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Press Pause: Ina Garten, Lisa Frank, and "Vanderpump Rules"

Ina Garten
Apr 20, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in different ways. No matter your situation, sometimes you just need to press pause. Enter: our picks to help you take a break…‏‏‎

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  1. 21 recipes to make in your microwave. Because your oven is a little burnt out right now.

  2. This Lisa Frank coloring book. Channel a time when your biggest worry was whether your rainbow Trapper Keeper matched your unicorn backpack. Gelly pens not included.

  3. True-crime documentaries. You’ve watched “Tiger King” and “Making a Murderer.” Next, check out these docs for your stranger-than-fiction fix. Conspiracy theorists, assemble.

  4. Ina Garten’s cooking playlist. For when you’re making her giant cocktail. Or for when you’re doing your hundredth round of dishes. Either way, rock on.

  5. An eyebrow touch up tutorial. TBT to that tweezing fiasco back in high school. They grew back, but prom pictures are forever. Give your brows some love with these tips from beauty guru Anastasia.

  6. A pack of comfy bras. These from LIVELY are cross-back, unpadded, and fit right in with your current wardrobe of “the same legging as yesterday.” Sigh of relief sold separately.*

  7. “Vanderpump Rules” edition of Guess Who? Download this template and dust off your old game set. It’s not about the pasta, it’s about solving the mystery. 

  8. Starbucks drink recipes. So you can have your Venti iced caramel macchiato with extra ice and three pumps of caramel without having to say it out loud.

  9. The ultimate push-up guide. Because apparently everyone on Instagram can already do ten. This one goes out to people (like us) who missed that day in gym class.

  10. A dream journal. We’re all having bizarre dreams lately. (Don't worry, we won't tell you about ours.) Here's a book to jot down your own pandemic sleep adventures. Zzzo cute.

  11. DIY decor ideas from TikTok. If you’ve already reorganized your pantry, move onto these low-lift makeover projects. Like string wall hangings. Or hand-painted beer bottles. Brb, becoming HGTV’s next star.

  12. 15 books every millennial woman should read. This list has the classics. Plus new ones that will become classics. Bookmark it. Or dog-ear it...whatever it is you do.

  13. A jumpsuit for lounging. With pockets. Because we’re at the stage where we truly only have the energy to put on one piece of clothing.

  14. Marco Polo. The app, not the pool game. Where you send videos with special effects and filters. It's like texting, but with Snapchat-meets-walkie-talkie vibes.

  15. An outdoor-themed meditation guide. Earth Day’s on Wednesday, so find your zen with these nature-inspired breathing exercises. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

  16. Rainbow cakes. This kit has what you need to bake those Instagram cakes with sprinkles exploding out of them. Can you tell we’re still thinking about Lisa Frank?

  17. Card games. Aka an activity that doesn’t involve repeating “you’re on mute.” This guide will help you remember the rules to Spoons, Hearts, and Spades. Dealer’s choice.

  18. A new internet read we loved: a look at Cameo. The website slash app where celebrities give you personalized shoutouts for money. Here’s why it’s having a moment.

  19. ...and an old one: one of the most-emailed NYT articles ever. One writer reflects on how her marriage improved all thanks to a tip from a dolphin trainer. To have and to hold, right?

  20. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy this week: goober candles, toast coasters, and eucalyptus string lights.

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