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Press Pause: Best TV Friendships, Royal Book Guide, and the Ultimate Cheese Explainer

Press Pause with theSkimm
Jul 20, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1...

  1. Nine essential books to read if you love the royals. Because we’re still not over Beatrice's wedding dress, Megxit, or the latest season of “The Crown.” Fancy that.

  2. The best TV friendships. Like Stabler and Benson. Leslie and Ann. Abbi and Ilana. Brb, sobbing and calling our person

  3. 12 gadgets you absolutely need in your kitchen. This list has containers to keep your produce fresh, herb scissors, and a spoon designed for peanut butter jars. Chef’s kiss.

  4. Outdoor DIY projects you can do in under 30 minutes. Time to get crafty and turn your wine bottles into wind chimes. Boom, you’re outdoorsy now. 

  5. Three-ingredient dinners. Meals that take time and effort are sooo last season. These ones give you bragging rights, minus a messy kitchen. Turns out you can have it all. 

  6. Workouts based on your personality. This list pairs you with exercises that actually fit your Myers-Briggs type. Congrats on finding your perfect match. 

  7. 101 ways to add color to your home. Spoiler: painting isn’t the only option. Say ‘hi’ to gallery walls, patterned pillows, and new ways to display your books. The possibilities are (almost) endless. 

  8. The ultimate cheese guide. This explainer tells you which varieties work best on a snack board versus in your pasta bowl. PS: we’re on team ‘blue cheese is the devil’... don’t @ us.

  9. The best movies of the 2000s. The decade that taught us that Wednesdays were made for pink, spirit fingers don’t solve everything, and florals will never be groundbreaking for spring. Can you say movie magic? 

  10. The ultimate guide to starting a skincare routine. Unclear how everyone else became CEOs of ‘what you need for perfect skin.’ And we’re still over here as interns. Here’s your primer (sorry).

  11. Summer hits of the ‘90s. TBT to when all we could talk about was WTF they were really saying in “Blue (Da Ba Dee).”

  12. Hairstyles for when it’s just too hot out. You’ve already given up on ‘outfits’ and ‘makeup.’ Don’t let your locks follow suit. Hair are some solutions.

  13. The best motivational podcasts. Oprah? Check. Brené Brown? Check. Here are some pods for when you want career advice, inspiring stories, or insight into the (really) big questions in life. Your next chapter, coming right up. 

  14. A new internet read we loved: On those viral cake-slicing videos. It’s true what you’ve heard: in 2020, anything can be cake. 

  15. … and an old one: On one of Nora Ephron’s best lines from “When Harry Met Sally.” Here’s how she set the bar for rom-com dialogue. Bow down. 

  16. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy this week: a Harry Styles-inspired candle, a llama crossbody bag, and a never-soggy cereal bowl.

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