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18 Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Make Her Day Easier

Mother's Day gifts that'll make her day easier
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Apr 13, 2022

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Fact: Moms are superheroes. And for Mother’s Day, you’re likely hoping to find the best gifts possible — especially after these past few years in a pandemic. So we scoured the web for practical Mother’s Day gifts that will make any mom’s day a bit easier.

We’re talking things to help her destress, keep her comfortable, and make life simpler in small ways. Did we mention this list has a cold brew maker? We can already hear a squeal of delight. Keep calm and gift on. 

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A Google Nest Hub that’ll keep her hands-free…

It’s giving ‘The Jetsons’ in 2022. She can control compatible lights, TVs, and smart devices all with a simple tap or the sound of her voice. She can also place it anywhere she wants to make multitasking more fun. On her bedside table, the Nest Hub will help her unwind at night with soothing sounds and a sunrise alarm. Plus, it has sleep-sensing capabilities, which can provide daily recaps tracking when she goes to bed, when she wakes up, any sleep disturbances like light and temperature changes, and how long she’s slept. The neatest part? It’ll help her understand her sleep patterns and give her personalized insights and recommendations. All while being made with 54% post-consumer recycled plastic. A gift that can do it all for the person in your life who can do it all. ($99.99, Target)

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Wide-legged lounge pants that she’ll wanna wear all day…

Things that cling, squeeze, or pinch? No thanks. These pants are the definition of flowy. Meaning she won’t ever feel uncomfortable doing tasks around the house, running an errand, or relaxing before bed. AnaOno has also designed pants for breast cancer patients and survivors. Many of the items have pockets for drains during recovery, which can later be used for everyday essentials like keys and credit cards. The modal material is lightweight, so as the weather warms up, she’ll stay cool. ($68, AnaOno)

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A handbag light that doubles as a phone charger…

No more blind rummaging through a purse. The light is motion-sensor activated, so once her hand enters the bag, it’ll illuminate. And if her phone is running low on juice, she’ll be able to charge it while on the go. ($34.95, Uncommon Goods)

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A sleep mask to block unwanted light and sound…

Because a good night’s rest can make or break a day. This one’s made from satin and spandex, with a Velcro closure that’ll keep things comfy. As a bonus, there’s a tiny pocket that can fit a crystal over the third eye chakra. Choose from amethyst, purple fluorite, blue lace agate, and rose quartz with your order. Sweet dreams. PS: Use code 15FORMOM for 15% your order until May 8. ($64+, Baloo)

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And a white noise machine if sleeping in total silence freaks her out…

This machine has a tiny fan inside, so the sound she’ll hear is real air being pushed around (minus the chill). The tone and volume are adjustable. So she can go from a table-fan sound to a deeper drone (like an airplane cabin). And the compatible phone app will help her schedule timers. ($99.99, Amazon)

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A modular pill organizer with clear bins…

So all her morning (and evening) vitamins and medications live in one place. The daily pods are labeled, and can be pulled off the base for travel. And to make each compartment easier to handle, the top doesn’t need to be removed when filling. It’s a push-through design (and yes, bigger pills fit). ($34.95, Grommet)

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Allbirds everyday sneakers to minimize any aches and pains…

If she’s always on the go or enjoys her daily walks, these sneakers will keep her feet cool and supported. They’re sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles, sugarcane, Merino wool, and castor bean oil. The insole is cushy and odor-reducing, with a bouncy midsole that’ll keep her moving. ($110, Allbirds)

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A gift box dedicated to helping her (finally) unwind…

Not an easy task, we know. But everyone deserves a bit of pampering. This box has a sea salt and lavender soap, scented candle, lava clay mask, sea mineral body polish, radish root hand cream, and bath salts. Aka everything she needs to decompress at the end of a day with a little spa time. ($102, Sparrow Box Co.

