15 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Published on: Apr 27, 2021fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
gifts for Mother's Day that will ship quicklyDesign: Lindsay Lange, Credit: The Sill

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. And if you haven’t started shopping, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. 

We rounded up our favorite gifts that’ll ship fast. Including a card you can print at home and some subscriptions that’ll keep on giving months after Mother’s Day. Less stress, more things that the mom in your life will gush about.

oversized blanket sweatshirt made from warm sherpa, available in different colors
An oversized sweatshirt she can cuddle up in…

It’s gigantic, has a front pocket for her phone, and is made from sherpa for ultimate warmth. It’s pretty much a wearable blanket, so it’s got more than enough room to cover her legs and feet when curled up. Evenings spent on the couch never felt so good. ($35.99, Amazon)

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kindle paperwhite that's lightweight and waterproof for everyday reading
A Kindle Paperwhite that’s waterproof with a glare-free screen…

So she can read anything, anywhere. A single charge can last up to weeks, and with twice the storage, she can download more magazines, audiobooks, and reads. It also includes Audible, so she can pair the Kindle with her headphones via Bluetooth. The screen brightness is adjustable, aka it’s easy to read comfortably at night and outdoors. She can also adjust text size and boldness, and thanks to the massive selection of new and old releases, she’ll never be bored. ($129+, Amazon)

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five year journal only meant for one line a day to capture memories, thoughts, and feelings
A five-year memory book that only calls for a line a day…

So she can record what she’s thinking, a specific memory, or a wish for the future. It’s a great way to reflect, cataloging feelings and thoughts without the pressure to write an entire journal entry. At the end of the five years, she’ll be able to look back and see her progression. ($14.34, Amazon)

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downloadable and printable mother's day card
A printable Mother’s Day card you can have within minutes…

Just in case you’re running a bit behind schedule and need one quickly. You’ll be sent a downloadable file and can print the card at home. Psst...envelope isn’t included. ($1.99, Larissa Kay Designs on Etsy)

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gold-plated interlocking circles necklace to represent the bond between you and your mother
A mother-daughter necklace that represents the two of you…

You lean on, confide in, and trust each other. So why not celebrate that relationship with an interlocking necklace that perfectly symbolizes your bond. It’s a sweet way to show appreciation and love. Grab the tissue box, cause things are about to get emosh. ($24.99, Amazon)

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masterclass monthly subscription that offers online courses in various topics
A MasterClass subscription so she can learn and develop new skills…

Maybe she wants to take a graphic design class. Or maybe she wants to fine-tune her cooking skills. With MasterClass, she’ll be able to pick the topics she’s interested in (like writing, science and tech, and music). From there she’ll be able to take classes from experts like Gordon Ramsay, Annie Leibovitz, and Alicia Keys. She can stream classes on her laptop or phone, and will get PDF workbooks for every class. Time to go back to school. ($15/month, MasterClass)

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glass memory jar the entire family can use
A family memory jar to record special moments…

She can drop in photos, handwritten notes, plane tickets, and more. It’ll act as a time capsule for the entire family. Once it’s filled, she can empty it to reminisce. Cue the nostalgia. ($30.74, Amazon)

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three month food subscription
A Goldbelly three-month subscription so she can try new and yummy food…

This box comes packed with different types of goodies from famous eateries around the country. She’ll be able to enjoy all things sweet and savory. And just in case you’re feeling hungry, the box comes with enough food to feed four people. Past shipments have included lobster rolls, ice cream, Philly cheesesteaks, barbecue ribs, and more. Our mouths are watering. ($229/3 months, Goldbelly)

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arts and crafts monthly subscription box
A crafting subscription box so she can get her hands dirty…

Hello, DIY time. Each month is themed differently, with categories like engraving, wood burning, and making resin coasters. Packages will come with all the necessary tools and materials, along with instructions. She can split the craft with someone else, or tackle it by herself. Sleeves = rolled. ($30/month, Cratejoy)

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countertop black aerogarden to grow herbs like basil, thyme, and dill
An AeroGarden so she can grow her favorite herbs…

She’ll receive six pods to start out with: Genovese basil, parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint. From there, the growing process is pretty easy. The AeroGarden will remind her when to add water and plant food (also included). It’ll also control how much light is provided to the plants and when. ($119.99+, Amazon)

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monthly wine subscription
A wine subscription so she always has a bottle she likes…

You can choose from a one-, two-, or three-month subscription. She’ll be able to redeem that gift card and set up her palette profile. And see what experts recommend, with the flexibility to choose her own bottles (up to four a month). Everything will get shipped directly to her door. Happy hour has arrived. ($60+/month, Winc)

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long distance lamps that light up with the other person touches theirs
Long-distance lamps if you and your mom are apart this Mother’s Day…

Let her know you are thinking of her. When you touch your lamp, hers will illuminate. No matter the distance. It’s a little way to say ‘I miss you.’ Psst...these lamps usually ship within 24 hours. ($99+, Uncommon Goods)

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purple orchid plant
A colorful purple orchid that’s easy to care for…

It’s also pet-friendly, needs direct sunlight, and can be watered every one to two weeks. It’ll bloom once a year for up to three months. She can put it in her bedroom or on her WFH desk setup. If you order by April 30, it’ll arrive in time for Mother’s Day. ($75, The Sill)

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pedicure foot bath with built-in massage rollers that heats water and bubbles
A foot bath for pedicures at home…

She can adjust the water temperature to her liking, and massage her feet via the built-in rollers. The machine can also bubble and comes with a pedicure stone to remove dead skin. It’s the perfect option for a spa day within the comfort of her own bathroom. We suggest adding essential oils to the water for total relaxation. ($39.99, Amazon)

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handheld massager with different massager heads to relieve pain
A handheld massager if she’s got some serious shoulder knots…

With six different heads, she’ll be able to get that deep tissue massage she’s been dreaming of. The body is wireless, and can last over 120 minutes on a single charge. So if she’s got an aching back, she can target the areas giving her pain for some instant relief. ($59.97, Amazon)

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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