kit, Clif Family)

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