11 Products to Help Make Your Period More Tolerable

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Getting your period ain’t a walk in the park. From intense cramps to uncomfortable bloating, symptoms can run the gamut. Plus, playing the mental game of when you last changed your protection of choice? It’s called constantly counting hours. To make your cycle a bit easier and comfier, we rounded up products that’ll help. Like reusable pads, menstrual cups, and heating pads. Let’s get flowin’.

Cotton-lined underwear with a hidden pocket for heat therapy…

If you suffer from cramps or endometriosis, this underwear can help soothe pain throughout the day. Whether you want to cool or heat the pack, you can slip it discreetly into the underwear so it’s held against the lower abdomen or lower back. The pair also has soft seams and a liner that can hold pads and absorb occasional overflow from tampons or cups. Think of it like a traveling heating pad — when you’ve gotta leave the house, you can wear these undies to keep a constant flow of heat as you move about the day. ($38, Nyssa)

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A plant-based patch that releases slowly to bring some relief…

Say goodbye to minor aches and pains. This patch has hemp extract, black cohosh, black pepper, and menthyl lactate. They work over an eight- to 12-hour period, and are completely safe and THC-free. After about 20 minutes, you should start to feel relief. Many customers say they can help with cramping and pelvic/lower back pain. If you get particularly lethargic during your cycle, we suggest the B12 Awake patch. One Skimm HQ’r uses it and finds that it really helps her feel more energized. ($16/4 pack, The Good Patch)

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Highly absorbent hiphugger underwear that’s been thoroughly tested…

All-day coverage without a tampon, pad, or cup? Yes, please. This pair of underwear will absorb your period and control odor. How long you wear them for is really up to your flow. The most absorbent pairs can hold up to five tampons’ worth of fluid. Once you’re done wearing them, you can throw ’em in the wash (without fabric softener or bleach) and hang ’em to dry. PS: They’re totally hygienic. They’ve been rigorously tested for harmful chemicals, so breathe a sigh of relief and slip ’em on. ($35, Thinx)

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A medical-grade menstrual cup to replace tampons and pads…

Made to be reused, this menstrual cup is the sustainable option you’ve been waiting for. Free from latex and harmful chemicals, it can provide up to 12 hours of protection. And yes, that includes overnight wear. This one comes in two sizes depending on your flow. ($19.99, Target)

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A microwavable heating pad for when your stomach is in knots…

We firmly stand behind heating pads. When the cramps hit, there’s nothing we love more than warming up this pad and laying it across our lower abdomen. It’s pretty large, so it can easily reach from hip to hip. It’s also weighted, which we think has a nice calming effect (we’ve tested this one out). It’s filled with flax seeds and lavender buds, and can be placed in the freezer if you prefer a cooling effect. Either way, it can calm muscle spasms. Pro tip: We fold ours before placing it in the microwave. Want something smaller and cuter? We rec this adorable uterus pad. ($30.99+, Amazon)

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Pads and tampons made from organic cotton…

Lola has you covered. The pads are ultra-thin, so less bunching and chafing. The hourglass shape better fits underwear, and the wings help ’em stay in place. The pocket-sized tampons come in a range of absorbencies. These have a plastic applicator, but this option uses no applicator at all. ($15.89+/16 pack, Amazon)

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A comfortable and reusable disc that can be used just like a menstrual cup…

Who could benefit from a cup? Glad you asked. This one is ideal for those with bladder sensitivities, a weak pelvic floor, or a high or low cervix. It can be worn with IUDs when directed, plus it has a lil’ finger notch so removal is easy. This one can hold up to six tampons’ worth of fluid, and can be worn day or night. It’s supposed to feel like nothing when you’re wearing it, so if you insert it and something feels off, remove it and try again. ($33, Saalt)

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Reusable pads you can toss in the wash…

These pads can handle a heavier flow (up to eight tampons’ worth of fluid) and should be changed once a day. Once they’re used, there’s no need to soak them. You can give them a quick rinse in cool water and then add them in with the rest of your dirty clothes. The wings snap together so the pad will stay in place as you move and groove throughout your day. If your period is lighter, go with the liners. ($19, Maisonette)

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A no-mess Icy Hot stick for back aches…

The worst part about Icy Hot is getting it all over your hands when you’re applying. Enter: this handy stick. The rolling ball keeps your hands clean, so you don’t have to deal with any lingering smells or stickiness. Just rub it over the muscles that are hurting, and relief will soon follow. ($6.12, Amazon)

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A period and ovulation tracker app so you’re always in the know…

No more guessing. You’ll be able to mark when your cycle starts and the length, helping you know your fertile window and peak ovulation days. You’ll also be able to track symptoms, water intake, sleep cycle, and step intake. Aka all the important things in one place. (Free, download from the App Store)

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A ginger tea to sip on…

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, so it may help with period cramps and bloating. Plus having a hot cup of tea is incredibly soothing when you’re feeling under the weather. This one is caffeine-free, so a cup at night won’t have you buzzing. ($24.84/6 pack, Amazon)

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