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23 Mood-Boosting Gifts That'll Instantly Make Them Smile

Mood-Boosting Gifts
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Urban Outfitters, Le Puzz
Jan 31, 2023

This post was originally published in November 2022 and has been updated.

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Forget practicality for a sec. Because sometimes you just wanna give a gift that’ll spark some major joy. That’s why we rounded up some of the happiest, mood-boosting homeware, trinkets, and more just because. Whether you give them to your friend who could use a little pick-me-up or you simply want to treat yourself. Cue all the smiles.

A neon gingham treat pouch for anyone whose world revolves around their pup…

This little accessory — in collaboration with Isaac Mizrahi — has a punchy design with multiple spacious compartments. It has a built-in poop bag dispenser and is made from recycled water bottles. Plus, your giftee can wear it as a crossbody or a fanny pack thanks to the adjustable strap. Treats, phone, keys, go. ($44, Wild One)

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A printed fleece that’ll brighten up anyone's cozy season…

It’s time your BFF's favorite pullover got an upgrade. This one from FP Movement is ultra-soft, has a slouchy silhouette, and comes in the coolest color-blocked combos. They can wear it on its own or layer it for extra warmth. And the quarter-button closure will keep the heat in. Snuggly and on trend for the win. ($168, FP Movement)

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An aura-printed satin pillowcase…

Pastel hues for the win. This gentle pillowcase stays cool all night. Not to mention it helps to tame frizz, reduce breakouts, and prevent any facial creasing. And the price? Too good. ($18/2 pack, Kitsch)

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A cozy long-sleeve that feels like a perma-hug…

Don’t be surprised when this relaxed cotton-silk top becomes your giftee’s hibernation go-to. It’s breathable, machine washable, and long enough to cover the booty (pants? Wouldn’t know ’em). Plus it’s got a conveniently placed front pocket. Aaaand it comes in six chic, limited-edition colors. The hardest part? Picking just one. ($218, Lunya)*

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Portable light therapy so they can kick their blues to the curb…

Daylight saving time = truly not a vibe. This compact happy light has a built-in timer in the base so they can easily integrate it into their routine. And it's ultra lightweight. So they can bring it around the house with ease or throw it in their bag to take it on the go. Not to mention, the benefits are *chef’s kiss*. It can boost moods, improve sleep, enhance focus, kickstart your energy, and give them the daily dose of light they need. The best part? They can pick from three color settings and four brightness settings for an experience customized to your needs. Let’s glow. ($49.99, Verilux)

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A lounge set designed to fight the Sunday Scaries…

And win. This bundle’s got everything your giftee needs to take on the world. Even if ‘the world’ is their living room couch. It comes with a super soft, jogger-style jumpsuit (hiii, pockets). And a lightweight, adjustable floral fanny pack. Not to mention a matching, retro-inspired, scarf scrunchie that actually stays in place. What’s even comfier? Skimm’rs get up to 50% off when they add gift sets to cart. Score. (Lively, $85)*

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Wooden spoons in delightful shapes…

Smiles have been served. These wooden spoons are carved into joyful florals and other funky shapes. Your BFF can keep them in a canister on your countertop for the ultimate take on a flower arrangement. Without ever having to change the water. Obsessed. ($55, Areaware)

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A galaxy-inspired marble vanity tray…

This piece is out of this world. It’s handmade with a stunning purple marble that has delicate blue and white stripes. Gift it for your pal’s entryway, bedside table, coffee table, or desk. Or they can use it to display skincare, perfumes, and more. ($165, Minted)

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A confetti pen holder…

Want to make their WFH life more fun? Add some confetti. This pen cup is made by adding confetti to acrylic, which is then cut and assembled by hand. And because of this, each one is a little bit different. Their emotional support pens now have the brightest new home. ($20.95, TaylorElliotDesigns via Etsy)

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A luxe silk robe that’ll make ’em feel like royalty…

Whether they’re into dramatic entrances via spiral marble staircases, or simply spending the day on their couch. This dreamy long-sleeve robe will give your giftee major ‘let them eat cake’ vibes — sans public backlash. It’s made with an eco-friendly, machine washable silk that also happens to be thermoregulating. Aaand it comes in five must-have shades. Plus a few limited edition ones you won’t wanna sleep on. Pun very much intended. ($278, Lunya)*

