15 Problem-Solving Products Under $50 That You’ll Use Forever

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This post was originally published in March 2021 and has been updated.

We’re all about shopping smarter here at theSkimm. We understand that your money is hard-earned. So you definitely don’t wanna waste it on things that aren’t worth it.

Enter: these problem-solving products. Things that are incredibly useful around the house, save you time and energy, and are just plain cool. Oh yeah, and they won’t break the bank, either. But don’t be fooled — despite their small price tag, these products deliver big results. You’ll find yourself reaching for them day after day.

Produce savers that’ll prevent your food from molding too soon…

These containers regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide flow. So your fruit and veggies last longer. That’s right. Lettuce won’t wilt. Blueberries won’t soften. Plus, the built-in filter never needs to be replaced. Pro tip: don’t wash produce before putting it into the containers. Just drop everything in and store ‘em in your fridge. You can wash food before you eat it. ($33.99/8 pack, Amazon)

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A tablet that’ll clear buildup in your dishwasher...

Yep, even your dishwasher needs cleaning. Oh, the irony. Once you start seeing those streaks on your glassware…you know it’s time. Drop in a tablet to power away leftover detergent and mineral buildup. And it'll get rid of some weird odors. You can add a tablet to a full load or run it solo (sans dishes). ($8.49/6 pack, Amazon)

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A Walmart+ membership that gets you free shipping and a discount on gas…†

It’s time to be kind to your wallet. With Walmart+, you’ll get free shipping from Walmart.com with no order minimum. You’ll also save five cents per gallon at Walmart & Murphy gas stations, and get access to member pricing at Sam’s Club fuel centers. And if you decide to shop in person (hey, maybe you’re craving the thrill of pushing a shopping cart), you can scan items with your phone for a contactless checkout. Not convinced? You’ll get a 15-day free trial to try it all out.* ($12.95/month, Walmart+)

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A pack of drawer dividers so your folded clothes stop lumping together…

Neatly folded piles never stay neat. That’s just science. But these expandable dividers will help with that. You’ll finally be able to keep items separate. And they can work in the kitchen or bedroom. Wherever you need some division. Bless. ($12.99+/2 pack, Amazon)

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A rubber broom that’ll pick up pet hair like a dream...

The stuff of magic. It’ll work on carpet, tile, and wood floors. And doesn’t call for any water or sprays. It’ll attract hair like a magnet. The handle is expandable, too. Just in case you need to reach under couches or beds. When you’re done, place the broom under running water to wash. It’s that easy. ($12.98, Amazon)

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A fabric shaver to revive old sheets, sweaters, and towels…

Goodbye, little pill balls. You can run this tiny, battery-powered device over furniture, too. It’ll eat up those annoying tiny fuzzies and loose threads. So you can freshen up what you already have, instead of buying brand-new sheets and sweaters. Win. ($12.31, Amazon)

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A tablet that’ll banish that funky taste from your reusable water bottle...

Fill up your bottle and drop one in. Then watch it fizz. It’s made of a mix of ingredients (like baking soda and citric acid) to get rid of germs and odors. You can leave the tablet in for 15–30 minutes before rinsing out. Your bottle will sparkle and each sip will taste fresh. Hydration station. ($24/36 pack, Amazon)

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A pimple patch designed to stop zits in their early stages…

Once you notice a pimple forming, clean the area and apply a patch. The microdarts will dissolve to release their formula directly into the skin. So the healing process can begin. And you won’t be stuck picking at your face late at night. Yep, we do it too. ($29/8 pack, ZitSticka)

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An electric wine opener that can also vacuum seal bottles…

Upgrade your happy hour with this opener that can uncork 80 bottles in a single charge. And no — it won’t break corks in the process. If you don’t finish your bottle, just use the vacuum sealer option to preserve freshness and flavor. Nothing to wine about here. ($39.95, Wayfair)

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A tiny filter that may help you avoid some classic hangover symptoms…

Yes, you read that right. This tool removes histamines and sulfites. Otherwise known as the things in wine that can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and headaches. And no, it won’t affect the taste of what you’re drinking. Cheers to that. ($19.95/10 pack, Grommet)

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A layered necklace clasp so you can stop yours from tangling…

This way you can layer two or three necklaces together without creating a giant knot. This clasp will keep ‘em separate. And makes putting them on even easier. ($11.04+, inBLISS Jewelry on Etsy)

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A lube that won’t irritate or call for a ton of cleanup…

It’s water-based and formulated with natural ingredients. Aka it’s meant to mimic natural moisture, keeping your pH level balanced without the use of synthetics or fragrances. No more sticky hands or sheets. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and gynecologist-approved. Because the last thing you want is sudden burning and itching when you’re just trying to get in the mood. ($14, Lola)

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A collapsible dishwasher rack that’ll sit over the sink for drying…

Introducing your new favorite space-saver. It’s got a built-in utensil caddy and lots of strength to support heavier pots and lids. You can pull it out once the dishes are washed and then stow it away when they’re dry. Hello, some much-needed counter space. ($45, Food52)

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An ingrown hair serum to help with skin texture and redness…

Shaving and waxing can take a toll on your skin. This serum can help with ingrown hairs, rough texture, and dryness. Because your bikini line deserves some TLC. It’s made of polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), which can exfoliate and even out skin tone. No more razor burn or red bumps. ($25, Oui the People)

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A wall-mount dispenser so you can stop storing bags inside each other…

Ah, the classic method. One big bag to store other, smaller bags. Stop the madness. This dispenser can hold everything for you. So you can keep bags and reuse them over and over again. ($19.99, Amazon)

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