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20 Practical Valentine's Day Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

practical valentine's day gifts for your partner
Design: theSkimm | Image: Uncommon Goods, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Jan 26, 2022

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate  romance — but there are many, many ways to express love. Maybe mushy gifts for your partner aren’t really your thing, and we get that. Giving them something they can use all the time shows that you care about their day-to-day routine and making their life a bit easier.

And since we’re here to help you shop smarter, we rounded up V-Day gifts for the special person in your life that are both practical and thoughtful. From kitchen items to stuff that’ll help them sleep better to handy tech products. Let’s get to it. 

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A bake-from-frozen membership for sourdough breads, artisanal pastries, and fresh pastas…

Fresh bread they’ll be able to eat in 25 minutes or less? Sign us up. This subscription is for the carb lover in your life. Each item is made with clean ingredients, unbleached flour, and no artificial coloring. Once a box arrives, they can pop everything into the freezer. When they’re ready to eat, they can take out a loaf and put it directly into the oven. No thawing necessary. If they were super into the sourdough trend in quarantine, now they’ll be able to have bread ready to go at all times. A delicious slice for breakfast? Yes. A warm loaf for when you two have guests over? Also yes. Oh, and for $10 off your first box, use code SKIMM10. ($89/box, Wildgrain)

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A tracking device that’ll help them avoid the daily frantic search for their keys…

Stop the madness with this Apple AirTag. It simply attaches to any item (backpacks, wallets, etc.) and — via a one-tap setup — syncs with an iPhone or iPad. When something goes missing, the AirTag can play a sound to help them locate their valuables. The future is here, and it’s about to make their life easier. ($29+, Apple)

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A date-night cookbook so the two of you can whip up something delicious…

Valentine’s Day dinner this year may not be at a restaurant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty meal. This book is packed with recipes you can conquer together. With options like lamb chops and crostini, you’ll both be licking your fingers by the end. ($24.99, Barnes & Noble)

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Cult-fave kicks for your friend who’s always up on the trends...

These Insta-famous rose-colored canvas sneakers are finally back in stock after a 34K waitlist. Yep. Thirty. Four. K. And we don’t think they’ll last long. Because they’re extremely comfy. Aaand made with vegan and organic materials. No wonder they’ve got over 15K five-star reviews. And let’s just say more than a few celeb fans. Oh, and they’re never on sale. But Skimm’rs get a special discount. ($79, Cariuma)*

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An oversized blanket sweatshirt they’ll want to cuddle in every night…

With microfiber fleece on the outside and sherpa on the inside, it’s the perfect option for cold nights. And for working from home. And for running errands. So get ready, because they’ll never take it off. ($25.99+, Amazon)

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A monogrammed vaccine card cover for their VIP (very important paper)…

These handmade 100% leather holders double as a passport case so they can easily access their card while they travel. You can choose the font color (gold, silver, no foil), the copy, plus some other symbols like a heart. Personalize it for them and bon voyage for the both of you. ($17.91+, EvtodiCom on Etsy)

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Whiskey glasses etched with their favorite city…

Make their next happy hour a bit more sentimental. These glasses showcase the metropolis of their choice — whether it’s where they grew up, the city where they went to college, or where they live now. The etching is intricate and even includes street names. Get cozy, though: Each sip may inspire a new story. ($18, Uncommon Goods)

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And for more of our favorite Valentine's (and Galentine's) Day gifts from Uncommon Goods, shop here.

Slippers with foam insoles and durable microsuede outsoles…

If your partner has feet that are always cold, have ’em slip into these. They’re built for all-day comfort with a grippy bottom. Aka they’ll be able to walk across slippery floors without a fear of sliding. They can put them on immediately after getting out of bed — no more dealing with freezing floors. ($59, Casper)

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A couple’s snack tray so you can munch and watch a movie together…

Without fighting over who’s hogging what delicious treat. There are spots for drinks and grooves to line up food. As you watch a movie, you won’t have to deal with wandering fingers grabbing at the goods you’ve designated for yourself. You can even label what side is yours. A very cute bonus? It’s shaped as an infinity symbol. Everlasting love with a side of snacks. ($85+, Uncommon Goods)