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A coffee subscription that can be personalized to her liking…

First she’ll receive the Explorer’s Kit with coffees from all around the world. From there, she can rate which she likes best. The following boxes will be tailored to her preferences, with new recommendations added in. Each coffee bag is personalized with her name too. To make the actual gift-giving part a bit more festive, you can ship the first box to you. After that, everything will be delivered to her door. Brew la la. PS: If you’re looking for more gifts that keep on giving, check out our Mother’s Day subscription gift guide here. (Prices vary by subscription, Driftaway)

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And a compact cold brew maker that’ll do the work for her…

So she doesn’t need to leave the house every morning for her daily cup. This one can make up to a week’s worth of brew overnight. All she has to do is add her ground beans and water. She can leave it out on the counter, or in the fridge for up to 24 hours. When she’s ready for a cup, she can drain the brewer into the carafe. The cork stopper will keep the drink fresh for the rest of the week. ($34.69, Amazon)

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A nonstick pan that can do literally everything…

She can use it to fry, saute, steam, braise, sear, and boil. So whether she’s making an omelette in the morning or a sauce at night, this pan will become her go-to. Oh, it also comes with a beechwood spatula that nests on top of the handle. And a nesting steamer basket and colander. Psst...we’ve used this pan and love how easy it is to clean. Leftover oils and juices slide right off. Phew. ($145, Our Place)

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A weekly planner to help her stay organized…

Using sticky notes to remember everything isn’t ideal. And not writing something down may mean forgetting it (eventually). So help her out with a weekly planner that’ll become her holy grail. Appointments, to-dos, and everything else under the sun = finally in one place. With monthly grids, she can take a look at what’s about to come and plan accordingly. Super mom meets super planner. ($14.95, Amazon)

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A jade roller and gua sha set for a daily massage…

IOHO (in our humble opinions), these tools are best used when they’re cold. But she can keep them out if she prefers them room temp. She can focus the jade roller on her cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, rolling outward and upward. The stimulation is said to decrease puffiness, help blood flow, and reduce sinus pressure. The gua sha tool can be used when she needs a deeper massage, and works in the same fashion as the jade roller. We tend to use them during our morning skincare routine, but they’re great before bed too. ($8.99+, Amazon)

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A set of key finders so she can stop pulling apart the couch cushions once a week…

She just needs to add the trackers to her keys — or any other item she tends to misplace. And keep the base in an obvious spot in her home (we suggest the kitchen counter). When the time comes and she’s lost her keys, press the corresponding button on the base. The tracker will emit a beeping sound to help her locate ‘em. These can also be stuck to phones, wallets, eyeglass cases, or even added to backpacks and purses. And everything is color-coded to make it easier on her. ($18.99, Amazon)

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A bedsheet holder so she doesn’t need to remake her bed every morning…

Fitted sheets are great until they pop up over and over again. But this gadget has clips that attach to sheet edges. So even if she moves around in her sleep, the sheet will stay put. It works on beds of all sizes and is designed to not damage the sheet fabric. And if she’s confused on how it works, there’s a handy instructional video. ($39.95, Grommet)

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An electric wine opener that can remove a cork in just seven seconds…

Without breaking it. Talk about a handy kitchen gadget. It’s cordless, but comes with a charging base. The set also includes a foil cutter. Pinot easy-o. ($29.99, Target)

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A miracle multipurpose balm for her ‘no-makeup makeup’ days…

You know the amount of time she has in the morning is precious. Enter: this glowy, light-reflecting balm that’ll shorten her AM makeup routine. It comes in a handful of flattering tones that can be layered over her fave foundation, or can be worn alone. And it comes in a portable container that she can easily throw in her bag. The best part? She can swipe it *anywhere* she wants some extra glow. Eyes, lips, cheeks, you name it. Glow get it. ($38, Jones Road Beauty)

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A pair of pouches that’ll make her day a little more organized…

This set is perfect for tidying the clothes in her luggage, dresser, or closet. Unruly socks can go in here too, so she always knows where to find ’em. They’re made from recycled ripstop nylon that she can throw straight into the wash. Plus, they come in so many punchy prints. Gifting an organizational system = a must. Smiley faces for the win. ($34/2 pack, Baggu

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