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Products You Need to Actually Meal Prep The Right Way

products you need to help you meal prep correctly
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Mar 23, 2022

This post was originally published in March 2021 and has been updated.

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There’s a lot that goes into meal prepping. From the time and energy it takes to actually plan the week ahead, to the cooking and storing of food. We get it. It doesn't exactly scream weekend fun. Plus, check out our fave lunch bags and boxes for toting your meals.

But IOHO (in our humble opinions), the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. You’ve got food ready for the week, you don’t need to spend time in front of the stove each night, and you make healthier options earlier to avoid making some unhealthy decisions later. It’s a bit of a mental hurdle to get over, but once you’ve entered the world of meal prepping, you’ll never wanna leave it.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up some basics. Like a way to get groceries quickly, tools you’ll need in the kitchen, some delish snacks to help you through, and a few extras we just adore. 

But warning: you may be hungry after reading this. Don’t blame us. Blame the snacks.


Hive makes it easy to order your favorite products, from pantry items to snacks to things for your pet. Everything is held to a high standard, otherwise known as the Hive Five: ingredient integrity, recyclable packaging, low carbon footprint, committed to social good, and rave-worthy. Every shipment is carbon neutral, and 99% of the box is recyclable, compostable, or TerraCycle-able. For free shipping on your first order of $25+, use code THESKIMMFS at checkout. (Prices vary by shipment, Hive)

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A weekly notepad to help you think ahead…

Don’t play the mental guessing game. Now you can sit down on a Sunday to plan out the week ahead. Plus the pad has a tear-away grocery list to help streamline your shopping trip. The biggest hurdle to meal prep is organization. So while you’re at it, pop this magnetic whiteboard on your fridge to make note of any last-minute cravings. Starting with a visual plan is the first step to success. ($9.99, Amazon)

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A sleek, perfectly shaped bowl for feeling fancy while at home or on the go…

One Skimm HQ’r loves to store dinner leftovers in this no-slip plastic bowl. Whether you’re moving a couple steps from the kitchen to a WFH setup or heading to the office, the snap-tight silicone strap and lid keeps food fresh for the next day. Dinner leftovers = the easiest lunch that’s ready in seconds. ($20, Amazon)

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A food scale to help you weigh ingredients during prep…

Hello, precise cooking and baking. No more eyeballing. This scale comes with a bowl that sits on top to control loose ingredients like rice, fruit, and liquids. It’s also pretty easy to use. Just choose your setting via the ‘unit’ button on the scale. You can weigh in grams, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces, and milliliters. The stainless steel surface makes cleanup a breeze, too. ($18.99, Amazon)

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Microwavable nesting storage bowls that can really do it all…

They can go from the freezer, to the fridge, to the microwave, to the dishwasher. So you don’t have to dirty different plates and bowls while trying to eat one meal. They’re also leak-proof and airtight. So they’ll keep things tasting fresh. And to store them, just stack them. No need to waste precious cabinet space. You’re welcome. ($75+, Food52)

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A 5-in-1 utensil to make meal prep a little easier…

We’re talking a slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, turner, and cutting tool. So you can flip, cut, scoop, and spread. When you think about it, this means you’ll have less to wash once your meal is ready. Sunday prep has never been this easy. ($9.99, Amazon)

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Airtight silicone lids that can suction to bowls you already own…

Use ‘em as saucepan lids, storage lids, or as covers to keep food warm once it’s cooked. Consider them the eco-friendly sub for plastic wrap. We’ve used them as bowl covers when microwaving. So you don’t get that annoying sauce splatter. They’re easy to wash and nestle together to lie flat. Versatility 101. ($40, Food52)

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A scoop that’s also a colander…

Pick up pasta, fried foods, and more. If you wanna let things strain for longer, the scoop has little grooves that allow it to rest on pot and pan edges. So you can work on multiple yummy parts of your meal at once. ($6.99+, Amazon)

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Sectioned food containers that are great for prepping portions ahead of time…

Add your different food groups to each compartment. Think meat, veggies, and your chosen starch each in its own place. So you can just grab one container from the fridge and heat it up. Without having to take the time to prepare a plate. Each container comes with a lid, and is microwave and dishwasher-safe. ($17.99/15 pack, Amazon)

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Dissolvable labels so you know what food is in each container…

And the best part? You won’t have to deal with that sticky residue that can be left over from old labels. When you’re done, just wash with warm water and the label will peel right off. The sticker even has a tiny place to write date and time, so you know exactly when you need to eat the food by. ($11.67, Amazon)

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A veggie chopper that’ll make things quick and easy…

