16 Products That’ll Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours

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products that'll entertain your kids for hoursDesign: Lindsay Lange, Credit: Lovevery

School’s out, which means your kiddos are about to be...home for the summer. While that may mean lots of fun days ahead for them, it can also mean figuring out how to keep them entertained all day for you. Breathe in. You got this.

To help you out, we rounded up products that’ll keep your young kids busy for hours on end. So you can get a bit of free time to focus on yourself and get through your to-do list. It’s time to get some minutes back in your day.

science and art-based project crates shipped to your door
Science and art projects delivered to your door…

Tailored for specific age ranges, each crate comes packed with STEAM-based activities that’ll spark creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and more. Each month a new crate will arrive with all the materials needed for the projects, an instruction booklet, a magazine, and some online DIYs. Psst...everything has been designed by experts and tested by kids. Your children will literally be waiting at the door for their next box. (Plans start at $16.95/crate, KiwiCo)

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crafting subscription box
And a crafting box that’ll provide all the materials your child needs to get started…

They’ll be able to color, build, and glue their way to adorable arts and crafts projects that you’ll definitely want to hang on your fridge. Each month has a new theme and comes with a story to help get those creative juices flowing. With all the supplies (minus water and scissors), you’ll get enough for two kids to craft at once. Just beware of how quickly glitter can spread. (Plans start at $29.99/month, We Craft Box)

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indoor inflatable play tent
An indoor play tent that’ll inflate quickly…

It really doesn’t take much work — with the click of a button this tent will come alive. There’s a little window so your kids can see out (and you can see in). No need to take pillows off the couch or use blankets to make a fort. With this one, you won’t have to deal with annoying cleanup. ($49.95, The Grommet)

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adventure book explaining why parents travel for work
A book that’ll help your kids understand why they have to stay home while you travel for work…

Help them deal with the separation by explaining the situation. This book does just that. It allows children to understand why a parent’s job may take them away from home for periods of time. Most importantly, it helps them to realize that their parent will always come back. So they can feel less anxiety while staying at home with another parent or caretaker. ($14.92, Amazon)

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kids play couch
A play set that doubles as a couch…

So you can unlock their imagination. The cushions can be put together in various combinations. They’re light enough for kids to lift, but durable enough to be climbed on. And the outer covers can be taken off and washed once dirty. So get ready for the set to transform into a fort, pirate ship, or maybe even Mount Everest. ($279+, Shenanigan Kids)

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multi-colored block set in different shapes
A block set to build spatial, language, and problem-solving skills…

It’s got 70 pieces your kids will love putting together. They can even use the storage box as a base for cars, buildings, and more. The different shapes will teach young ones how to categorize and sort. There’s really no limit on what can be built, from tall towers to bridges. The floor is their oyster. ($90, Lovevery)

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colorful magnetic building blocks
And colorful magnetic building blocks that’ll stick together…

These are very easy to stick together, so they’re ideal for younger kids who haven’t fully developed their motor skills yet. You won’t have to worry about them constantly knocking everything over. They’ll be able to experiment while building a stronger sense of color and shape. ($54.99, Amazon)

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kids archery set
A kid-friendly archery set so they can sharpen their aim…

The set comes with a bow, two matching arrows, and a bull’s-eye target. The soft-tip arrows are also stuffed, so you won’t have to worry about any accidents. Just set the target up on a tree and watch ‘em practice for hours. ($30, The Grommet)

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coloring poster
A giant coloring poster of the world that’ll take ‘em a while to complete…

Aka your kids will stay busy for hours. They’ll be able to color landmarks and travel from one continent to another. With so many nooks and crannies, they’ll be doodling for a long time. ($10.99, Amazon)

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dog doll in a striped outfit
A mini dog doll that comes with its own suitcase…

And its own pillow and blanket. So your little one can spend the day adventuring with their new favorite toy. It’s stitched from cotton with the most adorable striped outfit on. ($32, Meri Meri)

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legos bricks
A box of Lego bricks so they can build anything their heart desires…

It’s a childhood staple. With Legos, they start small and go big. The set comes with 790 pieces in 33 different colors. But beware of  where you walk: stepping on a Lego is just as painful as you remember it. ($43.99, Target)

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water slide
A water slide that’s sure to keep your kids entertained on sweltering days…

With 18 feet of pure fun, this water slide ends in a splash pool with a bumper to provide some cushion. It’s a must-have for summer, especially when it comes to parties and playdates with friends. All you’ve gotta do is connect a hose to get the water running. Psst...it also comes with a repair patch just in case someone rips a hole. Better safe than sorry. ($12.88, Walmart)

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self-tying water balloon set
And a self-sealing water balloon set that’ll really be a hit at parties…

A water slide + water balloons = a whole lotta summer fun. And with the O-ring technology, you won’t have to fill ‘em one by one. You can attach the ring to a hose nozzle and fill them all at once. Once they hit a certain level, the balloons will fall off their stem, fully tied and ready for use. Get ready for the water-balloon fight of the century. ($47.99, Amazon)

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double-sided wooden art easel
A wooden art easel that’s double-sided…

One side has a whiteboard, the other has a chalkboard. Both sides are magnetic for the colorful alphabet letters included. The top features a paper roll that can be pulled down for painting. The bottom tray can hold paint, paintbrushes, markers, and more. Oh, you’ll also get one box of chalk, three markers (black, red, and blue), and two erasers. Literally everything your little Picasso will need. ($66.99, Amazon)

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bubble wand set
A 15-piece bubble-wand set so your kids can get creative with the type they make…

Blowing bubbles never goes out of style. It’s an easy activity that’ll keep kids giggling, especially when you’ve got so many different wands for them to choose from. If you’re in need of solution, look no further. Everything required for an easy afternoon of fun. ($14.68+, Amazon)

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sidewalk chalk
And sidewalk chalk, another childhood classic that’ll never get old…

And that’ll keep your little ones playing outside for a good stretch of time. With the ground as their canvas, they can draw anything, set up a game of hopscotch, or whatever their imagination leads them to. This pack comes with 160 pieces in 16 colors. No more fighting over who has the blue. There’s more than enough to go around. ($26.95, Amazon)

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