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13 Products to Organize Your Small Bathroom

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Staff, Anthropologie
Jul 19, 2022

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If your “master bath” is a little lacking in grandeur (aka there’s definitely no space for a clawfoot tub), you’re not alone. For those of us in apartments, condos, and smaller houses, we’re constantly trying to invent ways to find square footage in our tiny bathrooms, without skimping on storage and aesthetics.

Not to worry. We’ve rounded up the best space-saving products, from floating shelves (bless them) to slim storage carts to makeup organizers. Win-win-win.

A set of floating shelves that won’t hog counter space…

These are made with wood that won’t absorb moisture and are heat-resistant. There’s a metal rod to hold your products and a detachable bar for hand towels. They can hold up to 30 pounds and come in a variety of stains. ($19.99+/2 pack, Amazon)

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A set of shelves that don’t require any drilling…

These shelves are adhesive, so no tool box is necessary. They can stick onto pretty much any surface, from the tile in your shower to the frosted glass of the door. Plus the modern white goes with any style of decor. They’re a great place to stash your everyday skincare or shampoo bottles. Customers say the shelves are much roomier than they look. ($22.99/3 pack, Amazon)

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A cosmetic organizer that holds more than a tube of lipstick…

The beauty of this organizer is twofold: You won’t be rooting around your makeup bag looking for your mascara, and it takes up much less room by utilizing vertical space. It has drawers (you can select how many) for storing little things, and slotted compartments on top. Your morning routine just got easier. ($15.99+, Amazon)

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A storage cart that wheels out of the way…

Stack this three-tier cart with essentials, then roll it into a corner or crevice and it’ll stay put until you need it. The metal baskets are sleek and stylish and have hooks on the end for hanging your loofah. Customers love how easy the assembly is and that you can leave the wheels off, if you choose. ($26.99, Amazon)

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A tissue cover that’s also a catchall…

Consider this genius. This tissue cover flips the box on its side and reserves the top as a place to put your everyday jewelry, hair ties, lip balms, and more. It comes in a cute blush color and works just as well on your nightstand or desk. ($9.99, Amazon)

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A toilet brush that’ll make you happy…

We said what we said. From the makers of our favorite plunger comes an adorable toilet brush to match. It has a translucent green handle with a smiley face, a sanitary canister with holes so the brush can dry out, and a bronze embellishment for a touch of glamour. You won’t want to hide this one. ($32, Staff)

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A two-tier shelf in gold…

Like most home items from Anthropologie, this shelf is just downright pretty. If the rest of your bathroom hardware is brass or gold, then this is a great style choice for you. It has two baskets and a towel bar, and comes with everything you need to hang it. ($168, Anthropologie)

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The thinnest bathroom cabinet you’ve ever seen…

This slim piece is made of waterproof PVC that easily wipes clean. It’s essentially the perfect place to keep toilet paper hidden. It has three shelves inside and one on top for a small plant or candle. Any excuse to buy another succulent. ($25.88+, Amazon)

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A door rack with storage if you want to go all out…

If you need something incredibly sturdy and versatile with maximum storage, may we suggest this item? Once the door rack is mounted, the possibilities are endless with what you can attach to it, from mesh baskets to a wall rack where you can attach translucent boxes. No floor space needed. ($172.50, The Container Store)

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A bath tray to help you unwind…

This bamboo tray guarantees you’ll have everything within reach to make the most of your relaxing bath. It has a place to hold your iPad or Kindle upright while you watch a movie or read, plus a spot for your glass of wine or even a candle. The metal arms attach easily to the sides of your tub so you don’t have to worry about anything slipping. Time to soak. ($60, Urban Outfitters)

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A toilet paper holder that doubles as a shelf…

It’ll hold your roll and phone at the same time. Or maybe use it to rest your eyeglasses or keys if you’re heading out the door. It comes in a large or small size, and customers say it’s very sturdy. ($14.89+, Amazon)

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An outlet shelf for your electronics…

Behold the ideal place to keep your Alexa, electric toothbrush, or a Bluetooth speaker that needs to be plugged in. It’ll keep your electronics away from a potentially wet countertop and give you some precious space back. It also has built-in storage for the cables. Smart. ($14.99, Amazon)

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A countertop two-tier shelf…

Elevate your products to save space with this modern shelf. It’s made of sturdy steel that can hold up to five pounds on each shelf. Keep toiletries or makeup within reach and out of bathroom drawers. Your small bathroom = hacked. ($39.99, QVC)

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