22 Things Every Book Lover Needs In Their Life

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22 Things Every Book Lover Needs In Their Life Overbrook Entertainment & Awesomeness Films

ICYMI: we have a thing for books. And for anyone whose love language also revolves around reading, you know that nailing the perfect setup for your hobby is an art. So we rounded up the things every bookworm needs in their life. (Besides, you know, a few hours of peace of quiet on a beach with a can’t-put-down thriller.) Whether you’re a seasoned book club host or new to the literary space, we’ve got something for you. Psst...these also all make great gifts for the lit lovers you know. On your (book)marks, get set, read. 

Leather bookmark
A full-grain leather weight that lets you prop your book open...

It’s designed with a flexible center and has weights on the side that’ll keep your pages down. It’s especially helpful for those who frequently follow recipes from a cookbook. Just prop your fave book open, throw down your weight, and voilà — following those instructions just got that much easier. Look ma, no hands. ($25+, Leatherology)

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Rechargeable neck light
A rechargeable neck light so you can read in bed at night…

Say goodbye to juggling a flashlight, bookmark, and hardcover all in one hand from bed. Just wrap this hands-free light around your neck, toggle the button on, and you’re set. It's got three temperature light modes (yellow, warm white, and cool white). Plus the comfy, sweatproof, bendable device has a narrow beam angle — aka you won’t have to worry about waking up your partner while you use it. Oh, and the battery lasts up to 80 hours so you won’t have to recharge it constantly. Check, check, andddd check. ($12.99, Amazon)

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Book club candle
A book club candle so you can set the scene…

This natural, soy wax candle from one of our fave brands smells like warm nutmeg, amber, and sandalwood. It gives off major ‘all I want to do is curl up and read a book’ vibes. And makes the perfect gift for a book-loving host too. It burns between 60 and 80 hours, is nontoxic, and is free of lead, plastics, and parabens. Light it up. ($34, Homesick)

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Fabric caddy
A fabric caddy for anyone who loves to read on the couch at night…

Instead of leaving your book out to get lost under the cushions, attach this pocket holder onto your loveseat and throw your latest read right in. It’ll keep your pages protected and minimize your need to search every crevice. It works for Kindles and other e-readers too. Plus the pouch comes with two holes, so you can get your charging cable through it to juice up your device easily. Sold. ($11.99, Amazon)

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The book was better tee
A relatable tee to rock all day, every day…

Because we’ve all said this at least once or twice (or many) times in our lives. We’re looking at you “Game of Thrones” fans. This standard unisex tee has a classic, boxy fit and runs from small–5XL. It’s a need, not a want, people. ($19.90, Redbubble

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Silicone finger pointer
A silicone finger pointer so you can easily find where you left off reading…

This colorful five-pack to the rescue. These are super flexible, so you can stretch them over the cover of your book to hold your page and mark your spot. Plus they’re soft enough that they shouldn’t damage your book. Have kiddos you’re encouraging to get into reading? They’ll love ’em too. ($4.99, Amazon)

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Fiction book print
An art print so you can show off of your love of fiction…

This handmade one comes in three sizes and features some literary classics. Like “The Catcher in the Rye,” “The Bell Jar,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and “One Hundred Years of Solitude.” It’s the perfect piece to accessorize that cozy reading nook in your home. ($34+, Etsy

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Well-Read Black Girl sweatshirt
A ‘Well-Read Black Girl’ sweatshirt…

Raise your hand if you can’t do anything in the summer unless your AC’s turned all the up to the point that you’re frozen. Just us? We didn’t think so. Throw on this sweatshirt to set your mood and get cozy with your TBR pile. Get it for yourself or your friends — it’ll never disappoint. Promise. ($35, Well-Read Black Girl)

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Blue-light-blocking glasses
A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses to help ease screen strain…

For anyone who prefers to read off their devices, you need these. Wearing blue-light-blocking glasses protects your eyes from high-energy light emitted from screens. Overexposure to it can have negative effects like dry eyes, headaches, sleep disruption, and even increased risk of macular degeneration. Safety first, friends. ($95+, Felix Gray)

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Wooden reading glasses holder
And a wooden reading glasses holder to go with ‘em...

