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Our Favorite Deals from Amazon Prime Day (Round Two)

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Oct 11, 2022

Products you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Oh, and if something's out of stock, oops, it was there (and all prices were accurate) at time of publication.

Sound the alarm: Prime Early Access Sale is officially here. The event is live from October 11-12 so plug in your laptop and get your wallet ready — lots of these sales can go in the blink of an eye (especially those infamous Lightning Deals). PS: To shop the sale, you need to have a Prime Membership.

To help you spend smarter, we rounded up some must-shop discounts on products you’ve probably been eyeing for months. We can’t think of a better time to get a head start on holiday shopping. Oh, and if you're looking to save even more, check out some sales from some of our favorite brands, like Brooklinen and Casper. It’s go-time.

Heads up: Prime Day Early Access deals go fast, so catch ’em while they're hot. We'll try to keep this post as accurate as possible, but some things move very quickly. Check back throughout the next two days to see our latest updates. Happy shopping (and saving).

21% off a white noise machine that’ll make falling asleep easier…

It has six sounds to soothe babies, children, and adults as you look to fall asleep. It also has set timers for 30, 60, or 120 minutes, and is portable enough to take it with you when traveling. Rest easy. (Originally $29.99, Now $23.69)

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35% off Crest 3D Whitestrips…

To make sure your teeth are pearly white, grab some Whitestrips while they’re hot. Your holiday social schedule may be filling up, which means lots of talking. Get to it and flash that smile. (Originally $45.99, Now $29.99)

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20% off the leave-in hair mask everyone talks about…

We recently asked Skimm’rs who have tried the entire Olaplex collection if there was one standout product that was their absolute go-to and every single time it was this. Apply it to wet hair before shampooing, leave it on for at least 10 minutes, and then wash it out. It works to repair damaged hair bonds. (Originally $30, Now $24)

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30% off the cult-fave Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in every flavor…

Skimm HQr’s love — and we mean love — this famous Laneige lip mask. Put it on right before bed and wake up to smooth, supple lips in the morning. It’s as simple as that. Plus, you can wear it during the day too for a glossy, healthy look. Your obsession will be real, we promise. (Originally $24, Now $16.80)

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20% off a pack of extra-large acne patches…

Stick one of these on a pimple and it’ll keep you from popping it and, let’s be honest, making it worse. Plus, the hydrocolloid will suck out all the gunk as you sleep. Wake up to better skin. (Originally $8.49, Now $6.79)

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41% off a three-pack of the Bug Bite Thing…

Summer has passed, but grab this now in preparation for next year. The gadget works to remove the irritant left underneath your skin when bitten that can cause itchiness and redness. You’ll be able to stop a reaction in its tracks, leaving the bite visibly smaller. You can even try it on bee and wasp stings. (Originally $28.99, Now $16.99)

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50% off the 23andMe Health and Ancestry Kit...

It's time to become a bit more familiar with your genes. With this 23andMe kit, you'll be able to find out your chances of developing certain health conditions. You can find out what genes you've inherited, what your DNA says about you, and how those genes may affect your day-to-day lifestyle. You'll also find out more information about your ancestry, with the chance to discover more about your family tree. (Originally $199, Now $98.99)

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20% off HALO bassinets…

Perfect for bedside sleepers, the BassiNest Glide slides easily across any surface to bring your little one closer to you. Wearable swaddle blankets will also be on sale. (Originally $169.99, Now $135.99)

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20% off a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree…

If one too many stray needles last year has you going faux this time around, this option looks exactly like the real deal. Unbox it, fluff up the branches, and plug it in. See ya, post-holiday cleanup. (Originally $158.61, Now $126.89)

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20% off a pet camera that lets you fling treats while you’re away…

Need we say more? See what your furry friend is up to when you leave (even if the lights are off), talk to them, and even throw them a treat so they know you’re thinking of them. Immediate yes. (Originally $249, Now $199.20)

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30% off a bottle that’ll help you stay hydrated…

The key here is the pop-up straw that’ll have you exceeding your drink-more-water goals. Plus, it’ll keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours. Your old water bottle could never. (Originally $54.95, Now $38.46)

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15% off a 24-piece Pyrex set…

For all your food storage needs, it doesn’t get better than Pyrex. Perfect for meal preppers or leftovers fanatics, this set of both circular and rectangular storage dishes is microwave, dishwasher-safe, and comes with airtight BPA-free plastic lids. (Originally $47.29, Now $40.20)

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20% off Atlas Coffee Club…

Receive a sampling of the top coffees from around the world directly to your doorstep at 20% off with free shipping. If you’re not a coffee drinker, did you know there’s also Atlas Tea Club? Your mornings just got brighter. (Originally $24.99, Now $19.99)

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27% off our favorite plant-based protein powder…

If you’re vegan or prefer plant-based protein over whey, this one is made with pea protein. It doesn’t have any added dairy or gluten. It does, however, have 20 grams of protein per serving. We love the chocolate flavor in smoothies or oats. (Originally $53.99, Now $39.24)