Because recipes that call for a lotta chopping can be overwhelming. To keep all your fingers intact, reach for a chopping bin instead. This one has eight blades: three for chopping and five for slicing, julienne, grating, and shredding. The cut pieces will fall into the bin below, which means less mess on your counters. As an added bonus, everything will be uniform, so you won’t run into that one piece of garlic that you couldn’t hold still to cut. ($29.97, Amazon)

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A freezer tray for soup and sauce to help you plan ahead…

Ah, the solution you’ve been looking for. Stop dumping liquids you don’t finish. Now you can freeze ‘em and eat them later. And this tray makes certain things way less awkward to store. The bottom is silicone, so you can easily push out the blocks. Aka no furious banging against the counter. We’re talking easy release. ($19.95, Amazon)

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An egg cooker that’ll provide a nutritious breakfast with minimal effort…

Choose your preferred style (hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, or omelette) and set the timer. Then jump in the shower while your breakfast is cooking. The device will switch off when it’s all done. Breakky prepped for days. Eggcellent. ($16.99+, Amazon)

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Protein bites for at home or on the go…

A filling snack that also happens to taste like dessert? Count us in. These 100% plant-based protein bites taste like brownie batter, funfetti, and snickerdoodle. Plus, they’re gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. So everyone can enjoy. Snacktime just got a lot more fun. ($19.99/3 pack, Scott’s Protein Balls)

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A cookie that is allergy-friendly...

*Taps mic* Ingredients matter. And these are made with ingredients like, buckwheat, oats, cassava, and cinnamon. Flavors range from double chocolate to birthday cake. But those who have allergies — fear not. They’re free of the top nine allergens, (like peanuts and soy). Because everyone deserves a cookie. ($24.99/5 pack, Partake)

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Cranberry coconut granola bites that are perfect for an afternoon snack…

Handcrafted in Brooklyn, these bites are a labor of love. And are the ideal solution to crumbly bars that create a mess. They’re organic and gluten-free, too. So consider them the poppable option your snack life has been searching for. Pour ‘em into a bowl and kiss those 3pm hunger pains away. ($8.99, It’s Nola)

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A popcorn variety pack that’ll come in handy on movie night…

This cheesy assortment comes with a bag of white cheddar, cheddar jalapeno, and original. The secret? They’re made with mini heirloom kernels that pop to about half the size of regular kernels. So they’re crunchier, tastier, and won’t get wedged in between your teeth. And the ingredients are non-GMO and gluten-free. We approve. ($13.99/3 pack, Amazon)

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Meal Plans

A meal plan that’s designed for kiddos who tend to be picky eaters...

It’s filled with delicious and nutritious options ideal for your toddler. Simply pick the ones that work for your kid and get them delivered weekly to your doorstep. The meals come fully cooked and ready to heat. There’s pizza pockets and broccoli parm, chicken mac ‘n’ cheese, and veggie bowls. Sigh of relief sold separately. (Plans start at $6.99/meal, Yumble Kids)

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A plant-based meal plan that’s high-protein and incredibly delicious…

Meat isn’t for everyone. And a plant-based diet can be very nutritious and environmentally friendly. Psst...there are over 20,000 edible plants on the planet. . With Purple Carrot, you can choose between meal kits and prepared meals. You’ll be able to see what’s on the menu a week before, and can make your selects from there. Everything will then be shipped to your door. Totally radish. (Plans start as low as $9.99/serving, Purple Carrot)

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Some Skimm Faves

A spice collection to zhuzh up your flavors…

Season, season, season. We can’t stress enough how much herbs and spices can elevate your meals. And with this 10 pack, you’ll be able to experiment with  which ones you love. Maybe you’re a fan of chili powder, maybe you’re all about oregano. It’s all about customization. Psst…their seasoned popcorn bundle is calling your name. ($59.99, Spicewalla)

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A hot sauce and spicy honey collection for those who like heat…

If you tend to stick to the same recipes over and over again, we’ve got you covered. Adding a bit of hot sauce and spicy honey can really help you reimagine basic dishes. Everything here is crafted in South Carolina using local ingredients. And don’t worry — each one is made to enhance your meal, not mask any flavors. We’re licking our lips. ($28+, Food52)

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A cookbook all about meal prepping and how to nail it every single time…

Recipes on recipes on recipes. Sometimes it’s really hard to get creative with your food. And we hear ya. That’s why we turn to blogger and author Chungah Rhee for help. This cookbook has options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With some snack ideas thrown in, too. A lot of Rhee’s recipes are conscious of calorie intake, and she provides tips on how to cook comfort food without loading up on high-fat ingredients. So grab your apron and dive in. ($18.32, Amazon)

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