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23 Subscription Gifts to Give Your Mom This Mother’s Day

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Apr 13, 2022

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Raise your hand if you think moms deserve the world. They do so much for so many and it’s no exaggeration to say we’d be lost without them. So if it were up to us, we’d celebrate our moms and the mother figures in our lives every day of every month. That’s why we rounded up our fave subscription presents (aka the gifts that keep on giving) so she can be treated to goodies all year long. We’ve got something for every kind of mom — from candle memberships and skincare packages to a cheese box and a fitness-related bundle. Plus, if you’re looking to get in on the subscription game for yourself, we rounded up some of our faves here

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Subscription Boxes: Lifestyle and Home

A collection of self-care products that’ll give her the tools and inspo to get her wellness on…

This one’s specifically themed around what your mama needs every month. She’ll get five to six products from small businesses with tips on how she can take care of herself. Think body products, teas, and parenting books. Another perk? She’ll also receive access to a Spotify playlist and an exclusive, corresponding podcast. May’s theme is “Mama Needs to Bloom,” so she’ll get a box filled with floral-themed goodies. Mom-umental. ($49.50+/box, Cratejoy)

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A monthly stationery package so she can stay organized…

If she’s always crossing stuff off her physical to-do list, this is the perfect present for her. She’ll get an assortment of stationery-related items from greeting cards to notepads. Give her a gift that pushes the envelope. Literally. ($20.73+, Yycjaybeedesign via Etsy)

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A therapist-curated bundle that’ll help her find a moment of peace…

Maybe your mama needs the gift of downtime. Or maybe she just loves a good pampering session from time to time. Enter: this therapist-curated box so she can destress and feel good. It comes with one research-inspired activity plus seven wellness products ranging from aromatherapy and skincare products to lifestyle goodies and candles. Unboxing joy, coming right up. ($35+/box, Cratejoy)

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Fitness-related gifts for the one who loves a good sweat session…

With FabFitFun, she’ll get a mix of six to eight full-sized items across a variety of categories like fashion, beauty, fitness, and wellness so she can truly pick what she loves from some of her favorite brands. Think comfy ankle weights, stationery bundles, and beauty products. Win. ($49.99+/box, FabFitFun)

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Made-to-order artisanal home goods from one of the coolest brands around…

Brother Vellies is an internet fave for a reason. With this made-to-order subscription, she’ll get sustainably sourced and ethically made home decor products sent right to her doorstep. Each item is handmade so she’ll always get something special. Past items include ceramic vases handcrafted by artisans in Mexico, hand-poured candles, and cozy cloud socks for lounging. She’s gonna love it. Trust. ($35/month, Brother Vellies)

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A custom care package so you can tell her you’re thinking about her…

Pure bliss is on the way. All you have to do is pick your box design, select your goodies (think: candles, snacks, etc.), choose a cute card, and write your message. Happy Box’s team will put it all together and even write her note by hand. Psst…get 10% off sitewide until April 30 with code SKIMM10. (Prices vary, Happy Box)

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Subscription Boxes: Food and Beverage

A tea bundle that’ll enhance her nightly cup with flavors from all over the globe…

Bring a world tour right to her kitchen. Each month, she’ll receive two delicious, single-origin, loose-leaf mixes from some of the most popular tea-growing spots in the world. You can pick from a curation of caffeinated or herbal blends depending on what she loves. Plus, she’ll get postcards from that tea’s country of origin and flavor notes with steeping tips. So she can make the perfect cup night after night. Tea-riffic. ($55+, Atlas Tea Club)

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A Wine Access subscription that'll send her vino from all over the world…

Can’t swing a wine-tasting trip with your mom to Italy right now? We gotchu. This subscription option lets her shop by variety, region, or collection for a bottle that’s just right for her. And if she has no idea where to start, she can read recs from sommeliers and Michelin-star restaurants. Along with bottle descriptions, she’ll get info about serving temperature, aeration time, and food pairings. She’ll also be able to read the history behind a bottle. Time to wine down. (Prices vary, Wine Access)

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An olive oil and vinegar set for your all-time favorite chef…

Because Mom’s meals hit different. Make it a little easier for her by keeping her kitchen stocked with Brightland’s delicious staples. Her subscription will kick off with a cult-fave olive oil duo that she can drizzle on roasted dishes, raw veggies, and baked goods. Plus, she can use them on their own as salad dressings too. Then after her first month, she’ll be able customize her subscription and pick from more yummy essentials like flavored vinegars and raw honey. Yum. ($65/month, Brightland)

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Japanese treats that’ll elevate her snack time…

She’ll get to try different goodies, candies, and teas from centuries-old family makers. Every box purchased supports family-run businesses in Japan to help keep their culinary traditions alive. Fingers crossed she decides to share. ($39.95+/month, Bokksu)

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A cheese of the month club so she can level up her charcuterie board…

If there’s anyone who knows how to make a beautiful cheese board, it’s Mom. She’ll get a rotating assortment of three to four snackable cheeses every month. Add in a personalized charcuterie board to make it even more of a brie-lliant gift. Say cheese. ($56.25+/month, Murray’s Cheese)