This hand-carved holder, made of 100% sustainably harvested Indian rosewood, doubles as the cutest piece of decor. Place your specs on it once you’re done reading and you’ll never have to worry about them getting accidentally crushed or damaged. We spy easy living in your future. ($32, Uncommon Goods)

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Hogwarts mug
An 11-ounce ceramic Hogwarts mug for all your hydration needs…

Because a good drink and a good book go hand in hand. Fill this one up with the hot or cold drink of your choice (or butterbeer) while you’re reading “Harry Potter” for the ten thousandth time. We solemnly swear...you’ll absolutely love it. Yer a Hermione Granger-level reader now. ($18.99, Walmart)

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Magnetic bookmark
A magnetic bookmark that actually works…

If you’re prone to constantly losing your bookmarks, then this one’s for you. Its simple and sleek design is also super functional. The vegetable-tanned, full-grain genuine leather is durable and should last years. Plus the magnetic clip inside will help keep it glued to your page. So you’ll never lose your place again. Phew. ($19.99, Amazon)

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“Goodnight Moon” reusable tote
A “Goodnight Moon” reusable tote to give to the little readers in your life…

Or to keep for yourself. Because let’s be real, this book is a classic. And who wouldn’t want to rock this around town? It’s 100% cotton and has a convenient inner pocket to store your smaller, more sacred items while you’re on the move. 10/10 recommend. ($20, Amazon)

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Copy editor game
A game for people who love to find typos and grammar mistakes while reading...

Calling all bibliophiles and language lovers — this one’s for you. It comes with 100 fun sentences that you can correct during your free time (if that’s your idea of fun), or use it as a game during your next happy hour. It’s simple: flip a card, read the sentence, and the first one to spot an error or call out “stet” (aka copy editor language for “let it stand”) gets the card. Person with the most cards wins. Game on. ($16.22, Amazon)

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Toni Morrison tote
A reusable Toni Morrison quote tote…

Show off your love for a literary icon with this cotton tote from one of our favorite small businesses. It’s lightweight yet durable and has two internal zippers for your little tchotchkes and lip balms that always manage to get lost in the bottom of your bag. Tote-ally awesome. ($65, Rayo and Honey)

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Handcrafted bookends for your shelf…

A necessity for building up any home library. These luxe ones have an industrial finish and are made from aluminum, brass, and iron. So you know they’re super sturdy. They make for a stunning gift and will jazz up any shelf no matter the space. You can choose from varying designs — like a golf club, submarine, motorcycle, and more. ($149+ The Grommet)

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Scratch-off poster
A book-related bucket list poster if you love a challenge…

Just scratch off a title on the poster every time you finish one. It has slots for 100 must-read books, like “Bridget Jones’s Diary” and “The Color Purple.” And it’ll bring you back to your childhood days. Bookworms, get excited. ($19.92, Amazon)

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Walnut book holder
A natural walnut book holder that’ll keep pages open for you...

This mini tool helps you hold the pages of your book open so you can be hands-free. It’s super lightweight and small enough to toss in your bag. All you have to do is slide your thumb on it and let the little handmade wings keep your book open. The smooth texture and ergonomic design will keep things comfy too, so you won’t need to stress about hand cramps. Plus it’s available in five sizes so you can get one for yourself, your kiddos, grandparents, and more. Reading’s a family affair, after all. ($13.98, Amazon)

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Special book cover print
A special book cover print to show off in the background of your Zooms…

These faux prints are made from high-quality scans of original first-edition book covers. The shadow boxes are made from birchwood and acrylic glass. Note: the prints are made with matte heavy archival paper and pigment ink that you’ll need to keep away from moisture and direct sunlight. Choose from classic titles like “Little Women” ” or “The Great Gatsby.” Go ahead, frame it up. ($65, Uncommon Goods)

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Bath caddy
A caddy that’ll make reading in the tub not feel like a mini version of “Titanic”...

Made of 100% bamboo, this one has extendable handles and a non-slip pad so it won’t slide into the tub water. It’s got special slots for your book, candle, wineglass, and phone so you can relax without getting bubbles all over your beloved paperback. It screams ‘bath time goals’ — minus all the soapy drama. ($38.95+, Amazon)

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Kindle Paperwhite
A Kindle Paperwhite that’s waterproof with a glare-free screen…

Calling all e-reader holdouts. This Kindle lets you read anything, anywhere. A single charge can last weeks, and with twice the storage, you can download more magazines, audiobooks, and reads. It also includes Audible, so you can pair the Kindle with your headphones via Bluetooth. The screen brightness is adjustable, so it’s easy to read comfortably at night and outdoors (hi, it is beach season after all). You can also adjust text size and boldness, and thanks to the massive selection of new and old releases, you’ll never be bored or let down by the quality. ($129+, Amazon)

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Audible subscription
An Audible subscription for the person who wants to read but doesn’t feel like they have time...

Try listening instead. Whether it’s in the car, on a walk, or during grocery shopping, audiobooks are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to sit and read at the end of the day. The membership also offers one-, three-, six-, and 12-month gift options. And includes access to an incredible catalogue of choices all in one place. Tons of celebs and authors voice their own books, making ’em all the more enjoyable. special. Pssst...you can also get a free 30-day trial. (Starting at $14.95+ per month, prices vary)

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