10 Products That’ll Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

3 min read|Jun 1, 2021|fbtwitteremail

‘Tis the season of patios. And if you’ve got a little deck of your own, consider yourself lucky. A fully outfitted outdoor space during the summer season can feel straight up luxurious. Which is why we’re here to decorate your home in the best way possible. HGTV is knocking.

For when you wanna grill, but are tight on space…

Think small, but mighty. It’s portable and dishwasher-safe. And it runs via eco-friendly charcoal pods that heat up in 10 minutes and will provide one hour of cook time. Once you’re done, you can recycle the pods and pack the grate away. Simple as that. ($146.36, Amazon)

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For when you wanna enhance the coziness factor…

Hang lights. Nothing ties a patio together like string lights. Or makes a space look as dreamy. Or gets more likes on Instagram. Double tap. ($27.99, Wayfair)

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For when you need some extra seating that isn’t bulky…

Use a floor pillow. It’s both fade- and water-resistant. And is made from a durable polyester. Aka, it can be left outside and you don’t have to worry about it. Phew. ($59.49, Society6)

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For when the mosquitoes start biting and don’t stop biting…

Light a candle. A citronella candle, of course. So bugs stay at bay. Get ready to decorate your table. ($46, Terrain)

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For when you don’t have a yard to play games in…

Size down. Because a mini-sized bean bag toss is just as hard. And just as much fun. Good things come in small packages. ($22, Shopbop)

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For when you do have a yard to play games in…

Set up tumbling blocks. But the jumbo version. This wooden set includes 48 pieces for you to build and stack...and then carefully remove. Whoever knocks it over is on cleanup duty. ($50.49, Wayfair)

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For when you wanna stand on something a bit more comfortable…

Lay down a rug. But an outdoor rug that is weather-resistant and looks oh-so cute. So you're not staring at concrete. Cheers. ($32.99+, Wayfair)

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For when the summer heat has you literally baking…

Cool down. And hop into a pool. A kiddie pool. This one has a sunshade. Just remember there’s no lifeguard on duty. ($31.99, Target)

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For when you’re looking for a little company…

Set up a birdhouse. Human roommates can get kinda annoying. Bird roommates are kinda cool. And who doesn’t wanna sip their morning coffee to the sound of chirping? Sign us up. ($23.99, Amazon)

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For when you wanna listen to some tunes…

Use a speaker. You can stream directly from your phone via Bluetooth, and if you’re in your backyard, the device works via WiFi. The speaker features technology that adapts to what you’re listening to and where you are, so you’ll always get balanced, crisp sound. It’s also drop-resistant and waterproof up to 3 feet. Time to jam. ($169, Sonos)

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