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16% off a variety pack of crunchy, vegan cookies…

Perfect for even the most sensitive stomachs, these cookies are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and made with real fruits and vegetables. They come in four flavors and don’t skimp on tastiness or texture, trust us. (Originally $22.99, Now $18.39)

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20% off a hair-treatment mask we can’t get enough of…

Our hair has never felt better, and yours can too. This mask is deeply nourishing and never leaves our hair feeling weighed down. It’s formulated with ingredients like keratin and baobab seed oil that are great for dry, color-treated strands but without sulfates, parabens, and dyes. You deserve better hair days. (Originally $32, Now $25.60)

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25% off the Patchology foot peel…

It’s one of our Skimm Faves for a reason. Just apply, wait a few days, then peel your way to baby-soft feet. Psst…We love these eye gels on sale too. (Originally $20, Now $15)

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20% off Birthdate Co. candles…

These candles are personalized with all of the astrological details of the date you select, from sign characteristics to planet details to personality strengths and weaknesses. They make perfect birthday gifts, as you can imagine. (Originally $49.99, Now $39.99)

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10% off a bamboo bathtub tray…

It’ll hold everything you need for the most relaxing bath of your life — like a glass of wine, a good book, and your favorite scented candle. That’s self-care, baby. (Originally $55.11, Now $44.09)

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20% off the Loftie alarm clock that’s also a bluetooth speaker and noise machine…

Loftie does it all. Trust us. And with a two-phase alarm, you won't dread waking up in the morning. The first alarm gently stirs you, while the second is designed to get you out of bed. Plus the tones are meant to be soothing. You can schedule different alarms for separate days of the week. To explore what your clock can do, you can download the compatible phone app. (Originally $149, Now $119.20)

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30% off Bose noise-canceling headphones...

Get ready for crisp, clear sound. These wireless headphones are a must-have while commuting, working out, or working from home. Whenever you need to block out noise and really focus, slip these on and play your favorite tunes. (Originally $329, Now $229)

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38% off a flatiron by Chi…

Nostalgia is in. Snag this salon-quality straightener so you can wear your hair like you did every day in middle school. It has a temperature control and can even be used to make soft waves à la Hailey Bieber. We’re sold. (Originally $99.98, Now $62)

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20% off a massage gun that has more than 11,000 five-star reviews…

Whether you’re sore from a workout or experiencing neck and back pain from sitting at a desk all day, this deep-tissue massager has three speeds to work out all your knots. It’s also quiet, lightweight, and customers say the battery lasts forever. Sold. (Originally $74.97, Now $59.98)

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20% off the Drybar blow-drying brush…

For the perfect blowout, use this brush blow-dryer combo to tame and style your strands. It has three temperature settings for customized styling. (Originally $155, Now $124)

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20% off a countertop water filtration system…

Say buh-bye to bottled water. This water purifier will give you the cleanest, best-tasting water yet. It removes ten times the contaminants of a typical filter and lasts much longer. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Sustainability has never been so easy. (Originally $249, Now $199)

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37% off a Vitamix professional-grade blender...

Time for smoothies. With stainless steel blades, this blender can cut through the toughest of foods. You can fully control speed, and with such a large container, you'll be able to blend large batches of ingredients. The machine is so powerful, if you keep ingredients inside the Vitamix for about six minutes, you'll be able to heat food too. (Originally $629.95, Now $399.95)

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40% off the Instant Pot 9-in-1 pressure cooker...

This 6-quart cooker can do it all. And your kitchen definitely needs it. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, food warmer, sous vide, and sterilizer. The digital display is easy to read and the lid features a steam release. Time to grab it now. (Originally $149.95, Now $89.99)

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​31% off the famous “Amazon jacket” everyone wears come wintertime…

We know the weather is getting chillier by the day. Come winter (just a few months away), we’re 100% sure that you’ll want to be snuggled up in the jacket that took Amazon by storm. Promise. (Originally $159.99, Now $109.99)

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50% off the Amazon Fire TV Stick...

If you sometimes struggle with what to watch on television...get the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It grants you access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes. You can download apps like Netflix and Hulu, sign into your accounts, and start watching directly on your TV. You'll also be able to stream music via Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, and more. Wanna watch something live? No problem. You'll get access to news and sports via subscriptions to SLING TV, YouTube TV, and others. (Originally $39.99, Now $19.99)

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30% off a vibrator that simulates oral sex…

It uses air pulses to provide no-contact pressure in all the right places. It’s made of waterproof, hypoallergenic silicone and is incredibly quiet. Say no more. (Originally $49.95, Now $34.95)

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20% off the Google Nest Learning Thermostat…

Save energy and your hard-earned cash with this thermostat that automatically detects when your home needs temperature adjustment. It also has settings for when you’re away and will save an average of 10% on your heating bill and 15% on your cooling bill. Now that’s smart. (Originally $249, Now $198.97+)

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