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A personalized cutting board for the kitchen…

Swap out the old plastic one for this bamboo wood one. It can be laser engraved with your names so it’ll double as a sentimental piece. And if you’ve got a wannabe chef in your life, they’ll use it all the time. ($29.95+, Amazon)

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A heart-shaped mini waffle maker…

Why make normal-shaped waffles when you can eat ’em in the shape of a heart?  This lil’ appliance heats up quickly and can churn out waffles within minutes. When the light turns on, it’s time to cook. Treating your S.O. to breakfast in bed just got sweeter. PS: We’ve tried this waffle maker and we loved it. ($19.99, Amazon)

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Personalized notecards they’ll be able to use for months to come…

It’s the practical item everyone should have. The next time they need to write a thank-you note or maybe a note of congratulations, they’ll have something to reach for. And we love promoting sending a handwritten letter. Yes, it’s 2022 and texting is quick and convenient, but we can’t ignore the excitement we feel when we get physical mail. Write it out. ($28+, Papier)

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A tech organizer that’ll make finding their charger so much more manageable... 

No more temper tantrums here. This one has a two-way zipper that allows for quick access and will prevent those frustrating ‘oh no, all my cords are tangled’ moments. It comes in three different colors and has dedicated spots for an SD card, mouse, and hard drive, so their precious cargo will be safe and sound. ($18.99, Amazon)

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A screen cleaner for their phone and laptop…

Goodbye, very annoying finger smudges. If they’re always complaining about dirty screens, this is the perfect gift for them. It’ll pick up dust and remove smudges with just a few quick wipes. Since it’s pocket-sized, it’s perfect to keep in a bag or backpack, especially while traveling. ($19.95, Amazon)

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Adorable cereal bowls that’ll make breakfast even tastier…

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Yes, mornings can be kinda dull. Especially the rolling-out-of-bed part. However, this bowl will definitely brighten up any and every AM meal. Grab one for them and one for yourself. You’ll be able to munch in perfect, comfortable silence together. ($16.99, PersonalizationMall on Etsy)

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A portable white-noise machine to help them fall asleep at night…

Catching those Zzz’s has never been so easy. This rechargeable device can be taken on the road or kept on their nightstand and will help mask distracting background noises like loud cars or barking dogs. It comes with 36 sounds built in, ranging from ocean and calming rain hums to fireplace and pretty wind chimes. Sweet dreams to them. ($20.99, Amazon)

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A handheld massager to soothe aching muscles… 

Whether they’re sore from an intense workout or poring over a report at their WFH setup, this deep-tissue back and body massager can help. It beats at up to 3,700 revolutions per minute and comes with six interchangeable heads to provide relief where they need it most. It’s kinda like their own personal masseuse. Except much more affordable. ($79.97, Amazon)

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A puzzle roll-up mat to keep their work of art protected…

If they’re a puzzler, they’ve probably got their latest project sitting on the kitchen table. When meal time comes, moving that can be a headache. This mat will make everything so much easier. No matter where they set up shop, they’ll be able to easily clean up and relocate — without losing a single piece. Phew. ($24.95+, Grommet)

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The bathroom accessory we’re secretly coveting for ourselves… 

With this bidet they’ll use less toilet paper (which we love for the environment) and they’ll leave the restroom with a cleaner rear (which we love for them). It takes less than 10 minutes to install, doesn’t require electricity or special plumbing, and is fully adjustable — plus it’s available in a handful of colors. That’s a win-win-win, if you ask us. PS: Get 14% off all bidets with code IFARTYOU from Feb 4 til Feb 14. ($99, Tushy)

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A wooden docking station for all their valuables…

We’re talking phone, watch, wallet, eyeglasses, and more. Everything can be kept neatly by their bedside so nothing will go missing. The perfect finishing touch? You can get it engraved. It’ll look oh-so professional instead of that pile of their stuff strewn all over a nightstand. ($26.95+, GretaOtoDesign on Etsy)

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