18 Products That’ll Get You in a Good Headspace

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Living a low-stress life may seem nearly impossible at the moment. Covid-19 is still in the picture, not to mention an endless news cycle. There's a lot going on and feeling overwhelmed is a normal reaction. We’re here to help in any way we can, because there are things you can do to shake off lingering anxiety and unwind at the end of the day.

From seemingly simple things like drinking more water (hello, good habits) to really reflecting on your thoughts and restructuring your way of thinking, this list has it all. We’ve got guided journals, CBD gummies, and phone apps that’ll help you press pause on the stress. And remember: A little bit of relief can go a long way.

A workout program that meets you where you are…

Or where your phone is. Because isn’t that basically the same thing? Future connects you with a personal trainer that’ll create a custom fitness plan based on your schedule and experience level. So you can reach all your future (get it?) goals. Your trainer will program your workouts weekly and check in via text. Oh, and the best part? Skimm’rs get their first month for just $19. ($149/month, Future)*

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An app that’s all about helping you get through tough times…

There’s science-backed meditation, mindfulness tools, sleep tips, and so much more. The goal is to support your mental health so you can create and enjoy a happier you. With tons of resources (articles and guided sessions), you’ll be able to identify not-so-great habits and explore better ones. From movement goals to strategies for better focus. ($5.83+/month, Headspace)

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A journal that puts gratitude in the center…

So you can spend time celebrating the good things in your life. It’s structured to help you rework your frame of mind to focus on the positive — whether that’s  gratitude for your health, your home, your family, or otherwise. Prompts help you to acknowledge the teensy things that make you smile day to day. One Skimm HQ’r loves this journal and keeps it by her bedside for nightly reflection. As a little added bonus, you’ll get a set of pens that match the book. ($24, Alleyoop)

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A delicious, energy-boosting bev that isn’t coffee…

You don’t have to break up with your barista. But don’t be surprised if you start leaning less Team Cup o’ Joe, and more Team Cup o’ Joy with this chocolatey-chai blend. It combines only the good stuff to help you re-energize, refocus, and harness your body’s natural energy. We’re talking turmeric, cacao, cinnamon, and adaptogenic mushrooms. Plus juuuust the right amount of caffeine. For a pick-me-up that keeps you up — sans jitters or afternoon crashes. Btw, Skimm’rs get 20% off their first purchase with code BETTER22. Go on. (Prices vary, MUD\WTR)*

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A self-care master plan that’ll help you take care of yourself…

Whether it be spending free time with the people who matter most or pursuing your favorite hobbies, this book helps you plan out things that provide you with happiness. You’ll be able to note the experiences that promote self-care, so later on when you’re feeling down, you’ll have a concise list of how to turn things around. There are lots of self-reflection prompts, so you can track how you’re feeling and when you have those feelings. ($12, Free Period Press)

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A habit-tracking calendar so you can achieve your goals…

Maybe you wanna stop using your phone after 9 pm. Or drink less caffeine. Whatever your goal is, this calendar will help you stay aware of your daily, weekly, and monthly habits. It’s broken down into different categories like sleep, movement, finances, and organization. So you can stay on top of things and set yourself up for success. ($18, Free Period Press)

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A half-gallon, time-marker water bottle so you can fuel up…

Because a hydrated body = one that’s well-suited to get sh*t done. This BPA-free option will help you remember to drink enough throughout the day. It has a strap and leak-proof lid with a locking feature, so it’s a breeze to carry from room to room. The wide-mouth opening makes cleaning it and adding ice cubes super easy. Plus its size means you won’t have to constantly refill it. ($12.74+, Amazon)

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Mini candles that’ll burn for 20 minutes so you can unplug…

Think of ’em as an easy way to dedicate a bit of time to yourself and step away from your phone, other people, work — literally whatever it is that hogs your attention. As the candle burns, do something that centers you: read, stretch, meditate, color, or do maybe a quick workout. Once the candle has burned out, you can step back into your daily responsibilities with a much clearer mind. ($28+, 20MinuteCandles on Etsy)