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Small-batch organic chocolate for the mom with a big sweet tooth…

Take her nightly habit of popping chocolate chips to the next level. Each month, she’ll get three organic dark chocolate bars in a mix of flavors with detailed tasting notes to guide her journey. They’re made from ethically sourced, single-origin cacao beans, whole foods, and spices. Delish. ($98+/3 months, Food52)

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Subscription Boxes: Candles

An eco-friendly candle so she can experiment with new scents…

Because she’s the light of your life. Each month, she’ll get a minimalist-designed candle in dreamy scents inspired by nature, travel, and memories. The candles are handmade by artisans in Brooklyn. Made with 100% soy wax and with lead-free cotton wicks, these are everything she loves about luxury at an accessible price. Sold. ($25/month, Brooklyn Candle Studio)

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For the scent-obsessed mom figure in your life…

Burn, baby, burn. Each month, she’ll get a candle in a minimal, frosted-glass vessel delivered right to her door. It’ll burn for up to 60 hours and will make any guests in her house say ‘Ooo, where’d ya get that? It smells so good.’ Light it up, light it up. ($38/month, Nest New York)

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Subscriptions Boxes: Self-Care and Beauty

Beauty products that are customized specifically for her…

All she has to do is answer a questionnaire about her beauty routine and Birchbox will do the rest. She’ll get a package curated with all types of things including haircare, skincare, and  makeup items. The best part? She can purchase full-sized versions of anything she tries and likes. Because there’s no better feeling than discovering a new product. Love ya, Mom. ($45+, Birchbox)

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A bundle of face masks for the one who’s skincare obsessed…

This box comes with seven different sheet masks plus up to two surprise items. So she can add a bit of hydration to her daily skincare routine. Each mask from FaceTory’s collection is cruelty-free without any sulfates, parabens, fragrance or synthetic colors. Just peel and stick for instant relaxation. Ahh…($19.90/month, FaceTory)

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Bath and shower products for when her tub is her sacred place…

She always deserves some time for herself. Whether she loves a nice, long bath or a quick and easy shower, this box has artisanal, essential-oil-based natural bath and body products she needs for a pamper sesh. From shower steamers and bath bombs to bar soaps and body scrubs, she’ll get five to eight aromatherapy products that’ll up her relaxation game. ($37.99+/box, Cratejoy)

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Subscription Boxes: Plants and Flowers

New plants so she can jazz up her WFH space…

Whether she has a green thumb or is itching to become a plant parent, she’ll get a new green babe in a chic, ceramic planter delivered every month. Pick her ideal size and if she’ll want a classic or pet-friendly option. She’ll be turning her office into a greenhouse in no time. You better be-leaf it. ($50+/month, The Sill)

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Fresh flowers to add some brightness in her home…

There’s nothing better than having new blooms to liven up a space. With this subscription, you can pick how many stems and how often she’ll receive them. All she has to do is grab her favorite vase and fill it with water. PS: Looking for even more floral delivery options? Check out our faves. ($40+, The Bouqs Co.)

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Subscription Boxes: Books, Games, and Activities

A MasterClass subscription for the mom who loves to learn…

Who says you can only get smarter in the classroom? Not us. She’ll have unlimited access to 150+ classes from icons like Shonda Rhimes, Kelly Wearstler, and Annie Leibovitz who offer expert tips and tricks on things like writing for television, interior design, and photography. Bonus: She can use her subscription in audio-only mode if she prefers to listen while on a power walk. Plus, she’ll also have access to downloadable class guides and 30-day detailed curriculums for a more hands-on approach. The fact she wants to keep learning? The coolest. ($180+, MasterClass)

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A surprise book pick for the reader in your life…

If she lives for her book club, give her something she’ll love the most (after you, of course). Each month, she’ll get a new book selected by an independent bookseller. It’ll come handwrapped with a letter from the author, which makes it feel extra special. The subscription is run by a women-owned and women-led bookstore in Delaware. So even if she doesn’t have an independent shop nearby, she’ll still get the magic of one with this. Want to add another book-related item to her gift? We gotchu. ($17.17/month, Cratejoy)

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A puzzle of the month club for the mom who wants to spend less time on her devices…

Jigsaws for the win. With Jiggy Puzzle Club, she’ll get a monthly curated 500-piece puzzle and opportunities to meet the artists behind some of the designs. Each one comes in a reusable drawstring bag. She can buy tools on their site that’ll help her glue it all together if she’s interested in preserving her hard work as an art piece later on. Add a note and thank her for always putting the pieces together for you. ($82.65/3 months, Jiggy)

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Art goodies so she can get her craft on…

A gift that doubles as a family activity? Sign us up. This box comes thoughtfully curated with everything she needs to learn a new art hobby like woodburning, engraving, embossing and more. She can make a wine caddy, resin coasters or even some candles. Have fun, Mom. ($31+/box, Cratejoy)

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