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17 Products That'll Make a Long-Distance Relationship Less Lonely

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Mar 17, 2022

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Long-distance relationships can be tough. But no matter the reason for the chosen LDR, the key to you and your partner’s success often comes down to planning: visits, FaceTimes, phone calls, and more. When a particularly rough day of missing them inevitably comes, you’ll want a few things around to get you through.

That’s where we come in. We’ve found everything from stationery for penning a romantic letter (swoon) to socks with their face on them to sexy truth-or-dare (wink, wink). Just remember it’ll all be worth it some day soon.

A set of note cards and envelopes for sharing your feelings with the written word…

You don’t have to be a skilled writer to say ‘I love you’ in your own special way. These come with sweet little messages on the front like “open when you need a hug” or “open when you miss me” so you can tailor your letters accordingly. Whenever your partner is feeling a bit blue, they’ll be able to read a note from you to lift their spirits. Btw…customers love the thick, high-quality paper. ($18+, Peonyandlaces via Etsy)

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A lamp that lights up when they’re thinking of you…

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that they’re missing you like you’re missing them? Now you’ll have a unique way to communicate that’s not sending a text. When you tap yours, their lamp will illuminate. You can also preset colors for specific people in your life, so consider this a great gift for family you live far from too. D’aww. ($198/pair, Uncommon Goods)

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Touch bracelets so you can send each other good vibes all day long…

A similar idea to the long-distance lamps, but this you both can wear. Tap yours, and then the bracelet on your S.O.’s wrist will light up and vibrate. It’s waterproof so you can even wear it while you shower. You can send up to 10 taps at a time, so you can make up your own secret code. Just like being kids back on the playground. ($108/pair, Uncommon Goods)

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A set of cards to get the conversation started…

Being miles apart can make you feel disconnected. A great way to combat this? Make a FaceTime date and take turns asking each other fun prompts like “What’s your favorite meal you’ve ever eaten?” and “What are you most grateful for today?” You’ll be surprised how much there’s left to learn about the other person. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A jar filled with romantic messages they can open daily…

Prescribe them a capsule a day containing a written note that’ll make them feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’ll give them something to look forward to every morning when they wake up. Customers say it’s a cute bonding moment to have your partner call and read the message to you. (Insert heart-eyes emoji here.) ($21.99, Amazon)

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A weighted blanket for when you miss sleeping next to them…

Calm your anxieties and let the heaviness of this blanket make you feel like you’re dozing off in their arms. You can use it with or without a duvet, but customers say they didn’t find it too hot when paired together. It’s meant to recreate the sensation of a hug. Yes, please. It has a 100% cotton cover and is filled with premium glass beads. ($49.80+, Amazon)

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A weekender bag for trips to see them…

A huge part of any LDR is travel. And if you’re going to be spending weekends away, you’re going to need a trusty bag. This one’s made from recycled materials (we love a sustainable option) and is even water-resistant. Plus it has a laptop sleeve if you’re planning to get some work done on the flight. If you’re staying for longer and are bringing a carry-on, this bag also has a luggage sleeve. Bon voyage. ($85, Everlane)

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An adorable card that says it all…

Nothing better or easier than sending them a cheeky card. Plus supporting a one-woman operation that hand-makes each one? Even better. Customers say you can even ask for an Instagram icon rather than a text message if that suits your fancy. ($5.49, PersonalPaperHugs via Etsy)

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A puzzle to pass the time in between weekends together…

As quarantine proved, there’s nothing quite like spending a Friday night in with a glass of wine and a challenging puzzle. This one’ll give you all the feels, since it’s an aerial shot of the exact spot you met your S.O. Maybe frame it once you’ve finished — we won’t judge. ($129, Uncommon Goods)

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A stand to hold your phone for long periods of time so you don’t have to…

Say goodbye to arm and hand fatigue when it comes to virtual date night. It works with a variety of iPhones and Androids, and has rubber grips to prevent slips and scratches. Go ahead and fall asleep together on FaceTime. Sweet dreams. ($12.99+, Amazon)

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A candle to make light of the situation…

If you and your partner can laugh about how much the distance can stink sometimes, all the better. Give them a little giggle every time they light it. At least they’ll always be reminded of how much you wish you were physically together. ($12.80+, UnkindCandles via Etsy)

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A remote-controlled vibrator so you can enjoy alone time together…

This wearable and hands-free vibrator comes with a remote that responds to how tightly it’s being gripped. Use it with the We-Connect app and two of you can get a little risqué together. You won’t have to go solo all the time. Customers love how the charger effectively hides the toy away in between uses. ($199.99, Lovehoney)

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A pair of blue light-blocking glasses because sometimes the only thing connecting you is a screen…

Unfortunately screen time is essential when you’re in a LDR. Whether texting or video calling, using your phone is a quick and easy way to communicate with them. These glasses flatter many face shapes, and you can even add a prescription if needed. They come in 10 different colors and can help reduce eye strain, headaches, and screen sensitivity. ($95, Eyebobs)

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A pair of socks that’s the perfect gag gift for an anniversary…

Go ahead, put their face on a pair of socks. Then give them a pair with yours. Yes, it’s a silly joke, but you’ll both get a good laugh out of it. Plus if you’re heading into the office and wearing their face on your feet, you’re guaranteed to have a better day. Simple as that. ($15.59, Amazon)

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An intimate game to help keep things spicy…

Enter: sexy truth-or-dare. One side of each stick is a revealing truth question, while the other side is a naughty dare. Pour a glass of wine (if you please) and play with your video turned on. Cheers. ($13.44+, Amazon)

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A sun visor to save your eyes during road trips…

If their location is close enough to drive to, you’ll want to be comfortable during the hours spent on the road. This visor is polarized to filter out glare from bright sun and oncoming cars. It’ll save you from squinting, and attaches to your car’s already built-in visor. PSA: It’s universal and will work in any car model. ($21.88, Amazon)

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A passport cover that holds all of your must-have documents…

When you’re finally jetting off to see them, you don’t want to forget anything important. Keep your passport, vaccination card, and credit cards handy in this faux-leather cover that comes in 13 colors. Don’t let anything slow you down from reaching your loved one. ($7.99+, Amazon)

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