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An adorable wool pom-pom wreath they can use all year round…

Because we could all use a little celebration 365 days a year. This wreath is made of 100% wool felt and comes in four different sizes. Pick the perfect one for your giftee’s space and celebrate the good vibes week after week. Their door says ‘TYSM.’ ($49+, Feltnyarn via Etsy)

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Tinted acrylic vases for the floral lover in your life…

Fact: You can never have too many vases. These clear vessels come in five modern designs. Pick from a pink wave to a cobalt blue squiggle. Their next shelfie is about to look oh so great. ($25.72+, BeautifulHousee via Etsy)

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A DIY tile mat…

There’s nothing better than a project that puts the “fun” in “functional.” This bundle from Letterfolk comes with a standard black tile mat, over 200 soft silicone tiles, and a mesh cotton bag for storage. It’s simple. Just press the tiles into the grooves of the mat and they’ll stay in place. You can go with a joyful popsicle design, or come up with your own. Plus, it’s weatherproof, easy to clean, and will keep the kiddos occupied. Grabbing one for all our friends ASAP. ($105, Letterfolk)

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A stripey, color-blocked umbrella…

This nylon one is so fun to look at that your giftee will be begging for a rainy day just so they can use it. Stay dry out there. ($46, Areaware)

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A candy-covered puzzle…

Gummy lovers, unite. Not only is this one perfect for solo R and R or fun with friends, but it’s also super chic and framable. We love this brand because each piece is cut differently from the rest (more about their random-cut piece process here). PS: For every puzzle sold, the brand will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. So sweet (literally). ($38, Le Puzz)

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Handmade glass tile coasters…

They’re like earrings, but for a coffee table. These light-catching ones are thick, durable, and come in nine different color combinations (we love the monochrome options). They’ve also got little pads on the bottom to help prevent table scratches — and make for a great housewarming gift. Psst…these can handle high temps, so your giftee can use ’em for hot bevs too. ($18 each, SubtleArtStudios via Etsy)

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Vibrant pillar candles…

Inspired by artist Yinka Ilori’s “Types of Happiness” exhibition, these chunky candles are covered with colors that evoke happy feelings. No candle holder needed. Light it up. ($40 each, Areaware)

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A heart-shaped vanity mirror…

It’s giving Polly Pocket energy in the best way. This standing mirror has an LED light and a catchall tray base to store jewelry, makeup, and skincare. It easily wipes clean and is even rotatable. Just be sure to add three AAA batteries. Heart it. ($20, Urban Outfitters)

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A colorful coffee table book filled with endless florals…

On the gloomiest days, turn to this book. It’s filled with pages of floral arrangements by the “Banksy of Flowers,” Lewis Miller. Your giftee will get a behind the scenes look at his Insta-famous “Flower Flashes,” aka elaborate, spontaneous arrangements that bloom out of trash cans, construction sites, traffic medians, sidewalks, and more. Heart = warmed. ($34.49, Amazon)

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Funky hair clips…

So they can act like they’re in their own Vogue Beauty Secrets video. These crease-free alligator clips are great for wet and dry hair. Your giftee can use them to keep hair out of their face while they apply makeup or skincare. Or they can use them for sectioning during blowouts. And if they’re really feeling adventurous, they can wear them as their own accessory. They’re just that cute and would make the perfect stocking stuffer. ($8/4 pack, Urban Outfitters)

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A wellness workbook so they can feel their best…

This interactive journal from has over 100 pages dedicated to working on personal growth. The four sections focus on goals, exploration, action, and relaxation. Plus, there’s artwork, tips, tear-away cards, charts, and daily and weekly check-ins. You’re doing great sweetie. ($18,

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A flower-shaped de-stress ball…

When in doubt, squeeze it out. This fidget toy is made of a slow rising foam. So no matter how much your giftee plays with it, it’ll maintain its original shape. Keep calm and carry on. Phew. ($8.95,

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Sparkly gel pens…

For the friend who has so much nostalgia for middle school gel pens. This glittery set comes with 10 fun colors. It’s the perfect way to add flair to daily lists and notes. Buy ’em write away. ($11.99, Amazon)

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