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A themed deck of cards to help you navigate your feelings…

Fifty guided mindfulness cards = 50 ways to spark growth, emotional awareness, and interesting conversations. The deck has five categories (each with 10 cards with prompts), among them: fear, joy, sadness, anger, and a wild card section with additional emotions. Whether you use them during a wine night with the girls or on your own as a morning mindfulness exercise, the opportunities for growth are endless. Plus, they’re so colorful and eye-catching that you’ll wanna keep them out on display. ($19.95, Amazon)

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An essential oil diffuser that’ll make your home smell so much better…

From peppermint to lavender, your scent of choice can add some calm to the room. This diffuser has two mist modes, can run up to 10 hours, and has timer settings. To transform your bedroom, we rec running the diffuser 30 minutes before bed. And for ultimate relaxation, try adding in these oil blends. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A eucalyptus and lavender bundle to bring spa vibes to your shower…

Once things get steamy, the scent of eucalyptus and lavender will fill your bathroom. The bundle comes with a stainless steel hook and is available in three sizes. Your daily shower will end up feeling way more luxurious and refreshing. Can you say soothing? ($16.20+, GreeneryBackdrop on Etsy)

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A weekly notepad that’ll take the stress out of meal planning…

Don’t play the mental guessing game. Now you can sit down on a Sunday to map out the week ahead. And the side of the pad has a tear-away grocery list to help streamline your shopping trip. Tbh, the most important part of meal prep is organization. So starting with a visual plan is the first step to success. ($11.95, Amazon)

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A foot bath so you can give yourself a massage and pedicure…

If you don’t wanna head to the salon, bring the salon to you. This bath heats your water, produces bubbles, and has different rollers to massage your feet against. Since it’s electric, it’ll actually maintain your water temp as you scrub away dead skin and paint your toes. We highly suggest lighting some candles and playing ocean sounds to complete the scene. Just close your eyes and it’ll feel like a professional spa. ($79.99, Amazon)

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And a trio of relaxation foot soaks that’ll melt away stress…

And dry skin. Maybe you wanna banish some funky smells or maybe you’re looking to seriously treat some cracked heels. Whatever your goal is, these soaks will enhance your relaxation time. The calming scents of vanilla, grapefruit, and lemongrass will help you unwind. Each one is crafted with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help relieve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. ($55, Naturally London)

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A self-care subscription box aimed at exploring mental health…

It’s Season 3 of the pandemic. And a lot feels extra tiring. Each box comes with four to six carefully curated items (including educational books) to help you better understand how you’re coping. Shipments are monthly and address topics such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression. ($44.95/month, The Mental Wealth Box on Cratejoy)

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A coloring book if you’re looking to get out some pent-up frustration…

Time to color it out. PSA: This book contains swear words. And just the right amount of insults to help you release whatever negativity is bubbling inside. Yes — sometimes yelling at the top of your lungs helps, but have you ever tried intense coloring? Pick up some markers and get to it. ($9.69, Amazon)

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CBD gummies for some extra chill...

Molly J handcrafts small-batch CBD gummies with natural fruit flavors. They have zero THC, so they’re non-psychoactive. The Big Box includes all their flavors, including their blackberry rose sleep formula (which also contains melatonin for sleep). PS: You can select dosage before checking out. Time to unwind. ($99+, Molly J)

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A meditation cushion that conforms to your body…

So you won’t get a backache while practicing. It’ll help relieve pressure points and give you the perfect little space to dedicate some time to yourself. The cotton-canvas cover easily slips off and can be washed when it starts looking a tad dirty. If you feel like the cushion isn’t exactly right, you can remove some of the buckwheat hull fill till you get the ideal support. Plus, it doesn’t have to be used solely for meditation. You can also use it as a stretching cushion if you’re aiming to limber up. ($80, Tuft & Needle)

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